Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The True Hidden Sects

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Daoist Xians eyes focused and spat, "Spirit Sensing Stone? Quick, show me."

Daoist Xian had completely forgotten who Ye Mo was. In his eyes, there was only this rock who could help him breakthrough.

At this moment, Ye Mo put the stone away. "Not bad, youve seen this before. Tell me, where did you see it?"

"Punk, give the stone over." Daoist Xian saw Ye Mo put the stone away and his mouth turned hideous. He completely forgot his two disciples were killed and casually took out a whip from his waist.

Ye Mo was dazed; why did these ancient martial arts people all like to use whips? But soon, he realized that this was a legal issue in society. If one carried a big sword around everywhere, then they would probably be invited to the police station.

And, the ancient martial arts cultivators here didnt have storage devices so they could only carry it with them. A whip was the best choice.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "You cant threaten me, you can try if you dont believe me."

Daoist Xian calmed down and took a careful look at Ye Mo but couldnt see how he wasnt ordinary. The only thing was that he was too calm. No matter what, it was a big loot if he could get the Spirit Sensing Stone. It was a pity that Xu Mu was killed; Xu Mu had helped him a lot.

Ye Mo had a lot of questions to ask Daoist Xian. He could make Lang Ji lose his mind for a brief moment, but that was because Lang Ji was far inferior to him. To this Daoist Xian, however, Ye Mo wasnt sure if it would work. If it didnt, it would damage his memory instead. Ye Mo was sure Daoist Xian wasnt a match for him, but before they fought against each other, he still didnt the extent of the latters strength.

"Do you believe me I can crush this stone with my hands?" Ye Mo saw that Daoist Xian was thinking about something. He knew that Daoist Xian wanted to catch him off guard.

Daoist Xian suddenly sneered. "Do you think you can get away today?"

"Thats another thing, but I want to ask you now. Do you know about the hidden sects? Did you come from the hidden sects. If you answer me, I can let you touch this stone," Ye Mo confidently said.

Daoist Xian was so angry he laughed instead. This young man didnt know what death meant. The reason he didnt move was just as Ye Mo said. He was afraid Ye Mo would shatter the stone.

Daoist Xian looked at Ye Mos hand, hesitated for a moment before saying, "Okay, listen up. Im from the hidden sects. The hidden sects are sects that are hidden, so they dont walk around in the normal world. Of course, there are individuals who does."

"In that case, the hidden sects are either hidden in the depth of the mountains or deserted places?" Ye Mo immediately asked.

Daoist Xian sneered. "There are indeed a lot of sects hidden in these places you said, but there are some that are in the normal world. Perhaps in some boisterous market or a small mansion. As for how to get to the hidden sects, I only know how to get to my sect."

"Then how do you enter the hidden sects?" Ye Mo didnt expect that they could be hidden in cities.

Daoist Xian sneered. "You think you can get in the hidden sects?"

Ye Mos face sunk. "Old man, were have dealing right now. If you dont want the stone, then dont blame me if I crush it."

"Wait, Ill tell you." Daoist Xian talked till now just for the rock, so how could he let Ye Mo break it.

Ye Mo had a contemptuous look and said, "You better be specific, dont make me ask you."

Daoist Xian was so angry to the point that he wanted strike, but the stone concerned him progressing so he held back on the thought.

He took a deep breath before saying, "Do you think the hidden sects is just ancient martial arts cultivation? There are so many branches, and ancient martial arts is just one of them. And the people from hidden sects who come to the normal world mustn't reveal the location of their base even if they die. Plus, even if they told you, no one would be able to find it."

Seeing Ye Mos surprised look, Daoist Xian sneered before saying, "There are too many branches in the hidden sects. Most of them are studying ancient martial arts, but some dont."

"Each sect is protected by a formation. These are passed down from the ancient times. Normal people wouldnt be able to notice it at all. There are some of these small dimensions, but some have collapsed. Each of these small dimensions have a formation. Once this formation collapses, the small world disappears with it." Talking to now, Daoist Xian seemed to be longing for it too.

Ye Mo asked in surprise, "In that case, each hidden sect has a small dimension? Is your sect in one of them too?"

