Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Su Jingwen's Tantrum

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Youre asking to die! Scarred Face swore and slapped his hands towards Ye Mos face. Originally, he saw that Ye Mo wasnt someone easy to deal with and he was about to be released, so he didnt want trouble. But now Ye Mo came provoking him. How could Scarred Face, who usually was the one bullying others, endure that? He raised his hand to slap Ye Mo in the face.

The rest of the people in the room were all laughing at Ye Mos calamity. The few men crouched up against the corner were all shaking their hands, thinking this guy was dumb. Scarred Face didnt start trouble with him, but instead, he goes up to start sh*t. He was looking to get beaten.

However, the reality immediately hit them as the seemingly naive Ye Mo grabbed Scarred Faces wrist and used his other hand to slap him a few times across the face. This wasnt the end of it as Ye Mo kicked Scarred Face in the stomach.

Not only did the strong figured Scarred Face not have any means of retaliation, but he was actually kicked flying by Ye Mo as he smashed onto the metal doors, making a crashing sound.

The black-faced cop outside heard the banging noises, and a cold sneer tugged at the corner of his mouth as he immediately called someone.

Hello, Young Master Zheng? Yes, its me, that guy is locked up and is being taught a lesson by Scarred Face, it has nothing to do with us. Oh, yes yes I will let him have a good time before he goes to trial. I will make him shed a layer of skin When black-faced heard there were voices outside, he immediately hung up and pretended to do his duty as he walked to the entrance.

Scarred Face himself didnt even believe that he would be defeated so effortlessly. He had been in the mafia industry for many years and immediately knew that Ye Mo wasnt someone to be easily messed with. Although he looked ferocious, he wasnt an idiot. If he pissed Ye Mo off, there wouldnt be anything good for him.

This little white face was so strong that Scarred Face was sure that even if all four of them jumped him, they would still be no match for him. Otherwise, he wouldnt be provoking them. Ye Mo walked slowly towards Scarred Face and said: I want to sleep on the bed close to the window, do you have any objections?

Originally, when Scarred Face saw Ye Mo walk over, his heart was beating fast as he thought Ye Mo was going to attack again but he didnt think Ye Mo just said he wanted to sleep on that bed. He felt relieved and said: No objections, no objections, please take the bed! Scarred Face saw the situation and immediately put on a smile. He even ignored the pain of being smashed against the metal door.

Seeing how Scarred Face was so careful in giving a smile, the other few robust men didnt even dare to make a bigger sound. What a joke, the usually invincible Scarred Face didnt even have the ability to defend himself in front of this man. If they went looking for trouble with Ye Mo now, this would be no different to ask for a beating.

When Su Jingwen made her way towards the police station, the more she thought about the figure, the more she felt that he looked like the person who sold her the charms. This further made up her mind to bail the person out. But what took Su Jingwen by surprise was that the people from the police station actually refused to let her see Ye Mo.

Hes not a prisoner, what right do you have to refuse? And what right do you have to lock him up? Although Su Jingwen didnt know the truth about the story, she definitely knew there was a problem. Otherwise, they wouldnt only take Ye Mo to the police station and let the people from the Range Rover off free. Of course, she didnt know that the Range Rover was already parked outside the hospital.

This person is involved in Attempted Robbery and Assault and Battery; we are still recording his charges. If you want to see him, come tomorrow, the black-faced cop saw that Su Jingwen had an upper-class temperament and was a beautiful woman, and thus tolerated her.

Really? How come it isnt the same as what I saw? I clearly saw a Range Rover take my friend away. Eventually, nothing happens to the Range Rover, but my friend is taken to the police station. What is the meaning of this? Su Jingwen demanded.

Dont say things you cant prove. This is the police station; we need evidence for everything. If you still try to mess around, I will arrest you for obstruction of police duties! The black-faced police officer didnt expect this woman to have witnessed the scene. Immediately, his face went taut, and his tone grew hard.

So tough, I want to see how you are going to apprehend me, Su Jingwens face suddenly grew cold. This arrogant officer was fabricating the truth! The youth that was taken in must not be in a good situation right now.

