Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 172

Chapter 172: Emotional People

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Ye Mo just wanted to know who did this to Mo Kang, but after hearing Mo Kangs words, he knew that Mo Kang also came from the hidden sects.

23 years ago, Mo Kang was already a plutocrat of Hong Kong. It was that year that he met Xia Rou who came for a rites of passage in the mortal world. Xia Rou was a member of the Hidden Family Xia. They had feeling for each other, so they secretly promised their love for each other for eternity.

At the end of that year, Xia Rou needed to go back to her family to participate in the hidden sect tournament every 3 years. And, she never came back. Mo Kang immediately wanted to go find Xia Rou. Although Xia Rou told him how to enter the hidden sects, he still couldnt find her.

However, Mo Kang didnt give up. He went again and again, spending countless money and effort before finally finding a way to enter the Xia Family on the 16th year.

But when he found the Xia Family, he discovered that Xia Rou had married someone else tens of years ago. He was extremely angry. He couldnt go out, but even if he could, he would find Xia Rou and ask him why she betrayed him. When she left, she was already pregnant. Mo Kang wanted to ask where that child was.

However, Mo Kang was a normal person who entered the hidden sect. He had no status in the Xia Family and worked as a laborer for 4 years before finally hearing that Xia Rou married Zhang Fengzhi of Hong Martial Hall. But before he found Hong Martial Hall, he was attacked.

Hearing Mo Kangs words, Ye Mo sighed. This Mo Kang was an emotional person, however, that Xia Rou seemed a bit heartless.

Then, he suddenly thought of Qiang Wei and asked, "Who is Qiang Wei?"

Mo Kang sighed and said, "Qiang Wei is Xia Rous younger sister and married ten years ago. However, before she reached her husbands house, her husband died. Shes a widow and rarely went back to the Xia Family. However, I dont know how she came this time to send me out."

Hearing Mo Kangs words, Ye Mo sneered. Although he didnt know what exactly happened, but he wouldnt believe that Xia Rou didnt know what happened to Mo Kang. And if Xia Rou didnt know, how could Xia Qiangwei send Mo Kang out? Mo Kang was too emotional that he couldnt even see her. In addition, perhaps Xia Rou was involved in Mo Kang becoming a vegetable.

Or in other words, without Xia Rou, how could Mo Kang live in the Xia Family for a few years even as the lowest house slave.

As for why Mo Kang must live in the temple, Ye Mo didnt ask. It was probably Qiangweis idea, and he didnt need to know.

"Do you know how to enter the hidden sects?" This was what Ye Mo was most concerned with.

Mo Kang shook his head and said, "She just told me how to enter the Xia Family. She didnt tell me about the other sects. Plus, I swore to her I wouldnt tell anyone. Although she betrayed me, I still dont want to break my oath."

Ye Mo couldnt do anything so he asked, "Then do you know the 3 year tournament? I heard theres one this year, is it at Wu Liang Mountain?"

Mo Kang looked at Ye Mo strangely and said, "You actually know Wu Liang Mountain?"

However, he the shook his head and saiD, "The tournament before was at Wu Liang Mountain, but the year I got to the Xia Family, I heard that the tournament was no longer at Wu Liang Mountain. I heard the next tournament was 5 years later which should be next year. The tournament is said to be held at a city in the normal world. As for where, I dont know."

Ye Mo frowned and thought that Daoist Xian told him it was at Wu Liang mountain. Why would he trick him? He didnt need to.

Seeing Ye Mo frown, Mo Kang said, "It is said that Wu Liang mountain is place hidden sects are gathered the most, and there are many powerful hidden sects there. Normal people cant get in at all. Even if they do, it would be very hard for them to come out again."

Ye Mo stood up. Although he didnt get much useful news, he still got some.

Seeing that Ye Mo was preparing to leave, Mo Kang quickly said, "I know youre someone powerful, and since you want to know about the hidden sects, it means you really want to go in. Do you know about the Spirit Sensing Rock?"

Ye Mo was dazed. Of course, he knew itit was the Space Abyssal Rock. It was because he got it that he could make a storage ring. However, also because his power was limited and there wasnt much Space Abyssal Rock that his ring only could store 3 cubic meters. But if he had enough Space Abyssal Rock and his power improved, he could refine it more and make a larger storage ring.

