Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 166

Chapter 166: First Patient

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Daoist Xian finally understood why Ye Mo cut off his legs first. If his legs were fine, then that fireball wouldnt be able to do anything to him.

"You dont need to know who I am. I said you shouldnt have taken my things. Since you did, then dont blame me." Then, another fireball rose out of Ye Mos hand from nothing."

"You can create fireball from air, you" Daoist Xian had already forgotten the pain and fear. He was still making guess about Ye Mo using fireball just then, but now, he was sure. Ye Mo really could make fireball from air. He finally saw something in the legends. Funny thing was he actually wanted to fight such a person.

Seeing Ye Mos fireball hit towards him, Daoist Xian finally understood his situation and quickly said, "Hold up, dont you want your Silver Heart Grass?"

Ye Mo never planned on killing Daoist Xian now. He knew that if he didnt bring out something that made Daoist Xian fear, then he wouldnt surrender.

Now that Daoist Xian brought it up, he thought for a while before saying, "I do care about the Silver Heart Grass and where did you see the Space Abyssal Rock?"

Daoist Xian quickly responded, "As long as you will let me go, I will tell you."

"No need, you dont have the right to bargain with me." Then, Ye Mo quickly walked up in front of Daoist Xian and patted on his head.

Ye Mo thought that now that Daoist Xian was subjugated by him, it should be fine to control his mind.

But as soon as Ye Mo finishing patting, Daoist Xian hummed and died.

He didnt expect Daoist Xian to be so resolute in not giving Ye Mo any chance to ask and directly shattered his aorta.

Luckily, Ye Mo asked some news first. Otherwise, he still wouldnt know anything. He wouldve wasted his time on waiting for Daoist Xian. He didnt care about Daoist Xians life but cared what he could get from him.

He searched out a card and small plate from Daoist Xian. He didnt know what it was made from, but it wrote Black Capital in ancient characters.

Ye Mo raised his hand and burned Daoist Xian with a fireball before driving back.

Yu Miaodan had become used to the plain and calm life at Ye Mos place. Despite Ye Mo telling her that Metal River was no more in Luo Cang, she didnt want to leave and instead focused on learning medicine with Lu Xiaozhen and Yu Erhu.

Of course, Ye Mo wouldnt tell her to leave if she didnt want to leave. Plus, one extra person was one extra help.

Outside Ye Mos mansion, there was 4 acres of barren land. Ye Mo wanted to buy that so he could plant some herbs and make his mansions area larger.

Although the place Ye Mo was living at was close to the rural area, it wasnt cheap. Ye Mo didnt have that much money now. He only had 200k in his hand and the remaining 200k from Lu Xiaozhen. There was not even 400k altogether.

The price of that land might cost a few million, so perhaps he would even need connections to be able to buy it. The main source of Ye Mos income now was the online clinic. Although it had started, but there was not a single registered user. The reason was simple; too few people knew of this clinic and the registration price was too expensive.

Ye Mo gave the money to Yu Erhu and told him to buy large amounts of precious medical herbs. Although he couldnt concoct pills now, he could still make some soup and medical pills.

A week later, Luo Cang was quiet, and Metal River seemed to have disappeared. No one cared about it either.

Ye Mo also made a number of different types of medical pills and soup. Because there was no news from the online clinic, Ye Mo prepared to go to Hong Kong first. He didnt feel secure leaving his Silver Heart Grass there. It would be better in his own mansion.

And, when he came back from Hong Kong, he would need to go to Flowing Snake. After all, he promised Fang Nan. It wouldnt be good if he kept delaying it. Plus, it was due to him that Fang Nan was at that state.

Just when he made arrangements and was prepared to leave Luo Cang, Lu Xiaozhen came rushing in. "Master, someone had registered on our website, and there are two of them. They applied for the waiting list."

Ye Mo also felt joy after hearing that. He was short on money, and now and he was considering if he should sell a few defense talismans when someone suddenly registered. Each time, there was a registration, it would be 10k, and application for waiting list was 100k. it could be said that those who dared to register on his website was definitely someone rich. It was because they could be cheated and was unable get their money back."

