Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Small Girl

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"What else do you want?" Ye Mo turned around and looked at Qiang Wei. His spirit sense noticed that there was something different about Qiang Weis face, but he couldnt tell what exactly it was.

Qiang Wei saw Ye Mos plain face and was immediately angered. Her left leg suddenly kicked towards Ye Mo with lightning fast speed. It was obvious that she wanted to kick over Ye Mo and teach him a lesson.

Seeing that her leg was about to reach and Ye Mo didnt do anything. Qiang Wei felt relieved. It seemed that she overestimated this doctor. He didnt even time to react much less counter attack. She didnt know how Mo Pings people were so useless. Someone like this walked in, and they didnt even know.

But the next moment, her face froze. She felt a sudden excruciating pain. Her leg bone made cracking sounds. Not only did Ye Mo counter attack but without holding back.

If Qiang Wei wasnt so careless, she wouldnt have her leg broken by Ye Mo in one move. But now, she could only hatefully sit on the ground and watch Ye Mo leave.


Ye Mo was scared that his Silver Heart Grass would wither if he left it in his storage ring too long, so he wanted to rush back to Luo Cang and plant it.

After leaving Qing Shui Wan, Ye Mo thought about whether he should buy a ticket and go invisible and ride the plane. Then, a woman in her 40s carried a little girl that was about 5 or 6 and rushed over. There was also a 10 year old boy behind her. The woman seemed very distraught as if running away from something. When she saw Ye Mo, she quickly avoided him. she was probably being chased; these things happened too much everyday and Ye Mo didnt take note of it.

But soon, Ye Mo new why because a few men stopped in front of the woman. One of them, Ye Mo had seen before at the meeting last night. He was a bodyguard standing behind Jiao Bianyi.

These people stopped the woman and reached out to grab the little girl in her hands.

Ye Mo smiled and thought of how he should buy a plane ticket. He waved to that bodyguard and said, "Hey you, the one wearing the grey shirt, come here."

Only that bodyguard wearing the grey shirt was called. As for the surrounding people, they all shook their heads. This young man didnt want to live. That was a person from Western Sands. He dared to wave at them to come over.

As expected, the grey shirt turned around fiercely and looked. His lackeys had surrounded Ye Mo.

"Its you" the grey shirt just said two words and his face immediately changed. He quickly ran to Ye Mo and bowed. "Predecessor Mo, I didnt know it was you."

Ye Mo knew he would know him so he coldly said, "Help me buy a ticket to Beijing." He could only go to Beijing first before changing to Luo Cang.

Then, Ye Mo took out his identity and some money.

The grey shirt respectfully took the identity but rejected Ye Mos money. "Ill do it right away, I have a lot of money here, no need for yours, Predecessor. Im Lin Long, a subordinate of Western Sand, Master Jiao."

Ye Mo nodded and casually said, "I know youre Jiao Bianyis bodyguard and you dont need to call me Predecessor, Ill be waiting for you at that western restaurant there, make it quick."

The grey shirt respectfully said, "Yes Brother Mo, Ill be leaving first." Then, Lin Long quickly took his men and left, and didnt even dare to capture that middle-aged woman.

Not only was Lin Longs lackeys shocked, but even the way in which people looked at Ye Mo also changed. They thought that someone who could make people from Western Sand so scared must be worse. Soon, no one dared to look at Ye Mo and all left.

That woman saw the hoodlums had left her and didnt dare to stay here. She didnt even dare to thank Ye Mo and took the little girl and boy and ran.

Ye Mo scanned the woman. He made Lin Long buy a ticket for him since he didnt have a passport to buy a plane ticket, but at the same time, he also had the intention of helping the woman. He didnt know who was right and wrong. He didnt want to know anything, but he thought what good thing could Western Sand do.

Ye Mo walked into the western restaurant and sat down at a place next to the window. He ordered something and ate. Ye Mo believed that it was all too easy for these people to buy a plane ticket in Hong Kong. They should be very quick.

