Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Cruel Means

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
He casually spread chi around his face to avoid being captured by cameras. Ye Mo didnt want to be on the wanted list in Hong Kong, since he came to kill today. Da Tangs gangsters could be fine after killing or judged as accident, but he couldnt.

It was very boisterous inside Earth Heart Entertainment. Ye Mo scanned, and it was messy; everything was done there.

As soon as Ye Mo came to the door, someone stopped him, "Brother, I have never seen you before, first time here?"

At this moment, a youth with curly hair walked out, and as soon as he saw Ye Mo, he pointed at Ye Mo and called out, "Its him, he broke two of Brother Feis teeth in South Street." This curly haired youth immediately recognized Ye Mo.

"Go." As this curly haired youth called, 7 or 8 people charged out.

Ye Mo sneered and didnt hold back. How could these normal gangsters endure his attacks. Soon, all of them were on the ground. Ye Mo hadnt started killing yet because he needed to confirm things before he would start the slaughter.

"Friend, you came to our place, did you want to break our place? Im the manager here, Cui Heng." At this moment, a manager looking man walked out. He looked at the 7 or 8 hoodlums on the ground, frowned and said.

Ye Mo kicked again; he kicked down a guy who struggled to get up. Then, he looked coldly at the manager and said, "I have two things here today, first, did you kill the Incle Pei from the noodle shop?"

"Hmph, do you think youre good just because you can fight? So what if we killed him?" The manager saw Ye Mo casually beat down 7 or 8 gangsters and wanted to ask where Ye Mo came from. But now, Ye Mos arrogance immediately triggered him.

No one dared to be so cocky on Da Tangs place. Ye Mo was the first. If he didnt beat down Ye Mos flames of arrogance, then there was no need for Da Tang to remain here.

Then, Cui Heng waved his hand at the back. "Friend, you wont live long if you act cocky just because you can fight a little. From the start till now, our Da Tang never had someone act so cocky in our territory. Even people from Metal River didnt dare to, much less you. Since you are so cocky, then I will show you the price for your cockiness."

Ye Mo sneered and also felt happy. These people indeed knew about Metal River; it seemed he came to the right place. He casually pulled out the whip Daoist Xian used. He was scared of wasting time if he fought these weaklings fist by fist. At this moment, he actually missed his metal nails. He could pretty much solve these gangsters with one nail each.

Seeing Ye Mo take out a whip, Cui Hengs mouth showed even more contempt and called out once again, "Go on him together, beat him to death, dont need to hold back."

With Cui Hengs order, those 11 gangsters charged, with some of them have hack swords in their hands.

Ye Mo gathered spirit chi in the whip and swung out. With this swing, he gathered 70% of his cultivation chi. The long whip howled and hit the first few who came up.

In terms of whip technique, Ye Mo wasnt as good as Daoist Xian, but he didnt even need technique for these little hoodlums. He only needed to infuse the whip with his chi.

If Daoist Xian swung it, it wouldnt have such howling sounds, but in Ye Mos hands, the whip shattered the air.

Push The whip sliced like a long sickle. There were only 11 who attacked Ye Mo, and this whip hit the first 6 people. Not one of those who were hit lived. In the most serious case, the person was almost cut in two from the waist.

Before the remaining five could react, Ye Mos whip turned and swung again. Another whip. After two whips, Ye Mo took back the whip. At this moment, there were some people who hadnt fell. After a few breaths later, they finally fell and died.

11 people only took two whips.

The only one standing was Cui Heng. He had his jaws wide open while looking at the bloodbath. Was this even human? Killing 11 people with two whips. Some people even had their chest torn open. Was he using a whip or a long sword?

"Does your Da Tang still have more people? Call them up together, save me the time of looking for them one by one." Ye Mo looked at Cui Heng who was dumbfounded and sneered.

Cui Heng fazed for a while before saying with a pale face, "None, none"

But what made his soul shatter with fear happened next. The youth in front of him casually threw out a few fireballs. The floor that was previously bloodied with bodies was now covered in ashes. Even those few hack swords were burnt crisp.