"What is the described condition?" Ye Mo asked.

Lu Xiaozhen dejectedly said, "One is a vegetable person for two years in Hong Kong, and they also said if you went to Hong Kong, they would pay multiple fees. The other one is even further away, in America. They also need you to go over there. The condition is whole body has soft bones."

Normally, Ye Mo wouldve rejected it straight away. Running to Hong Kong to treat a vegetable; he didnt want to earn that hard money, but now, it was convenient. He was going to Hong Kong, so he didnt mind earning this money.

"Okay, immediately get the Hong Kong patients address. Allow him to be on the waiting list. As for the America one, reject the waiting list, do not refund the registration fee," Ye Mo said.

Lu Xiaozhen hesitated for a while before saying, "Master, this is a vegetable, you"

Ye Mo smiled. "Dont worry, help me do the procedures to get to Hong Kong, the faster the better, doesnt matter if we pay a little extra."

Vegetable people usually werent serious. He didnt even need to go himself. It would be fine if he just brought a charm. For Ye Mo, it wasnt hard at all. It would only be troublesome if it wasnt a normal vegetable.

Lu Xiaozhen admired Ye Mo so much that she almost worshipped him. Since Ye Mo said it was fine, then she believed it would be fine. She immediately permitted the Hong Kong patient and rejected the American patient while telling the American patient if treatment is needed, he needed to get to the appointed place."

Lu Xiaozhen was very fast and clean in doing these procedures after staying a few years in Luo Cang. She only took 3 days to do something that would take 2 weeks. However, Ye Mo would be going with a tourism company to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, Qing Quan Bay.

Although the scenery here was good, the region near the mountain was private property. Outsiders could only see the view from afar and was not allowed in.

Meanwhile, the most grandiloquent mansion wasnt the mansion on the mountain waist, but instead the temple behind the mansion. This mansion was extremely grandiose whether it was outside or inside. There were four big men standing at the door of the temple.

At the moment, there were four people inside the temple, and one of them was on the bed unconscious. This man looked like he was in his 50s. His face was very skinny, and it had this unhealthy yellow to it. Other than the man laying down, there was 3 other people. One was a middle-aged man and had a very heavy expression on his face.

Beside the man was a woman less than 30. If this woman wasnt frowning, she would definitely be beautiful. However, her eye lines seemed oppressive. If her eye lines were a bit more soft, perhaps she would be every mans dream.

The last man was obviously a subordinate and stood straight behind the middle-aged man.

There was a grandiloquent mansion, but it was unknown why the patient was lying in the temple, and the temple was built even more extravagantly than the mansion.

"Luo Chen, what did that website that say they can cure any disease say?" at this moment, that man suddenly spoke.

"Boss, that website agreed to put us on the waiting list and I have paid the 100k waiting list fee," the man beside him immediately said.

"Did they ask about anything else?" the middle-aged man continued to ask.

"No boss, they just made us pay 100k and said they will send people over, and there was no more news," Luo Chen immediately said.

"Oh" then man asking the question had extreme disappointment in his eyes.

He believed this website was a fraud. They just asked and knew the patient was a vegetable and took the money. They didnt even ask how the patient got the disease and what the symptoms were. Now, they didnt even ask about anything. If this wasnt a fraud website, what was? 100k was nothing, but another hope was lost.

"However" Luo Chen hesitated before saying, "The waiting list we applied for in America was rejected. They told us the doctor wouldnt go America; if we wanted treatment, we would have to go to the appointed place."

"Theres such things." The middle-aged man immediately focused his attention again. Since that website rejected to go to America for treatment, then it meant that they really might not be fraudulent.

That woman, however, immediately continued, "Did they say when they would come to Hong Kong?

"They didnt say exact time, but they said within ten days, they would definitely get to Hong Kong," Luo Chen immediately replied.

The middle-aged man nodded and said, "Luo Chen, this region has been chaotic recently, bring some people and make some arrangements, dont let the doctors from mainland be attacked."

"Yes, boss," Luo Chen replied and left the temple.
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