Hearing Mo Kang talk about Space Abyssal Rock, he was immediately interested.

Seeing that Ye Mo was interested in Space Abyssal Rock, Mo Kang revealed a smile of relief. "You treated my condition, so I dont feel its enough no matter how much money I give you. You know this stone is the best, and I know where it can be found."

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Indeed, this stone is very useful to me, please tell me."

Mo Kang, however, shook his head and said, "I dont know the exact location, but I know a map of where these things are, and I heard its in the Wu Liang Mountain. That year when I was at the Xia Family, I often secretly learned some techniques to defend myself since I was living at the bottom.

"Once, in a spacious training ground, I saw two young people. I still remember their conversation. That younger one told the older one that he found a place with lots of Spirit Sensing Stones and said that there were a lot of precious herbs. However, he said that he couldnt go in alone and needed to cooperate with him. He even took out a map.

"That older one immediately showed a joyful expression and agreed to the younger youths proposition. Just when the two were prepared to leave, the older one suddenly took out a dagger and stabbed into the younger ones waist. The younger one didnt expect he would be assassinated by his pal, and before he died, he pulled out a sword and stabbed the older one.

"After both of them died, I snuck away the map. Ive memorized the map. I will draw it for you, and there wont be a mistake." Mo Kang then signalled Ye Mo to get pen and paper.

Ye Mo could tell from Mo Kangs expression that he didnt lie, so he casually took out a pen and paper in front of Mo Kang.

"Hmm, where did you get this from? There isnt any folding marks at all?" Mo Kang looked at the paper in his hand and asked.

Ye Mo smiled and didnt talk.

Mo Kang immediately understood that he had his secrets and so did other people. As such, he didnt talk anymore and carefully drew out what he remembered.

Ye Mo looked at the map. It was in the middle of a cliff and did seem very hard to reach. However, if there were Space Abyssal Rocks at that place, Ye Mo would be able to find it with his spirit sense.

He carefully packed the map away and said, "Thank you very much, goodbye."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "Brother Mo, although I cured your condition but if what you say is true, then what Ive earned big. I dont need you to walk me out, but I still need to remind you. That Qiang Wei is Xia Rous sister right? I suggest you pretend youre unconscious until she leaves. Goodbye."

Mo Kang was dazed at Ye Mos back as he left while thinking what Ye Mos words meant? Why did he tell him to hide from Qiangwei? Was this thing related to Qiangwei?

Mo Kang found sudden enlightenment. Qiangwei was a woman from the hidden sects high above him, why would she send him out? Even if it was convenient for her, there was no way unless someone told her to?

Who could tell her to do that? Xia Rou? Or Zhang Fengzhi? Mo Kangs brains flashed as if he was about to grasp something but eventually missed that tiny piece. He suddenly felt Ye Mo was right. No matter what, he couldnt tell Qiangwei that he was awake.

If Xia Rou request Qiangwei to send him out, then she also knew that he couldnt be cured. Then why did she still get someone to send him out? If Zhang Fengzhi requested Qiangwei to do this, it meant that he had reached accordance with Xia Rou. That means, he must not reveal he had woken up.

Thinking about this, Mo Kang gradually understood. Although there were still many things he didnt understand, but one thing was certain, and that was Xia Rou quite possibly knew of his circumstance. That doctor obviously noticed it; he has such an intricate brain.

Seeing Ye Mo walk out, Mo Ping who was extremely worried. He rushed up and asked, "How is it, doctor? How is my uncle?"

Ye Mo saw that Mo Ping had real care in his eyes. He helpless shook his head and said, "The situation is a bit difficult. I cant wake him up now, but Ill go back and think of ways."

Hearing Ye Mos words, Mo Pings eyes were full of extreme disappointment. He immediately walked into the temple and didnt even mention about payment.

That woman also had a contemptuous look while sneering. "I thought you were very capable, it seems you are just garbage."

Ye Mo couldnt be bothered with her and turned to leave. If what Mo Kang said was true, then it meant that he had received more than enough payment.

"Stop," the woman suddenly called out to Ye Mo.
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