Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 169

Chapter 169: What, You Have A Problem?

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"Who is it?" the first to react was actually an old man in his 60s.

As soon as he spoke, two men in their 30s came charging to Ye Mo from left and right.

The left man was slightly skinnier, and before he even reached Ye Mo, his fists scooped up a fierce killing intent, making the few men sitting near the door feel a frigidness that pierced their bones.

Ye Mo looked at the man with his spirit sense. His fist was indeed fast and deadly, and it had this relentless temperament.

This mans fist technique must have been practiced through countless fighting. He wasnt as good as Lang Ji and was even a little worse than Hu Qiu, but his killing intent and temperament in his fists were better than both of them. This was because his fist had put aside his own life and death. In fact, it was usually those who put aside their life and death that could control the lives of other people.

This was someone who didnt fear death. Ye Mo didnt care what he did, but just from his fist, he could tell it couldnt be used by someone who wasnt filled with this temperament. The one who plotted behind the shadows all day wouldnt be able to stike out this fist.

Although this fist was sharp and full of temperament, it was too low grade compared to Ye Mo. In Ye Mos eyes, this man was at most the elementary stage of Yellow Level. Such difference in level couldnt be made up with a fearless temperament.

When the fist reached near his body, Ye Mo suddenly reached out his hand and attacked first. He accurately grabbed the mans wrist and dispelled the force and temperament of this fist. Then, Ye Mos hand used a little force and the mans wrist was easily cracked. Then, Ye Mo brought his hands up a little, and this skinny man was thrown out many meters away landing at the corner of the wall.

At this moment, the other bald-headed man finally reached in front of Ye Mo. He wasnt empty handed though. He held a trident. In the battle between masters, there was little people who used tridents.

But this man not only used a trident, it was even a specially made trident. The tips were very small, while the remaining part half was very broad. This could not only be used as a prick but also a dagger. Now, the man charged at Ye Mo using the trident as a dagger.

He aimed one prick at Ye Mos waist instead of using the entire trident. Although this man was very fast, he was nowhere to hide under Ye Mos spirit sense. This man was much more bleak than the other man. He thought that once Ye Mo blocked, he would changed the slice into a stab, making the defender unable to block it.

No one could survive after getting stabbed like that.

Ye Mo sneered as he immediately raised his leg and spun it in mid air. Anyone who had a little experience in martial arts would know it was very hard to kick out a leg spin in such a short time.

The man holding the trident was a little weaker than the man using the fist, but he was much bulkier than that man. When his trident neared Ye Mos waist and he saw that Ye Mo still didnt react, he immediately felt surprised and happy.

He thought that if Ye Mo were to block, he would turn this slice into a stab and kill Ye Mo.

But his smile soon froze. Ye Mo had raised his leg and using a speed that he couldnt even see, spun his leg in air and kicked his wrist. He didnt even have the chance to dodge as that kick was too fast. So fast that he only realized he was kicked after the kick connected.

Just like the skinnier man, Ye Mo broke the mans wrist and the trident fell out of the mans hands.

At this moment, Ye Mo didnt wait for the trident to fall to the ground. His heels turned kicking accurately on the hilt of the trident. The trident seemed to have grown eyes and flew right back piercing into the bald mans throat until the handle submerged.

The bald man held to the handle with terror. He suddenly understood that when the difference in power was too high, no tricks would be effective. He made gurgling sounds before dying.

No one was able to see this extremely fast combat clearly except for the black-clothed woman sitting on the very inside.

Ye Mo also knew that woman was the strongest here, but she was strong to a limit. At most, she was the same as Lang Ji or perhaps even a little worse.

This woman looked at Ye Mos actions in surprise. She knew that it would be very easy for Ye Mo to kill the first man but he let him go. She wondered if it was due to their different motives. One wanted to force Ye Mo out of the room and got his wrists broken, while the one who wanted to kill Ye Mo lost his life.

