Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Kill All at Once

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Suo Lin was at a loss for words, but soon he recovered to normal. He immediately said, At least I can accompany you guys down stairs right.

Su Jingwen didnt detest Suo Lin. Although her impression of him went straight down after he joined the entertainment industry, it wasnt to the degree of detest, unlike Wang Peng, whom she felt very uncomfortable with.

After the three spoke for a bit, soon, a black Audi drove near, but Suo Lin stood still. He turned around and said, This care is mine, look.

Su Jingwen looked at the Audi and said, Didnt you say you didnt have a car? How come you have one now?

Xiao Lei also looked at Suo Lin in confusion.

Suo Lin suddenly took out a spray from his pocket and said, Because this. He sprayed a few times at both Su Jingwen and Xiao Lei.

You Su Jingwen didnt expect that the previous most handsome guy in the uni would be so low.

Suo Lin looked at the unconscious Xiao Lei and Su Jingwen before saying, I didnt expect it to be this effective.

Of course its effective, I spent a lot of effort getting this. Well done, Suo Lin, dont worry, I will do what I promised you. A voice sounded behind Suo Lin.

Suo Lin said, Of course I will do what Young Master Peng tells me to do. I didnt expect Su Jingwen to be this pretty after a few years.

However, Wang Peng said, Hurry up and drag them into the car.

After that was done, Wang Peng said, No matter how pretty she is, you can only go on Xiao Lei, dont think about Su Jingwen.

Of course. Suo Lin laughed.

Luo Cang.

Although Wu Xueming was killed by Metal Mountains hands, Otherwordly Entertainment was still the headquarters of Metal River.

At the basement of the Otherworldly Entertainment, not only was the bleak man who fought over the Space Abyssal Rock was there, but also the long-haired man who met up with him.

Wang Chuan, what did master say? the bleak man asked.

The long haired man said, Master just called, he said that grass is Silver Leaf, its a very precious herb used in ancient martial arts cultivation. Even amongst the hidden sects, it is very precious. He complimented us. He has planted those now and would come here in two days.

The bleak man felt relieved. Last time, he lost the Spirit Sensing Stone, so his master was very angry.

Seeing the bleak mans reaction, Wang Chuan said again, Xu Mu, master is still angry about losing the Spirit Sensing Stone last time. Although we managed to find the Silver Leaf, we still cant relax on the Spirit Sensing Stone. Master thinks that since the Silver Leaf is in Luo Cang, then perhaps the Spirit Sensing Stone is also here. Perhaps they are on the same person. Thus, master will come over in two days to check personally. We shouldnt go alert them now. If master can find the Spirit Sensing Stone, then hell sure be able to breakthrough.

Xu Mu shook his head and said, It probably wont be. I investigated that Yu Erhu is just a normal doctor. He probably thought of the Silver Leaf as a herb, and hes only an ordinary person himself, nothing to suspect.

Wang Chuan nodded. Thats true, master will come to check himself. As long as that person is in Luo Cang, he definitely wouldnt be able to escape from master. However, that Yu Erhu might have someone behind him.

Call Wu Hong over here and get him to ask about the person behind Yu Erhu, Xu Mu immediately ordered.

Yes. Wu Hong came to the basement in the shortest time.

Although Wu Hong originally served Wu Xueming, he immediately turned to the new people hereXu Mu and Wang Chuanafter Wu Xueming died. Not only did he reveal all of Wu Xuemings secrets, but he also did things fast. Thus, they were very happy with Wu Hong.

Wu Hong, do you know who is behind Yu Erhu? Xu Mu asked in a satisfied manner seeing Wu Hong came in so quick.

Wu Hong immediately thought of Ye Mo and said, He has a master called Ye Mo and this Ye Mo was very close to Wu Xueming.

He has a master who knows Wu Xueming? Why didnt you report this? Xu Mu immediately thought of the Spirit Sensing Stone.

Wu Hong shakily replied, It was because I had to deal with so much things lately that I forgot, please forgive me Brother Xu.

