Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Predecessor

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
The two men standing behind Zuo Yue suddenly pulled out their guns and rapidly shot at Ye Mo. Ye Mo sighed; it seemed that he really needed to prepare some normal nails on him, otherwise, he was sure he could kill these two before they fired. Meanwhile, the shooting speed of wind blade couldnt keep up with bullet, much less a fireball.

After the gun fired, everyone was happy. They didnt expect to have the chance to fire in front of Ye Mo.

Suddenly, Ye Mo waved his hand and a chi wall immediately surrounded him. When the two bullets reached near the wall, it slowed down, but this was only seen under Ye Mos spirit sense. Before other people saw what happened, Ye Mo had already grabbed the two bullets and threw it back.

There was another two gun shots. When the two opened fire for the second time, Ye Mos bullets had already pierced their forehead.

Two blood dots appeared on their heads, and Ye Mo just managed to catch the two bullets they shot out again. At this moment, the two men finally fell to the ground.

There was not a single person in the room that wasnt experienced in fighting and death. What else have they not seen? Although they have heard that some people could catch bullets, but it was the first time they saw it with their own eyes. They couldnt even believe their own eyes. This wasnt all. The person who caught the bullet could use the bullet to kill the shooter.

Some knowledgeable people have already guessed that Ye Mo came from the hidden sects. No matter how strong the people in mafia was, nor how many people they had, they wouldnt be able to compare with the hidden sects. If it wasnt for that the people in the hidden sects had a different pursuit, they would not be able to sit here and have meetings.

Although Zuo Yue was fierce, but faced with someone who could kill him at anytime, his back had already begun sweating. He warned himself that he was the big boss of Da Tang, but he couldnt suppress the fear of death inside of him. Other people who said they would kill him were just threatening him and needed to worry about revenge. But this person dared to even kill Qian Longtou, so it was all too easy to kill him.

Zuo Yue looked around hopefully. Those big bosses who were just talking about unity all lowered their heads. Not one person dared to come out and speak for him.

He scanned already and took back his disappointed gaze. It seemed it would be impracticable to find help here. Plus, he understood so what if someone came to help him? Was he stronger than Qian Longtou. With the temperament and posture Ye Mo came in, Zuo Yue didnt doubt at all that he killed Qian Longtou.

"Friend, predecessor" Zuo Yue saluted with his fists.

He hesitated before abandoning his pride and saying, "Predecessor, although Im the big boss of Da Tang, but there are good and bad people in my men. If they annoyed you, Im here to apologize"

He then looked at Ye Mos agreeing face, Zuo Yue didnt dare to breathe loud and continued, "I know I angered predecessor, if theres anything you want me to do, please tell me. If you need my life, do as you wish."

Ye Mo sneered after listening to Zuo Yues words. He knew that Zuo Yue couldnt have such no fear of death temperament.

Ye Mo suddenly threw out the bullet in his hand. Before Zuo Yue could react, it had pierced Zuo Yues shoulder.

Zuo Yues face turned pale, but he didnt dare to move. He knew that if Ye Mo wanted to kill him, he wouldve died there.

"Go back and kill the person responsible and immediately disband your Da Tang. Also, go pay tributes to Uncle Peis grave. After you have done this, come look for me," Ye Mo coldly said. He didnt say that the bullet had sealed Zuo Yues heart meridian. If Zuo Yue dared to not look for him in 3 days, he would die. And, Ye Mo knew that Zuo Yue didnt dare to come back for him. at most, he would disband Da Tang and run.

So Ye Mo wouldnt chase him; since he dared to run, then death would await him. If he guessed wrong and that Zuo Yue really dared to come look for him, he wouldnt mind letting him live.

Zuo Yues heart raced with joy. Of course, he wouldnt be so dumb to come find Ye Mo. He just wanted to leave Ye Mo as far as possible.

Ye Mo looked at him coldly as Zuo Yue held his arm and left desperately. He didnt even ask how he could find him. Ye Mo knew he was right. This guy wanted to run indeed.

Seeing Zuo Yue leave so desperately, everyone felt something was wrong, but Zuo Yue was dumbed by the thought of escape. Plus, even those who noticed something was wrong couldnt tell what was wrong.