"God?" Cui Heng wanted to control his thought and not think in such a way but he couldnt.

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and found that other than some customers, there were indeed no more Da Tang people here.

"Now, Im going to ask you a few questions. If you dont answer them properly, you will turn into dust very quickly," Ye Mo stared at Cui Heng who was still dazed and said.

Cui Heng shook and finally recovered. He wiped his still sweating forehead and shakily said, "Sir, please ask please ask."

The scene just then was still shocking his sense. He couldnt control the shaking in his legs. If it wasnt for the disappearance of the bodies, burnt smell in the air and the melted swords, he really wouldve thought he was dreaming.

"Have I killed the person who killed Uncle Pei?" Ye Mo scanned Cui Heng and coldly asked.

"Yes. Its" Cui Heng spoke to this point and was interrupted by Ye Mo.

"Where is the HQ of Da Tang? Take me there immediately or you wont need to be talking anymore." Ye Mos voice grew cold. He knew that a mercenary like Cui Heng would require more means once he recovers.

As expected, Cui Heng said without any hesitation, "Metal Rivers big boss, Metal Mountain is having negotiations with our leader tonight saying that some regions will be given to us Da Tang" After talking for a while, Cui Hengs tone became more consistent.

"Metal River had usually been very adamant, I dont know why they would bring this up themselves. Brother Yue is afraid Metal Mountain is using tricks, so he brought all of the elites of Da Tang to the negotiation." Then, Cui Heng stopped shaking; he seemed to have recovered from the shock, but he still looked at Ye Mo with fear.

"Im going to find them now, lead the way, quick," Ye Mo yelled.

"Yes." Cui Heng didnt dare to disagree at all. It was too late to not say anything, thus, he might as well do more. Ye Mo had some idea why Metal Mountain was having discussions with Da Tang. It was because he killed Daoist Xian and Metal Mountain probably knew it. A Metal River without Daoist Xian was like a tiger without its claws. Metal Mountain was acting early.

Once Da Tang knew that Metal River no longer had Daoist Xian and then they fought, Metal River would lose more things.

Da Tang and Metal River set the discussion place at West Sands region. West Sand was the largest gang in Hong Kong other than Da Tang and Metal River. Both parties would agree to having the discussion here.

After nearly 40 minutes, Cui Heng drove a Mercedes to West Sands land. Both party chose a large private manor. When Cui Heng drove the car in, there were already tens of luxurious limousines parked outside. Cui Heng was stopped at the door.

Ye Mo only needed to scan with his spirit sense to know that there were around 200 people in the light and dark. It seemed they would fight with the slightest disagreement.

"Im Cui Heng from Da Tang, I need to see my leader," Cui Heng quickly said to the guard.

The guards face didnt change at all and said, "Theres an important meeting going on inside. No one is allowed in and out. Please immediately drive away, otherwise, we wont.."

The guard stopped talking there because Ye Mo had already killed him with a wind blade.

"You" Cui Heng was so scared that he only said one word and then didnt even dare to look at Ye Mo while driving the car in. He had understood just how fierce and cruel Ye Mo was.

The few men who were preparing to stop Cui Heng saw that Cui Heng spoke with the guard and still came in, so they didnt stop them. They didnt see the guard fall and thought the car was let in by the guard, so after Cui Heng stopped the car, no one came to say anything.

Cui Heng parked the car and took Ye Mo to the door of the mansion shakily. At this moment, another two people came to stop Ye Mo and Cui Heng. Ye Mo didnt hesitate to knock them out. This time, he didnt kill. At the same time, he turned around and knocked Cui Heng out. Now wasnt the time to kill him. He needed to at least be sure if Metal River was here before killing Cui Heng. And now, he no longer needed Cui Heng to lead the way. He headed straight to the meeting room.

"Stop," the two black clothed bulky men at the door raised their gun and said.

If these two people didnt point guns, perhaps Ye Mo would just knock them out, but Ye Mo hated people pointing guns at him. he didnt hesitate to throw two fireballs before kicking towards the door of the meeting room.
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