Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Ning Qingxue's Plight

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Although it was also a medium-sized family, the Ning Family of Beijing met its downfall after many years. With illness forcing the retirement of the old man Ning, the Ning Family had become shakier. At this moment, the atmosphere in the Ning Family was oppressive. Although it was a family meeting, there wasnt the slightest sense of joy or happiness.

Will Qingxue that girl still not change her mind? after remaining silent some time, a fifty-year-old or so man sitting at the top seat knocked the table and asked. He was the current head of the Ning Family, Ning Zhongze, and the eldest son of the old man Ning. He was also the governor of the Beijing River District.

With Beijing being such a huge international city, a district governor was already better received than some vice state governors from other states. But in a place like Beijing, a district governor wasnt anything. With the old man Ning retiring and him being also in his 50s, district governor would be the final destination of his career if nothing magical happened.

Big brother, its isnt up to her now. Third Brother currently managed our Ning Family Medical Material, and I think that he knows the current problem we are facing. Our original biggest supplier, the American Sika Company is being controlled by that business woman from the Song Family which is lethal to our Ning Family.

After father retired, I dont think our Ning Family could do anything in the political field anymore. If our commercial properties receive a big hit again, I think our Ning Family will be on the decline. Although Song Shaowen is promiscuous, his Song Family is still a big family. If we have a marriage alliance with them, not only will our business would see an immediate success, but big brother might also have the possibility to advance in his career, the middle-aged man sitting by Ning Zhongzes right-hand side spoke quickly with an excited tone.

Ning Zhongze sighed and waved his hand: Zhongwei, I understand what you mean. Although having a marriage alliance with the Song Family is definitely beneficial to our Ning Family, Song Shaowen cannot be relied upon Sigh, I think we should discuss this thing with Third Brother. After all, Qingxue is his daughter.

Big brother, I think Fourth Brother is right. At this time, weve reached the life and death moment of our Ning Family, and were only asking Qingxue to marry into the Song Family. Its nothing significant. I think Qingxue could understand, and so can Third Brother. Plus, Qingxue is taking care of the business in Beijing so she should know. Cant she see the big picture? The person who agreed was the second brother Ning Zhongshou sitting on the left.

Dad, Second Uncle, and Fourth Uncles words are all true. I think that although Shaowen is a bit promiscuous, which young person isnt these days? Usually, these types of people change after getting married. This is for Qingxues good as well. At least he is better than that paralyzed person in the Ye Family. Plus, Shaowen has had feelings for Qingxue for a long time. He wont mistreat her, seeing that both his uncles opinions were unanimous, Ning Zhongzes eldest son Ning Xili also confirmed.

Ning Zhongze remained silent for a while before raising his head and saying: Well do this, Ill talk to Zhongfei and Zhongshou, and Ill get Huili to work on Qingxue. There are not a lot of days remaining before the 1st of November. Try to do the wedding in October.

A youth sitting at the end opened his mouth, but seeing that the leader of the family had already spoken, he finally swallowed his words. He was the second son of Ning Zhongze, Ning Yang, and was the only one in the Ning Family that didnt agree with this hasty decision of marriage. So, as soon as the family meeting finished, Ning Yang went straight for Ning Qingxue.

Although after Ning Qingxues public words last time, people in the outside world had thought of her being restrained by the Ning Family, this was simply that Ning Qingxue didnt want to go out herself. Her personality was indifferent, and she didnt like going out. Ever since she was fired from her duties in the Ning Family Medical Materials, she spent most of her time at home. Other than her only best friend Li Mumei, she barely saw anyone.

Li Mumei was not only Ning Qingxues assistant in the Ning Family Medical Material but also her best friend and her cousin. If there was anyone in the Ning Family that Ning Qingxue could still get along with, it was her cousin Ning Yang. However, Ning Yang had a lot of things on his mind and hardly came to see her. But today, Ning Yang came over, and this gave Ning Qingxue a bad feeling.

Brother Yang, long time no see! Li Mumei saw Ning Yang and immediately greeted. She and Ning Qingxue were talking about something. Ning Yangs face looked awful, but he didnt avoid the topic.

Qingxue, your life is in your hands. I think if you can go abroad, I can help you. The future of a family is not to be earned through a woman. The primary purpose of Ning Yang coming here was to help Ning Qingxue escape because he was the only one who knew what sort of a person Song Shaowen was.

After hearing Ning Yangs words, Ning Qingxues face immediately became pale. No matter what she said publicly, she still couldnt escape the fate of being sold by her family.

Qingxue Li Mumei called out worriedly. The room settled into an uncomfortable silence. Ning Yang knew that it would be tough even if he tried sending his cousin abroad. Plus, what use would it be leaving the country? She would ultimately be reeled back in by the family.

Cousin, dont worry, Ill help you arrange it first in case were out of time. Mumei, Qingxue is going to need your help, Ning Yang stood up and left hurriedly. If Ning Qingxue wanted to go abroad, this had to be done as soon as possible. If his uncles learned about it, they would not let her go out.

Seeing Ning Qingxues wooden face, Li Mumei felt great sympathy for her. She and Qingxue were best friends; it was just because she was too beautiful that she didnt have freedom. Who didnt know what sort of person Song Shaowen was in the Beijing circle? He was juggling public affairs with multiple women and was photographed countless times doing so. If it werent for the Song Familys power and their authority in disguising such shameful truth, probably the whole world would have known already.

This person also had a disgusting taste. He liked to give the girls he was bored of playing with to other people. There were countless girls in Beijing that he ruined. Once, there was a girl who was on a path to become a superstar who resisted Song Shaowen; she had both of her legs broken and was thrown into a brothel. Eventually, the girl was forced to suicide. So in the Beijing circle, he was called the Demon.

Qingxue, I may have a solution, but it would ruin your reputation and render you no longer desirable for such an awful hand in marriage as Li Mumei spoke, she also seemed to realize that her idea wasnt really good and started to stutter.

What is it? Do tell! Ning Qingxue stared at Li Mumei. No matter what idea it was, as long as she could get rid of Song Shaowen, she was willing to do it.

Li Mumei sighed and said: That is, to use your shield again. Youve said publicly that youre Ye Mos woman already. Although everyone knows that this is your excuse, but if something really did happen between you and Ye Mo, then

Seeing Ning Qingxue look at her in shock, Li Mumei knew she misunderstood and hurried to say: When I said something to happen between you two I didnt mean it that way. You also know he is naturally that his... he cant do anything to you anyway. However, if you suddenly married him and lived with him together, and occasionally let a journalist take a picture of you and him on the same bed, then the Song Family will refuse to take you in.

Ning Qingxues eyes suddenly brightened up but remained silent.

Li Mumei had been with her the longest, so she knew her intentions. Li Mumei said once again: That Ye Mo is a typical son of the rich and he loves his face. Apparently, after you broke the marriage, he still wanted a girl in his class to be his girlfriend to cover his natural

But do you know how that girl replied to him? She asked him Young Master Ye, would you be able to get it on in bed with me? It was even said that Ye Mo fainted due to anger on the spot because he didnt think that his classmate who was originally so respectful towards him would suddenly treat him like that. This person is probably dumb and still hasnt come to the fact that he was kicked out of the Ye Family. Besides, he must be subsisting on a tight budget. I have already asked someone to give him the 20 grand last time, and apparently, he accepted it without protest. If you give him some tens of thousand dollars again, he would definitely do something that gives him face and money to spend.

Ning Qingxue sighed: I dont really care about my reputation. It is long gone. Its just would the Song Family take their revenge on him?
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