Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Annihilation of Luo Cang Metal River

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So what if you killed Qian Longtou? I can kill him too if he was in front of me. Wang Chuan suppressed his shock and tried to boost himself some courage. He jumped up and charged towards Ye Mo, ignoring the reality about Ye Mo killing Qian Longtou.

Ye Mo looked at the scary temperamental Wang Chuan and his bulging fists. However, he shook his head. Wang Chuan was a far cry from Lang Ji; he was only a little stronger than that Pu Dongheng he met at Ning Hai.

Ye Mo didnt even move, and when Wang Chuan was close to him, he slice his hand in the air towards Wang Chuans lower body. It was the first time Ye Mo used Wind Blade in battle. If he wasnt only at Stage 3 Chi Gathering, he didnt even need to wave his hand and only needed a hand sign. At the moment, he still needed to incorporate movement to use it. And with his current cultivation chi, he couldnt continuously use Wind Blade; he could onl use it 5 or 6 times at most.

Xu Mu looked at Ye Mo who stood still with bewilderment. The moment when the latter just sliced through the air, he Xu Mu felt even more shocked. What was Ye Mo doing? Seeing that Wang Chuans fist was just about to hit Ye Mo, Xu Mu also didnt think before grabbing a short knife from his waist and charging over.

Xu Mu was much faster than Wang Chuan and arrived first. At the same time, he stabbed his knife towards Ye Mos waist.

Peng! Peng! Xu Mu felt his knife had stabbed Ye Mo and rejoiced, thinking that the latter was only at this level. But soon, Xu Mu noticed something wasnt right. Since his knife hit Ye Mo, it shouldnt make that sound.

Just when Xu Mu wanted to take a proper look, he saw the bottom of a foot kicking towards his face. He didnt even have the reaction to dodge as he was sent flying meters away.

Wang Chuan, who was still in the air, suddenly felt a cold wind slicing towards him. This feeling was very weird. If he had something in his hand, he really wanted to block it, but before he relinquished this thought, he felt his legs were swept by this frosty wind.

He found that his lower body seemed lighter and pain seemed to be reaching up. The next moment, he could no longer go forward and just fell to the ground as his legs were severed in mid air. He fell unconscious due to the pain.

Xu Mu crawled up immediately. Before he had time to celebrate that he wasnt heavily wounded, he felt blood rush up his throat as he spat it out. At this moment, he felt as though his organs had moved places.

But Xu Mu didnt have the mood to check his own injuries and just held the knife while dazily stopping his steps. At this moment, his thought froze. He was just thinking again and again why Wang Chuan suddenly fell down and lost his legs? Could that swipe in the air cut off legs? Looking at Wang Chuan in a pool of blood, terror overcame Xu Mu as he subconsciously took a step back.

Wu Hong looked at the bloody scene with a pale face. Even though he had been in gangs for a long time, he had never seen such a bloody scene. Meanwhile, Ye Mo was very calm facing this scene. It was as though it wasnt blood on the ground but just some water.

What power was this, cutting off Wang Chuans legs with a swipe? Xu Mu kept asking himself. Even if his master came, he wouldnt be able to do that. Ye Mo wasnt someone he could stop. No wonder he could take away the Spirit Sensing Stone without him noticing.

If he also swiped at his leg like that and not kick on his face, then what would happen to him? Xu Mu subconsciously looked at his feet. His bleak face was pale.

Clank! Xu Mu finally couldnt endure the terror in his heart. His knife dropped to the floor making a crisp sound.

Ye Mo walked over to a chair and sat down before looking at Wu Hong and said, Last time, I said that I didnt annihilate this place because of courtesy to Wu Xueming. Since you pissed me off once again, and I still owe Wu Xueming, I will kill you all today. There was no more blood on Wu Hongs face at all. He always thought that last time, Ye Mo came to beg to Wu Xueming, but now, he realized that Ye Mo never even had Metal River in his eyes from start to beginning.

Ye Mo didnt pay more attention to Wu Hong and looked at Xu Mu. I didnt kill you just then, and neither did I heavily injure you. Now, you answer a few questions for me. Dont make my mood bad. First question, how did you discover the Silver Heart Grass?

Silver Heart Grass? Xu Mu soon realized that Ye Mo should be talking about Silver Leaf. Xu Mu looked at Wang Chuan who was unconscious on the ground and subconsciously wiped sweat from his forehead. He felt his hand was shaking.