The black-dressed girl looked at Ye Mo in surprise. Of course, she saw Ye Mos actions and knew Ye Mo must have left something of Zuo Yue. If Zuo Yue didnt come, he would surely die, but she couldnt tell exactly what Ye Mo did. None of the big bosses here felt that it was funny Zuo Yue calling Ye Mo predecessor. If someone like Ye Mo wasnt predecessor, then who was?

Tian Shous face was pale, but he eventually didnt say anything and sat down.

"Predecessor, I am Jao Bianyi, now the leader of Western Sands. I didnt know predecessor has arrived, apologies for our negligence. Peng Yang is my good brother, he annoyed predecessor, could predecessor please have mercy." Then, Jiao Bianyi looked at the skinny man who was tossed to the corner by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded. He never intended to kill Peng Yang, and now that Jiao Bianyi asked for mercy, Ye Mo casually said, "You have no business here, go to the side."

"Yes." Jiao Bianyi was happy. This meant that Ye Mo let him go. He wouldnt be dumb enough to go argue with Ye Mo. That was suicide.

Then, the black-clothed woman suddenly stood up and copied Jiao Bianyis tone. "Im Xu Yuehua, people call me Black Widow. Greetings, predecessor."

Seeing that Jiao Bianyi and the Black Widow spoke like that, all the big bosses stood up while reporting their name and gang. Everything seemed so orderly all of a sudden.

Afterwards, Ye Mo found Metal Mountain. He seemed to be in his 50s, however, his eyes seemed sunken, not allowing people to see what hes thinking about.

"Im Ye Mo. My principle is I dont mess with those who dont mess with me. Since you mess with me, then dont blame me. Metal Mountain, stand up." The first part of Ye Mos words made everyone gasp a sigh of relief. They thought everything had ended, but then his latter part hang up everyones hearts. They were scared that Ye Mo was looking for more trouble.

"Predecessor, Im Metal Mountain. What business does predecessor have with me?" Of course Metal Mountain didnt know Ye Mos name, not even Daoist Xian knew him.

Although Metal Mountain was the famous head of a gang in Hong Kong, his facial expression was very polite. The difference with him and Zuo Yue was that he was calm although remaining polite.

Everyone knew that the reason Metal Mountain was so calm was because he had a very strong assistance called Daoist Xian. This was the reason he could be the leading power in the Hong Kong underworld.

"Because your men have messed with me, I came here today just for you." Ye Mo could tell that Metal Mountain wasnt simple. His title was "Metal Chains Crossing the River" and he did seem like a troublesome person. No wonder Wu Xueming was no match for him.

"This is the first time I saw you, predecessor, who messed with you, predecessor?" Metal Mountain wasnt afraid as Jiao Bianyi because he wasnt sure if Daoist Xian was killed. If Daoist Xian was here, he wouldnt be afraid of anyone.

Even if Ye Mo was very strong, he believed that Ye Mo was no match for Daoist Xian.

Ye Mo could tell by Metal Mountains expression that he had his hopes on Daoist Xian. He sneered before saying, "That Daoist is your man right. His disciple stole a type of grass I planted, so he pissed me off. Oh by the way, Ive slaughtered both him and his two disciples. Ive annihilated your Metal River in Luo Cang."

Ye Mos words was like a huge hammer smashing into Metal Mountains chest. Daoist Xian was killed, and this meant that his leading position would come to an end.

Metal Mountain subconsciously looked at the big bosses around him and found that a few of them had a glaring beam in their eyes. His heart sunk. He now hated Daoist Xians disciples to the bones. Why did they have to mess with this Ye Mo.

He didnt expect Ye Mo was so strong that he could even kill Daoist Xian. Daoist Xian was a master who was one step away from Earth Level.

Seeing the sneer at the corner of Ye Mos mouth, Metal Mountain shivered. He finally felt Zuo Yues mood and no longer had his previous composure. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and immediately said, "Predecessor, Ill take you to Daoist Xians place immediately. If the things are still untouched, it should be there."

He knew that Daoist Xians disciples brought some grass from the mainland, but he wouldnt even ask about these stuff at all. Now that Ye Mo asked, of course, he remembered.

"Lead the way." Ye Mos main purpose here was to get the Silver Heart Grass. From Metal Mountains tone, he seemed to know where it was. He was glad and didnt want to waste time here.

Seeing Ye Mo and Metal Mountain walk out, the people in the room finally felt relieved. Ye Mo was too horrific for them; he could no longer be threatened by any gang.
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