Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Want to Go Luo Cang

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Chen Fei said, My cousin had a lot of spots on her face and they couldnt be removed, and so she believed that persons words. That pill looked black and scary. Everyone in the family were against her eating the pill. At that moment, my cousin also thought she was lied to, but that pill costed 200k, and she didnt want to throw it. As such, she took it as a learning experience. That necklace, on the other hand, looks pretty, and so she wore it.

See, I told you that the frauds in the society are too much. If they catch your weakness, they will trick you. Perhaps you wont notice it at the time, but afterwards, you would realize that you were tricked, the other male said.

However, Cheng Fei shook his head. You thought wrong because the thing that happened a few days ago you would not believe if I told you. That day, my cousin went to the supermarket and discovered thief. She immediately signalled for the victim, however, that thief actually pulled out a knife and stabbed at my cousin. Just when my cousin didnt know what to do, her necklace shot out a ray of rainbow light and repelled that thief meters away to the point that he couldnt crawl up for a long time. That thief was later caught by the security.

I didnt believe it at the time, but my mum said that. My cousin bought that necklace for 200k, and it was said to have three times of defensive powers. When she went back, she immediately checked the necklace, and one of the rays disappeared.

Cheng Fei, I think you heard too much stories, how could something like that happen, a girl with pimples immediately said.

Cheng Fei sneered. Wang Lijuan, you may think Im telling stories, but I know what I said is true. The first thing my cousin did after getting home was eating that pill and guess what? You wont believe it, but all the spots on her face disappeared the next day. Now, her face is very smooth and shiny. My cousin had spent countless money on her spots, but she wasnt able to treat it. But that small pill just solved the problem. Now can you still say that man is a fraud? I saw this with my own eyes.

There really is such thing? a few students behind Wang Lijuan exclaimed. Although they were all classmates, they obviously didnt really believe it.

Why cant it be real, we just havent seen those magical people. The fighting scenes on the movies are CGI, but I believe that those people really exist in the real world, another guy conformed.

At this moment, Xiao Lei also spoke, Although I dont know if what Cheng Fei said is true. but I agree with Zhang Weiweis words. Those powerful people definitely exist; although they cant fly, but they can still do what they do in movies.

Su Jingwen glanced once at Xiao Lei. Of course, she knew that Xiao Lei must have said that while thinking about Ye Mo.

Um, Cheng Fei, do you know where the person your cousin bought the pill from is at? Wang Lijuan immediately asked hopefully.

Cheng Fei shook his head and said, Of course I dont know, people from all over the world come on that night, who knows where hes from. And my sister immediately went to that place to find that person the next day, but she didnt find anything. The powers of my cousins necklace had been verified. People would even take it for 2 million, much less 200k. Later, someone offered two million for that used necklace, but my cousin didnt sell it.

Of course I wouldnt sell it either. If that things is real, it is too magical but Im still a bit dubious. Another guy said.

Song Jingwen was interested and asked, Cheng Fei, do you know what that person who sold your cousin the necklace looked like? And where is this social night at?

Cheng Fei shook his head. I dont know too well, my cousin said hes very durable to look at, and he dressed low cost clothes. However, his eyes were very bright. As for the social night, it happens once a year at Luo Cang.

Su Jingwen lost herself for a moment. She subconsciously thought of the man who sold her the runic paper. At that time, he wore shades and she couldnt see his eyes. He also dressed low cost clothes, was it that person?

Luo Cang, Luo Cangs social night. She heard that Ning Qingxue was also at Luo Cang now, perhaps she could go to Luo Cang and see her while visiting that place.

Jingwen, long time no see, youre getting prettier and prettier. Seeing Su Jingwen lost in thought, Wang Pengs heart felt itchy.

When he didnt see Su Jingwen, he felt Xiao Lei was not bad, high build, flashy personality and a good face. But now that he looked at Su Jingwen again, he found that some people really couldnt be compared together.

Su Jingwens thought was broken by Wang Peng, and she looked uncomfortably at Wang Peng. Im still the same. Xiao Lei, lets go sit over there, there are some things I need to tell you.

Being ignored by Su Jingwen, Wang Peng sneered. Just you wait.