He even felt that Ye Mo was the real gangster. Their Metal River compared to him couldnt be more innocent and kind.

He looked once again at Ye Mos calm eyes and could no longer bear that suffocating silence. He said with fear, Im naturally sensitive to precious herbs and ores. I can feel them even 10 or 20 meters away. Because I will be frequently staying in Luo Cang, so I was prepared to buy a mansion. Coincidentally, there was a mansion on sale near the place Erhu was living at, so I went to look at the house and found the Silver Leaf. At that time, I felt this thing wasnt ordinary and called my master. He told me to immediately dig it out and bring it back to Hong Kong.

Ye Mo looked at Xu Mu in surprise. Sensitivity to spiritual things, this was a Heavenly Spiritual Talent. Even in the cultivation realm, a Heavenly Spiritual Talent only appeared in more than thousands of years. He didnt think he would meet a Heavenly Spiritual Talent on this spirit deprived Erath. If Xu Mu was in the cultivation realm, he would be fought over by countless sects.

Ye Mo calmed down after a long while; he really didnt expect there to be a Heavenly Spiritual Talent. If Xu Mu were to cultivate, he would be much faster than him even if the environment was spirit chi deprived. Although Ye Mo didnt know what spiritual talent he had, but he probably had some since he could cultivate. However, judging from his speed, it shouldnt be too high.

Just when Xu Mu looked at in Ye Mo in uncertainty, Ye Mo suddenly waved his hand once again and hit the hand which Wu Hong was dialling a phone with. The hand fell to the ground.

Wu Hong and Xu Mu both looked at Ye Mo in astonishment. He didnt know why Ye Mo would cut off one of Wu Hongs hand for no reason. However, Ye Mo looked plainly at Wu Hong and said, You still have three chances to dial the police, but after three times, you wont have arms or legs to dial numbers with.

Wu Hong immediately started to shake. He didnt even let Ye Mo see him dial the phone, so how did Ye Mo know he was calling the police? But he understood that if he was not going to listen, then all his ligaments would be severed. Ye Mo seemed to love cutting peoples ligaments off. This man was too terrifying.

But soon, Wu Hong discovered that although his hand was cut off, the blood was flowing very slowly.

You dont need to look. Im not letting blood flow out too much so you can do things faster. If you still waste time, then you dont need to call anymore, Ye Mos cold voice sounded.

Then, Ye Mo looked at Xu Mu and said, Is your master from the hidden sects? Do you know the way to enter the hidden sects? And, why does your master want the Space Abyssal Rock and Silver Heart Grass?


Two hours later, Ye Mo walked out of the basement of the Otherworldly Entertainment. He didnt hold back this time. He pretty much killed all the heads of Metal River in Luo cang. Other than helping Wu Xueming, Ye Mo also knew that if he were to stay in Luo Cang, it would be better to annihilate such a power. In that night, he killed the most since he was reborn. Even last time in the desert, he didnt kill this much. Then, with a ball of fire, all the evidence was burned to ashes.

Since Xu Mus master thought of the Space Abyssal Rock as Spirit Sensing Rock, then it meant that there must be more of it on Earth. Would Daoist Xian know about this type of rock? According to Xu Mu, Daoist Xian knew how to enter the hidden sects because he was from the hidden sects himself. This filled Ye Mo with anticipation. Although the hidden sects people didnt come out to the mortal world, who knew if one day the strong people in the hidden sects would gang up on him. He eventually had to prepare for it. At least, if he could enter the hidden sects, then he could see their true power.

Now, Ye Mo almost made no progress in his cultivation. This wasnt something that could be changed with hard work. Even in the cultivation realm, it was normal to spend decades on the 12 stages of Chi Gathering. Some people wouldnt be able to reach the peak of Chi Gathering their entire life.

There would be two more days before Daoist Xian would arrive at Luo Cang, perhaps at that time, he would be able to get something useful out of his mouth. At least, Daoist Xian would know more than that Wu Guang Mong. If Wu Guang didnt want to say, Ye Mo couldnt force him, but if Xian Daoist didnt say anything, then he wouldnt be polite anymore.

After Ye Mo killed all of Metal River in Luo Cang, he left the Otherworldly Entertainment as though nothing had happened. But the second day, Luo Cang was in turmoil.

All of Metal Rivers men just realized that their superiors were gone and had disappeared completely. Panic covered the underground world in Luo Cang, but soon people realized that something happened to Metal River at Luo Cang. All the hoodlums started to run.
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