You, come in with me and record your charges. I suspect you to be in the same group with the suspect of Attempted Robbery! The black-faced cop pointed his finger at Su Jingwen and said pointedly. Ye Mos apparels didnt seem to be worth much. Since this woman appeared to be related to him, their background couldnt possibly be significant. He would show her who was the boss first.

Are you a cop or a fugitive? Su Jingwen was angry, this person was too cocky.

If you dont like it you can report me. My name is Huang Shu, please dont forget it, the black-faced cop said contemptuously.

Captain Huang the younger cop couldnt watch it any longer and walked up and called him. He felt that Captain Huangs actions were like that of a bandit, but he didnt dare to say much.

Before Huang Shu said anything, another voice came through the door: Since when did our police department became a place for bandits? The sound was thick and had an irrefutable tone.

Geng Suo Huang Shu and the younger cop both saw the person talking at the doorway and hurried to call out to him.

Whats this? the middle-aged man scanned Huang Shu and asked.

Oh, you are CEO Su, why are you here? The middle-aged man saw Su Jingwen with one glance and immediately realized who she was.

You are the driver Geng Xuebin? How did you become a cop? Su Jingwen also recognized the person in front. A few years ago, he was her fathers chauffeur. She didnt expect him to be a cop now and seemed to be the manager of this station. He had been climbing the ranks surprisingly fast.

Yea, I followed the arrangements of the authority. Oh by the way, what happened just then? The middle-aged man remembered what had happened and immediately had a bad hunch. CEO Su was the daughter of Mayor Su. If she were mistreated on his territory, then he, Geng Xuebin, would be unable to explain himself.

Hm, as soon as Geng Xuebin brought this matter up, Su Jingwens face reverted to one of stern rigor and grunted: Someone abducted my friend and after the intervention of police, they locked my friend up instead, while the abductors are nowhere to be seen. I came to see my friend, but they say that Im also a suspect in the Attempted Robbery myself. He also said that if Im not satisfied with that, I should report him. Are all the police so cocky nowadays?

Huang Shus face was already growing pale; even his black-faced couldnt cover it up. He didnt think that this woman actually knew his manager. Although he was aware that Young Master Qiao would eventually protect him, this would undoubtedly affect his path of climbing higher in the ranks.

Did you say that just then? Is this the attitude of a police officer? Manager Geng hated this black-faced person. Normally, he did what he liked because he knew he was Zheng Wenqiaos person. Unfortunately, this time, he actually tried to frame the daughter of the mayor.

Yes, I was just angry at that moment, but I didnt really have that thought in mind, Huang Shu didnt dare to lie. After all, there were quite a few people who heard what he said. Generally, no one would tell others what he had said, but today, he actually met someone who knew his manager.

Remove his gun and immediately investigate this matter. Chen Zhen, you will be responsible for this. Find a conclusion to this affair quickly! The police are the guardians of the people, not hoodlums and cheaters, this manager took care of things quickly and even removed the Captain Huangs police badge in front of her.

Su Jingwen knew he was doing it to pacify her, but she didnt say anything. Manager Geng, what youre doing is illegal. Even if you accuse me, you have no power to do anything to me, seeing that Geng Wenbin was serious, this Captain Huang immediately became worried. He thought Geng Wenbin knew his connections with Zheng Wenqiao and was at most putting on an act. He didnt know Geng Wenbin was serious.

CEO Su, lets go see your friend first. Its my disgrace to have such scum in the police department. Later, I will apologize to Mayor Su personally, Geng Wenbin didnt seem to hear Huang Shus yells and didnt even bother to pay attention to him. He was very clear that even without the incident with Su Jingwens friend, the things black-faced had done was enough for him to be in prison for a very long time.

What? Mayor Su? Huang Shu was shocked. Thinking about Geng Wenbins attitude to the woman and how he called her CEO Su, if he still didnt understand that this woman was connected to Mayor Su, then he would be a pig.

If this woman was someone of Mayor Su, then even Zheng Wenqiao wouldnt have any means to save him. Immediately, Huang Shus heart fell into an icy cover.
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