Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Strange Patient

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Ye Mo got the Silver Heart Grass very easily. He also found a piece of Deep Sea Buttonwood at Daoist Xians place. This made Ye Mo very excited and feel it was worth the trip.

The Deep Sea Buttonwood was not only a good material for making defensive amulets, but could also be used in flying swords. Once a flying sword has Deep Sea Buttonwood inside it, its defensive attributes would greatly increase.

After getting the things, Ye Mo didnt kill Metal Mountain. Metal Mountain only had feud with Wu Xueming. Ye Mo wouldnt bother himself with these. He had already done what Wu Xueming wanted him to do and even eradicated Metal River in Luo Cang. And, Ye Mo knew that Metal River wouldnt be as stable as before. Perhaps Metal Mountain also knew, but that was none of Ye Mos business.

Qing Quan Wan, half mountain mansion.

The middle-aged man knocked the table and said. "Luo Chen, its the 6th day today. That doctor still has no news?"

Luo Chen, who stood behind, respectfully said, "Boss, Ive had people guarding the region. As soon as he reached near Qing Quan Wan, we can find him."

"Mo Ping, if he still doesnt come by tomorrow, I will need to leave Hong Kong. It may be very hard for me to come out again. I will have to depend on you for Uncle Li," the woman beside him said.

That middle-aged man called Mo Ping had some anger flash across his eyes which disappeared very quickly. He turned and said, "Since Qiang Wei says that, then of course, do as you please, I dont dare to stop your things."

But even so, that woman had seen it. She had a disregarding look at the corner of her mouth, but she didnt say anything.

After Mo Ping said that, he sighed before saying, "Luo Chen, go search, if theres news of that doctor, report back immediately.

"Yes." Just when Luo Chen wanted to go out, a voice interrupted him and said, "No need, I have come."

Mo Ping suddenly stood up and looked dazedly at Ye Mo. After a while, he finally spoke, "You"

"Im that online doctor, lets go see the patient. Im very busy," Ye Mo blandly spoke. This place really wasnt simple. There were people guarding from the bottom to the waist of the mountain. He didnt know who the owner of this place was, but Ye Mo was sure he wasnt in the underground world. Otherwise, that person should be at the meeting last night.

At this moment, Qiang Wei also stood up in shock. She studied Ye Mo in confusion. Someone who could appear here without her noticing was definitely a master amongst masters.

Ye Mo then noticed this woman called Qiang Wei; she was not yet 30 and had a sunflower seed shaped face. Her faint make up further portrayed her excellence. The only thing Ye Mo didnt like was the lines of her eyes were too hard, making her appear less feminine.

What made him surprised was that this woman was also a master. Although she was a little worse than Daoist Xian, but she was definitely better than Wu Qiang.

"Who are you?" Qiang Wei subconsciously asked.

"Doctor," Ye Mo answered.

Qiang Wei frowned before saying again, "Im saying who are you? How did you come in without me noticing at all?"

Ye Mo scanned Qiang Wei once. "Do you guys still want me to look at the patient? Otherwise, Im leaving." He didnt answer Qiang Weis question. This woman was weird. It was none of her business who he was.

At this moment, Mo Ping had reacted and quickly said, "Yes, yes, doctor, please, this way. Im Mo Ping, Im the person who requested you online." Then, he quickly took Ye Mo into a temple behind the mansion.

Qiang Wei heard Ye Mos tone and was about to throw a tantrum, but she thought twice about it and didnt say anything. She would look for his trouble after Ye Mo treated the patient.

Ye Mo had seen the man lying on the bed. His face was scrawny and emaciated. He was in his 50s and unconscious. There were also two nurses looking after him.

Mo Ping told the two nurse to leave before respectfully saying to Ye Mo, "Doctor, this is my Uncle Mo Kang. He had been unconscious for two years, he was"

Ye Mo stopped Mo Ping. "You dont need to say anything else. Go out now, Im going to treat him."

"Doctor, I also need to leave?" Mo Ping asked in surprise.

Of course, Ye Mo wouldnt let them know he was using cultivation means so he wouldnt let Mo Ping stay inside.

