Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 163

Chapter 163: So It Was Him

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Su Jingwen felt that light barrier came from her wrist. She even heard a small explosion at that time. She subconsciously looked at her wrist. One bead was missing from the 3 beaded bracelet. She then looked around and was sure that it was gone.

She originally stored this bracelet away but then felt that it was a birthday present Ye Mo gave her and even gave another 3 beads to Ning Qingxue which was very disrespectful to Ye Mo. Plus, this was the only birthday gift she received that was made by that person, so she wore this one her wrist.

Was it because of the bracelet that stopped the bottle? Su Jingwen took her bracelet off in shock and disbelief.

"Jingwen, whats wrong?" Xiao Lei spent a lot of effort to tie up Wang Peng. She saw Su Jingwen in deep thought so she asked.

"I understand now," Su Jingwen murmured.

"6 beads of safety." So thats what it meant. She gave 3 beads to Ning Qingxue, meaning she gave her 3 times of safety. Meanwhile, Ye Mo gave her this bracelet to save her 6 times. He didnt tell her the use of the bracelet, but only said that if she cherished it, then she would be safe. If she didnt and treated it like a normal present, then it wouldnt be of any use. But she didnt cherish it and gave 3 beads to Ning Qingxue for no reason. Luckily, she still wore the remaining 3.

Why did Ye Mo give her something so precious? Where did he get this? Su Jingwen suddenly remembered how she met Ye Mo. It was because she thought Ye Mo was that Charm Master, and thats how they got to know each other.

Charm Master? Su Jingwen felt shocked. She finally understood that Ye Mo was the person who sold her the charms. She didnt recognize the wrong person, but he just didnt admit it.

Why didnt he admit it? Su Jingwen thought and immediately understood. His powers were too shocking. He didnt want to expose himself. After all, she wasnt close with him. How did he know if she would expose him?

Su Jingwen suddenly felt the remaining two beads on the bracelet and felt regret. Even the actual worth of the bracelet was worth thousands of times more than all the presents she received on that day, much less the one Ye Mo made himself.

She suddenly remembered that Cheng Fei said her cousin met that man who sold necklaces and pills. That person must be Ye Mo. Ye Mos eyes were very bright and wore very modest clothes.

Her mother was saved by Ye Mo, and even now, she was saved by his bracelet and charms. Meanwhile, she was still looking for the person who sold her the charms. Her mother had always wanted to see the master who saved her, and now, she only needed to find Ye Mo.

"Jingwen, what was that? And what was the charms you were talking about?" At this moment, Xiao Lei asked again.

Before Su Jingwen answered, the door was knocked and soon kicked open. Su Jianzhong was the first to run in. Seeing that Su Jingwen was fine, he gasped a sigh of relief. "Jingwen, are you alright."

Xiao Lei saw that Su Jingwens father had came and also felt relieved. She was a journalist and quickly retold what had happened.

Looking at Wang Peng who was still unconscious, she felt relieved that she wouldnt be troubled by that guy anymore. She guessed that in the end, this Wang Peng would only be sentenced a year or so, but Suo Lin will be the sacrificial goat.

"Jingwen, when you go out now, have Xiao Yue with you." Su Jianzhong didnt dare to reproach Su Jingwen too much. He was already very happy that Su Jingwen could call him first.

"I understand." Su Jingwen surprisingly didnt argue with her father.

Although she answered her father, she was still lost in thought.

However, Xiao Lei asked, "Jingwen, youve been thinking a while ago, what are you thinking about?"

Luo Cang? Su Jingwen didnt pay attention to Xiao Leis words and thought of Luo Cang instead. Since Ye Mo appeared at the Luo Cang Magical Artefact Social Night, it meant that he was living in Luo Cang.

Suddenly, Su Jingwen thought of Ning Qingxue. Wasnt she also living at Luo Cang? Could it be Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo had gotten back together?

Su Jingwen sighed. Ning QIngxue and Ye Mo lived together, so why should an outsider like her go to Luo Cang? To thirdwheel? Never mind, she would call Ning Qingxue a few days later and invite her and Ye Mo to her house. Sigh, she gave half of what Ye Mo gave to her to Ning Qingxue. She wondered if Ye Mo would judge her. Perhaps in his eyes, she was no longer worth to be his friend. After all, he was that type of magical person.

Someone like this was actually kicked out by the Ye Family as an abandoned son. Ye Mos family must have mental issues. And they called him "that". No matter what they said, Su Jingwen wouldnt believe it. Ye Mo could cure her mum who was unconscious for a few years with just one charm, so how could he be "that"?