Wang Chuan said, Indeed, Wu Hong has been quite busy lately and did a lot of things. Plus, he didnt know that Ye Mo would be related to Silver Leaf. Plus, even we only just knew the worth of the Silver Leaf. We shouldnt blame him.

Xu Mu nodded. Since Yu Erhu still has a master Ye Mo, then should we go now and see that Ye Mo?

Wang Chuan nodded and said, Yes, I agree. Perhaps the masters guess is right. That Ye Mo is the person who took our Spirit Sensing Stone.

Clap clap, a monotone clap sounded at the door, and at the same time, a cold voice sounded, Not bad, you are both very smart. I am the one who took your so called Spirit Sensing Stone. Oh, Im Ye Mo, to prevent you from going out of your way, I came here just for you.

Who? despite Ye Mo said he was Ye Mo, Xu Mu and Wang Chuan was still startled by this sudden voice. They were in the basement with many layers of guards and defense, so how could a stranger come in?

Ye Mo? How did you come in? Xu Mu and Wang Chuan didnt know Ye Mo, but Wu Hong did.

Ye Mo sneered. Of course by walking in.

Xu Mu and Wang Chuan had caught up with reality. Xu Mus bleak face showed a sliver of cruelty. No matter how Ye Mo came in, since he did, he didnt need to leave.

You stole the Spirit Sensing Stone? Xu Mu had recognized that Ye Mo was the person who fought over the stone with him.

Ye Mo smiled and took out the unused Space Abyssal Rock and said, Idiot, its called Space Abyssal Rock. Indeed, I took it, and theres still more than half here.

Xu Mus face was filled with joy. He didnt think that Ye Mo would be so dumb to bring the Spirit Sensing Stone. He immediately said, Capture him.

As soon as Xu Mu said that, the tens of henchman charged at Ye Mo. It could be seen they were waiting for the order. Although Ye Mo didnt have metal nails, but he no longer needed that now. He didnt even use wind blade and just kicked. Shadows of kicks flew out.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Ye Mo didnt miss a single kick, and none of the henchmen he kicked out could even move. Obviously, Ye Mo pretty much killed them with one kick.

Xu Mu and Wang Chuan stood up in fear. Although they knew that since Ye Mo would have some strength since he dared to walk in here, but they didnt expect him to be this strong. Although any of them could take on those henchmen, but they definitely wouldnt be able to do it as easy as Ye Mo, much less killing them all.

Originally, the two were planning to attack Ye Mo while he was distracted, but they didnt expect to have all his underlings defeated with a furry of shadow kicks.

Ye Mo was very satisfied with his kicks. He learned this from Wu Qiang. Wu Qiangs attack was not only fast but powerful. Ye Mo took it for himself and changed it a little bit, making it his.

Wu Hong looked at Ye Mo in terror. Ye Mos power was far out of his expectation. No wonder he could be friends with Wu Xueming; however, what scared Wu Hong the most wasnt Ye Mos power, but his attitude of killing without flinching at all.

Even in gang battles, no one dared to kill more than ten people in the city. However, Ye Mo killed more than ten in the blink of an eye, and after he did, he was still very calm. It was as though he didnt kill people but ants.

You are so cruel, you actually killed them all. Even Wang Chuan felt shivers by Ye Mos killing attitude. Although they were ferocious and aggressive, they really didnt kill much.

Ye Mo smiled and said, I came to kill tonight, it just started, what are you worrying about?

Who are you? Why are you messing with the Metal River? Xu Mu was also scared by Ye Mos killing methods.

Ye Mo smiled and said, I messed with your Metal River? Didnt you just say you were going to mess with me?

Xu Mu was at a lost for words, and Ye Mo couldnt be bothered talking to him. He continued: if its messing with Metal River, then Ill tell you. If it wasnt due to Wu Xueming, I would have long killed all of Metal River in Luo Cang last time. Do you think you have the capability for me to mess with? I just killed Qian Longtou from Sai Na Peninsula a few days ago, so I didnt expect to be killing at Metal River so quick now. Life is really a wonder.

What? You killed Qian Longtou? Xu Mu and Wang Chuan finally couldnt keep calm anymore as their face showed extreme shock.
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