There wasnt much people at the restaurant now but when he ordered, more and more people came. Soon, this restaurant was filled.

Ye Mo ate as he thought about how long Lin Long would take to get his thing done. Then, he thought about that woman and the little girl. Ye Mo suddenly felt that little girl was familiar and he seemed to have seen them somewhere before. But then he shook his head, he pretty much would never forget someone he saw.

"Friend, sorry, Ive asked my girlfriend to eat here later. I want this position because it was the position I met her last time. Could you please make things convenient for me, thank you very much. This is a cheque to express my gratitude," a temperamental youth walked in front of youth and spoke with a very polite tone.

Ye Mo scanned the restaurant and frowned. This restaurant was full. If he gave this spot to this person, then he would have nowhere to sit. That wasnt the main thing; the main thing was he hasnt finished eating yet. Although this youth was polite, but Ye Mo didnt like it. Your girl friend is important, but so is my food and waiting for ticket.

"Since you want to invite your girlfriend, then you shouldve ordered a seat earlier. Cant you see Im eating here?" Ye Mo unhappily said.

This youths tone grew more polite, "Sorry, I didnt know I could invite her today. How about Ill give you some more, this meal is on me."

"Its no big deal giving it to you, but you need to wait after I finish. I should be done in about an hour." Ye Mo estimated that to be the time for Lin Long to buy him the ticket.

Hearing Ye Mos words, the youths face grew bitter. Normally, most people would give over the seat after he said that. Some polite people would even wish him good luck, but the person in front of him was too obstinate.

Seeing the youths desperate face, Ye Mo sighed and prepared to stand up and give him the seat. He was almost done anyways, it didnt matter if he stood outside waiting for Lin Long.

At this moment, the youths phone rang, he quickly picked up and said, "Quick, bring Ms. Bing here, at that Poland streets western cuisine. Yes, yes"

Ye Mo dazed, he finally remembered who that little girl was. He saw that girl in a picture at Yun Bings house. Was she Yun Bings child? But why was she at Hong Kong? He had never heard about Yun Bing talk about her past and never asked her about it. He didnt expect to see her daughter in Hong Kong. Now that he thought about it, she did seem quite similar to Yun Bing.

"Friend, move over please. My friend is almost here, how much money do you want, name your price." This youth finally lost his patience.

Ye Mos thought was interrupted once again and was very annoyed. He was prepared to give the seat over, but he was interrupted twice so he told the waiter, "Give me another steak."

"You" The youth was finally triggered.

He was being polite but didnt expect Ye Mo to be so rude.

"Ill say it once again, its not too late if you move aside now. I dont want to make things ugly." This youth no longer had that polite tone and threatened him.

Ye Mo was scared of threats the least. The Song family threatened him, and he killed three of their direct lineage. Nan Qing threatened him, and Qian Longtous body is now cold. Now, he met another person who threatened him.

"Piss off." Ye Mo was finally angry. This guy meant that it would be wrong of him if he didnt give over the seat.

"You Great, you have balls, I want to see how long that can last." The youth picked up the phone; it seemed he was going to call people over.

"Gu Yi, where do I sit?" before Ye Mo spoke, a swan like voice sounded.

The girl who came was in her 20s, and her brows were lightly adorned. Her long lashes were like two small brushes, and her skin was very white. However, what caught Ye Mos attention the most was her voice. It was a bit like Tan Feis, crisp and very pleasant.

"Ms. Bing, youre here. Well sit here, Ill make this person give over the seat for us. This is the place we met for the first time." The youth who was just about to rage at Ye Mo immediately smiled.

Seeing that the seat wasnt ready, Ms. Bing girl casually said, "Then well find another seat. I still have things later.

Hearing this, the youth was worried and walked in front of Ye Mo and was about to warn him once again. He didnt want to show his ugly side in front of Ms. Bing.
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