Luo Cangs chaos passed in one day, and soon the police of Luo Cang found the change. It seemed that Metal River had left Luo Cang. In one night, Luo Cang had become a much more secure place without those troublemakers with powerful supports.

Of course, Metal Mountain knew of Luo Cangs change very fast. In that big Luo Cang, there was not a person from Metal River he could contact, and soon, he felt something wasnt right.

Even if the police had a sudden raid, they couldnt be this clean. Who would have such means to eradicate all of Luo Cang Metal River in one go?" Nan Qing wouldnt be able to do it even if they were fine, much less that Qian Longtou was dead and Nan Qing was in a mess.

Originally, he wanted to talk to Daoist Xian about the situation, but he was on the plane.

After Daoist Xian got off at Luo Cang airport, he felt something strange. He had arrived at Luo Cang and told his two disciples the time, but why didnt they come to greet him?

"You are Daoist Xian?" Ye Mo drove a rented car and saw a daoist walk out of the airport from a long way away. Although he made Xu Mu describe very clearly, he didnt even need to recognize by the face when there was a Daoist walking out of the airport.

Daoist Xian had a white face with no moustache. He was medium build and wore a blue Daoist robe. Luckily, he didnt have a hair needle, or else that would attract more attention. However, Ye Mo felt this Daoist Xian wasnt simple. He could usually tell how strong a person was, but only this Daoist Xian he could not.

"Who are you?" Daoist Xian knew Ye Mo was definitely not here to meet him. The people his two disciples sent wouldnt have such courage calling him Daoist Xian.

Ye Mo laughed and said, "Of course Im here to bring you to your two disciples. But dont worry, the place they are now is relatively safe."

"What did you do to Xu Mu and Wang Chuan?" Xiao Daoist immediately knew that not only was Ye Mo not here to pick him up, but was instead here for trouble.

Ye Mo sneered. "Xiao Daoist, your disciples say youre someone great, but dont tell me you dont dare to go on my car."

"Hmph, drive." Daoist Xian wouldnt think of Ye Mo as a threat. No matter how much people Ye Mo had, he wouldnt be afraid. He had cultivated ancient martial arts to the peak of Black Level, so it could be said that there was rarely anyone who would dare to mess with him. Even if Ye Mo brought him to a cave of tigers and dragons, he would dare to challenge it.

Ye Mo knew that someone like Daoist Xian would definitely go on his car due to his confidence. Ye Mo knew from Xu Mu that the reason Nan Qing didnt dare to touch Metal River was due to his master Daoist Xian. It could make Qian Longtou who had Wu Qiang feel threatened. It could be seen that Daoist Xian was not bad, and he indeed couldnt tell how strong Daoist Xian was.

He heard Xu Mu say that the reason Daoist Xian came to Luo Cang so urgently was because he found Silver Heart Grass and another reason was Ye Mos Space Abyssal Rock.

Daoist Xian indeed didnt consider Ye Mos gang a threat. He believed Ye Mo had more people with him. Of course, they didnt how scary someone who cultivated ancient martial arts to his degree would be. Perhaps they only knew that Xu Mu and Wang Chuan was his disciple. With a disciple like that, the master couldnt be much stronger. If they really thought that way, he didnt mind showing them some power later.

He would make the bold people fear and beg him before killing them.

"Why did you drive the car here?" Daoist Xian reacted and found that Ye Mo had driven the car to a barren place in the rural area.

Ye Mo walked off the car and said, "Come down, Daoist Xian. Ive already sent your disciples, Xu Mu and Wang Chuan, to the underworld. You dont need to worry, you will soon go see them."

"You killed them?" Daoist Xians tone sounded calm without any discernible anger, but Ye Mo could see from his eyes that Daoist Xian was incredibly angry.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Yes, not only did I kill Xu Mu, but also Wang Chuan. Oh, I also eradicated Metal River in Luo Cang."

"Young man, do you think you can be so arrogant after practicing a few years of ancient martial arts. Tell me, why did you kill my disciples? Dont worry, Ill teach you true regret later." Daoist Xian could no longer stay calm as his face turned green. He wasnt even interested in knowing Ye Mos name.

Ye Mo knocked the hood of the car and said, "Because they stole my Silver Heart Grass and beat my disciple so I killed them."

"Good, good, good, I will satisfy you. Punk, I will make sure youre satisfied" Daoist Xian could no longer resist his anger and wanted to attack.

However, Ye Mo waved his hand once again and said, "Dont rush, do you know this?" Then, Ye Mo took out the Space Abyssal Rock.
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