Seeing that Ye Mo didnt talk, Mo Ping sighed and said, "Okay, Ill go out. May I ask how long you will need and what things do I need to prepare?"

Ye Mo shook his head and said, "Nothing, just go out. I will come out after Im done. Im uncertain about the time, but if someone interrupts me during my treatment, they will pay for the consequences."

Qiang Wei, who wanted to see how Ye Mo was going to treat the patient was now kicked out by Ye Mo for no reason, felt more uncomfortable. She felt this doctor was too unreasonable.

After the two had left, Ye Mo closed the door and checked out this temple. He felt strange. There was a good mansion, so why did he have to live in the temple? But this wasnt something he should be concerned with.

After making sure there was no surveillance, he then looked at the man on the bed. Ye Mo felt this persons pulse. It was very slow, but it didnt stop.

He ran his chi through the patients body and checked. Ye Mo immediately knew this wasnt a vegetable. He was attacked by insidious means like Zhuo Aiguos son. The only thing was that the attacker was very careful to make the man a vegetable but not take his life.

Ye Mo checked the means done to the man. Somebody had forcefully prevented him from awaking, so he could only stay in an unconscious state. The perpetrator not only had great inner qi mastery but also medical mastery.

The difference was that Zhuo Huatang only had a sliver of inner qi left in his head by someone casually. The attacker didnt care if Zhuo Huatang died or not. Meanwhile, for this patient, the inner qi was used intentionally to make the patient a vegetable; the technique was much more complex.

Ye Mo was sure that even the attacker wasnt sure if he could make the patient recover. If he wasnt a cultivator who had spirit sense and could use cultivation chi however he liked, then he also wouldnt be able to cure this person.

Ye Mo took out a set of needles and immediately pierced into the patients chest and head. With the use of chi, the few nerves that were blocked by medicine and inner qi were recovered by his chi.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo took out the silver needles and sighed. He knew this person was fine. Although he was fine, Ye Mo still had a few questions to ask these people. He knew that this person would wake up at most 10 minutes later.

As expected, in less than ten minutes, the man opened his eyes. When he saw Ye Mo, he was confused and desperate, and wanted to sit up immediately. However, he sat on the bed for too long. Even after Ye Mo treated him, he couldnt get up immediately.

"Who are you?" the man asked on the bed.

Ye Mo said, "You have been unconscious for 2 years, I just woke you up."

The man frowned as though thinking something, but soon, his face changed immediately and said, "Where am I? how can you save me?"

Seeing his face, Ye Mo knew he mustve remembered something, so he could only say, "This is Qing Quan Wan, in a private property in Hong Kong. Im a doctor requested by your nephew Mo Ping to treat you. He said you have been unconscious for more than two years."

Hong Kong? Mo Ping? So Im out, who sent me out?

Suddenly, the man looked at Ye Mo with uncertainty and said, "No way, you definitely wont be able to treat my disease. I know my disease, I know."

The mans voice got lower and lower at least revealing his melancholy and loss of hope.

Ye Mo frowned and said once again, "Im a doctor. I treat people and get paid. I dont need you to admit I treated you. Someone will pay me later. I will just ask you one thing. Who could use inner qi and medicine so perfectly to turn you into a vegetable? Of course, if you dont want to say, then never mind. And youre right, other than me, no one else can cure your disease."

The man heard Ye Mos words and looked at Ye Mo once again with uncertainty. "You know my condition is artificial? You really saved me? Isnt"

The man said and seemed to have thought of something.

Ye Mo got up and was prepared to leave. Since the man didnt want to talk, he didnt want to talk too. He would get his money and leave.

"Wait, Ill tell you." The man suddenly stopped Ye Mo.

Seeing Ye Mo stop, he continued, "I was indeed harmed. Since this is Hong Kong Qing Quan Wan, then it should be fine. Is there anyone else other than Mo Ping?"

Ye Mo replied, "Another woman called Qiang Wei and someone else called Luo Chen."

"What, shes also here?" the patient exclaimed.
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