The man who was at the corner also stood up. He looked at Ye mo in shock. Ever since he graduated, he had never seen a master like Ye Mo. He only heard that Metal River had a Daoist Xian that was strong, but he never fought with Daoist Xian, so he didnt know how strong that person was.

At this moment, everyone in the room reacted and all stood up while looking at Ye Mo in shock. Everyone knew about each other. Out of the tens of people in the room, Peng Yang and Yu Fu were the strongest other than Black Widow. Plus, it was unknown if Black Widow were stronger than these two.

But the youth who broke open the door defeated Peng Yang and Yu Fu in two moves. One injured, one dead.

Ye Mo scanned the room and saw that other than these 3 slightly strong ones, the other people were not bad but worthless to him. What made him surprised was that in the people sitting in the room, other than 5 or 6 middle-aged man, two youths in their 20s and that woman, the rest were old men in their 50s and above.

"Friend, Im Tian Shou, friends in the society call me Teacher Tian. This is an important meeting between our Hong Kong gangs, and Im here as a witness. Why have you come, friend? You dont look like youre from here. Did one of our people mess with you?" the old man talked very politely, but his long years of authority and utilization of his elder status immediately showed.

Ye Mo scanned this old man. He was the first to react and ask who he was.

However, this old man thought too highly of himself, calling himself Teacher Tian. Ye Mo didnt want to waste his time with him. He turned and looked at the other people in the room and said, "I just eradicated Earth Heart Entertainment and killed some people. Im here to completely solve the problem. I heard that entertainment place belongs to Da Tang, who is the big boss of Da Tang, stand up."

Ye Mo ignoring Tian Shou made the old man quite annoyed, but he didnt dare to say anything. Regardless of whether he really did kill those people, his fierce killing meant he was not someone to be easily messed with.

A man in his 40s suddenly stood up and said in a low voice, " Im Zuo Yue of Da Tang. Do I have conflict with you? Why are you killing all of us Da Tang? Its all the elites of Hong Kong here. No matter how strong you are, do you think you can kill all of the friends in the business?"

Zuo Yues words were rather skilful. He put himself at a weak position before pulling all of the friends in the Hong Kong underground world to his side.

Ye Mo scanned the big bosses of the underground world. He didnt think that Cui Hengs info wasnt accurate. Cui Heng just said it was Metal River and Da Tang having a meeting.

Seeing Ye Mo scan them, a few big bosses kept their glaring eyes on Ye Mo. That expression seemed to say if someone took a lead, they would all come on him.

Ye Mo slowly said, "Because your Da Tang people killed a friend of mine, so I will annihilate your Da Tang."

"What? Just because we killed a person, youre going to kill all of us?" Zuo Yue looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. This person was too unreasonable.

"Indeed, today at the small restaurant at South Street, I met a store owner that I got along with, but I didnt think your people would kill him just because of me. You tell me if I should kill you all," Ye Mo coldly said.

The big bosses who were guessing which important person was killed by Da Tang all froze. He was destroying an entire mafia because of a street restaurant owner he met today. This was way too arrogant. Even the most arrogant mafia didnt dare to talk like this.

Zuo Yue laughed. "Okay, okay, Ive seen cocky ones, but I havent seen anyone cockier than you. If the big boss of Nan Qing accidentally swore at you, are you going to annihilate Nan Qing? If you really have that much balls, then Ill surrender.

Ye Mo plainly said, "Youre right. That Qian Longtou has a useless son and was killed by me. But then, Qian Longtou actually thought he could do something and sent people to hunt me down. So then, not long ago, I went to Sai Na Peninsula and killed that old guy. What, do you have a problem?"

"What? You kill Qian Longtou? Not" Zuo Yues face finally changed. He finally understood who the person in front of him was.

Not only Zuo Yue, but all the big bosses at the scene all changed their faces. Those few arrogant ones didnt even hesitate to keep their heads low, not daring to look at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo could fight his way into the Sai Na Peninsula. That meant that these people here wasnt enough for him to kill. Just how strong was he?
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