Originally, Su Jingwen didnt have a good impression of Wang Peng. After Wang Peng ridiculed many times the person who sold her the charm, she lost all her good opinions of Wang Peng. If she believed him at the time, her mother would still be in the bed.

Just when Xiao Lei and Su Jingwen sat down, another young man walked over. One girl suddenly exclaimed, Suo Lin is here.

Almost all the girls rushed to him.

Xiao Lei smiled. If I wasnt talking to you, I would go up too. The most handsome man at the school came, and hes still that handsome. I wonder if he would remember you. Pity, if you werent going to graduate at that time, perhaps you would even be his girlfriend.

Su Jingwen also stayed silent briefly; she knew Suo Lin of course. She was the only man she had a good impression of at the school. He could be said to be invincibly handsome and was skilled in many ways. It could be said that there was more than a battalion of girls chasing after her, but he never seemed to have any negative news.

When they were nearing graduation, Suo Lin started to chase after her. Although she was a school queen at the time, she was very low key and so she wasnt ranked number one.

To be honest, she really didnt feel against Suo Lin chasing her. Perhaps it was just as Xiao Lei said, if it wasnt nearing graduation, perhaps she would have accepted it.

Ever after graduation, she specially kept notice of Suo Lin. She heard he entered the entertainment industry and she stopped following his news. She didnt expect him to be here this time. They were not in the same class of course.

Haha, I heard Xu Xiao say that the student reunion of Yan Uni was here, so I came too. It seems Im still quite welcomed. So many old friends, long time no see. Suo Lin scanned the surrounding and looked at everyone.

Handsome Suo, you are a famous movie star, would you even remember us, normal citizens, a girl immediately said.

Suo Lin had seen Su Jingwen who was sitting with Xiao Lei and his eyes brightened up. He immediately said, Haha, Im not famous, I just debuted and made a few ads. But if you dont look down on me, you can take photos with me if you wish.

Then, he didnt wait for these girls to talk before walking towards Su Jingwen.

Jingwen, long time no see. Suo Lins smile was still so mesmerizing.

Su Jingwen also smiled. Youre famous now. You may not see us, but we always see you on the screen.

Xiao Lei also said. If you are really like that light thief you acted as and can fly into the air, I will start chasing you immediately.

Before Su Lin said anything, Su Jingwen smiled. He does not need you to chase, he has a bunch of people chasing after him.

No matter how many pursuers I have, they cant compare with you two beautiful ladies, Suo Lin smiled and said. He paused before continuing, Jingwen, I signed a new movie and I feel you are suited for the female lead role. Would you be interested? And of course, Xiao Lei can also act as the second major female role.

Really? What movie? Xiao Lei asked in curiousity.

Su jingwen smiled. Although she wasnt an actor, she was very clear about the dark deals that went on the entertainment industry. So she stood up and said, Sorry, Im not really interested in that, youre looking for Xiao Lei, right? Im going back, Xiao Lei remember to come my house after the reunion.

Huh, Jingwen, youre leaving? Wait, Ill go with you. I still have something I need to ask you. Then, Xiao Lei also stood up.

Jingwen, youre not gonna go as soon as you see me, right? This reunion hasnt even started. Suo Lin immediately said. He just realized that Su Jingwen was prettier than the prettiest girl in their uni at that time. No wonder Young Master Peng wanted her. If he didnt come today, he really wouldnt know that she was this pretty.

Su Jingwen just smiled and said, Nah, I really have something to do.

Seeing that Su Jingwen was leaving without even staying for long, many fellow classmates tried to persuade her to stay, but she was adamant on leaving. She found that a lot of her classmates seemed so distant and couldnt find the same feelings back then. There was no point in her staying.

Okay then, Ill drive you guys, Suo Lin immediately said.

Su Jingwen turned around and said, No need, Suo Lin, I have my own car.

Suo Lin smiled and said, Im also preparing to go, but you have a car and I dont. Do you mind if I take a ride with you guys.

Su Jingwen hesitated and frowned. Sorry, Suo Lin, no guy has come into my car, so

She suddenly remembered Ye Mo, didnt he sit in her car before?
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