Daoist Xian sneered. "Insolent, do you think its so easy to find a small dimension? Some of them, even I have only heard of much less you. Plus, no one can be sure if there are small dimensions in this world. My sect is only a branch of the main sect."

Ye Mo was asking for information from Daoist Xian, so he didnt dare to anger him too much. As such, he asked, "What do you mean by that small dimension?"

Daoist Xian looked at the Space Abyssal Rock in Ye Mos hands and estimated if he could grab it while answering, "Those sects with a small dimension are true hidden sects. We call them the Inner Hidden Sects. Other hidden sects are Outer Hidden Sects. Other than this, there are some Semi Hidden Sects, which include the hidden families and sects in the normal world.

"However, Inner Hidden Sects are unheard of now, we dont know if they still exist. Most of the hidden sects now are Outer Hidden Sects. Meanwhile, the Semi Hidden Sects are gradually assimilated by the normal world and cant be truly hidden."

Ye Mo knew that Daoist Xians attention was focused on his rock, but pretended he didnt know and asked, "Can you tell me a few names of the hidden sects? For example, the sect youre at."

Daoist Xian thought and still hadnt made the decision to rob the stone so he replied, "Jue Yun Temple, Cha Family of the South River, 4 States 9 Moons Daoist Temple. These are all Semi Hidden Sects." However, Daoist Xian didnt mention his own sect.

Ye Mo thought; in that case, the sect Luo Susu was at should be Outer Hidden Sects. Even Daoist Xian didnt know if Inner Hidden Sects existed. Wu Guang monks Jue Yu Temple was only a Semi Hidden Sect.

"In that case, no matter how hidden the outer hidden sects were, people should have gone in after such a long time?" Ye Mo thought that as long as it was a place people could walk to, then it could be found. But since it was found, how could it be considered a hidden sect?

"Youre dreaming." Daoist Xian sneered once again and said, "Even Outer Hidden Sects are mostly in dangerous mountains and deserted places. Many of them were ruled out by the government. Cant you see there are many places that are prohibited by the country for tourism? Some are because the places are dangerous and many people couldnt come back. But its very likely that those places are where the hidden sects are. So not only is it hard to go in, but it is also hard for the hidden sect people to come out. Many people wont get a chance to come out their entire lifetime."

Ye Mo suddenly thought of Luo Susus words. "Dont look for me, it would harm you and me."

Thinking about this, Ye Mo asked once again, "In that case, what if I accidently enter the Outer Hidden Sects?"

Daoist Xian looked at Ye Mo in contempt. "You think its that easy? Plus, even if you did by chance, they could kill you. If you had some potential, perhaps you would stay there your life. If you dont, they would just kill you for no reason."

Ye Mos heart skipped; since it was so hard to come in and out of the hidden sects, how did Luo Susu come out last time? From her tone, it was indeed hard. Thinking about Luo Susu, Ye Mo was lost in thought.

Seeing that Ye Mo was dazed, Daoist Xian wanted to rob the stone, but then Ye Mo suddenly asked, "Tell me a way to get in a hidden sect and perhaps I will let you hold this stone for one second."

Daoist Xian sneered, but he still said, "Every 3 years, the hidden sects will hold a tournament. This year is the 3rd year. The place is at Wu Liang Mountain. As for the exact location, I dont know."

Ye Mo was very satisfied with Daoist Xians answer, so he casually threw the stone to Daoist Xian. "Very well, Im very happy with your answer. You can hold this for one second."

Daoist Xian saw the stone flying at him. His eyes were desperate and didnt even think before grabbing at it.

Just when his hand touch the rock for less than 1 second, the rock flew out of his hand and back into Ye Mos. Ye Mo chucked the rock and said, "Okay, Ive let you touch it, Im going to put it away."

"Qi control at will?" Daoist Xian yelled out in shock. Cultivating inner qi to such an extent Even he couldnt do it now. It would be hard to say if he could do it even if he reached Earth Level. After saying this, Daoist Xian immediately realized Ye Mo was tricking him. At this time, his whip had flown towards Ye Mos head with a sharp howl.


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