Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Nie Shuangshuang

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"Punk, I havent been able to find you, but I finally met you here today. Bad luck," the person speaking seemed to be very angry as though he had caught a long time enemy.

Ye Mo recognised who it was. It was Qing Xun from Hua University. It seemed that he resented him quite a bit, and probably thought of him as a love enemy.

"Brother Xun, who is this punk?" a youth from behind Qing Xun walked up. His hair was dyed yellow and had a girl that was younger than 20 in his arms.

Qing Xun didnt turn around and casually said, "This is the guy that tricked away Yangqing. Didnt think I would meet him here. Chi Bing, call up a few people. Im going to beat him until his dad doesnt even recognize him."

"But Brother Xun, what about Yangqing?" the yellow haired youth casually asked.

Qing Xun subconsciously looked at the bar ahead and said, "Next time then, since I have one chance, Ill have another. But since we met him today, we cant let him escape."

Ye Mo sneered and couldnt even be bothered paying attention to Qing Xun. He carried Tingting and walked towards the bar.

"You want to die." Qing Xun saw Ye Mo acting so arrogant, ignoring him and just walking away, causing him to immediately get triggered.

He raised his hand and grabbed towards Ye Mo, wanting to subjugate him. Although he couldnt fight on the streets, he couldnt let Ye Mo get away.

"Qing Xun, what are you doing?" As soon as Zhuo Yangqing and another girl walked to the door of the bar, she saw Qing Xun grab towards Ye Mo. The moment she saw Ye Mo, she felt really happy to be able to see him again.

That day after Ye Mo left, she had called him countless times but wasnt able to reach him. she even thought Ye Mo was lying, but her cousin Zhuo Huatang indeed recovered.

Just as soon as Qing Xun heard Zhuo Yangqings words, he felt this huge power kick into his chest. He was kicked flying a few meters away crashing into a bin.

Chi Bing also looked at Ye Mo in shock even forgetting to help Qing Xun up. He didnt expect Ye Mo to be so strong. He clearly knew that even if he called up people, what could they do to him?

"Hurry up and piss off, do you want me to kick you again?" Ye Mo yelled at the yellow haired guy. Chi Bing reacted and quickly ran to Qing Xun; as he left, he added, "You dare attack Qing Xun, youre goner."

At this moment, Zhuo Yangqing had rushed in front of Ye Mo. She also saw Ye Mos kick and yelled out in shock.

Ye Mo noticed the girl beside Zhuo Yangqing. She was as good looking as Zhuo Yangqing; the delicate expression in her eyes made her seem more attractive than Zhuo Yangqing. Her eyes were big and seemed very innocent. At least, nothing unlikeable could be seen from the surface. People couldnt help to like her just looking at her innocent and delicate look.

Zhuo Yangqing had reacted; she didnt expect Ye Mo to be so strong. It seemed he was not only a master of medicine, but also in martial arts. This made Zhuo Yangqing excited as she charged up grabbing Ye Mo and saying, "Doctor Ye, I didnt think you were so strong, Qing Xun is a member of our schools martial arts association."

But soon, she found that Ye Mos attention was on the girl who came with her; she pouted and said, "Hey uncle, dont look at her with eyes like wolves please. She is the prettiest girl in our school, dont even think about it, dont forget youre a big uncle."

Zhuo Yangqing immediately changed Ye Mos title from doctor to uncle. She was rather unsatisfied. She came up to greet Ye Mo, but he treated her like air.

Hearing Zhuo Yangqings words, the girl called Shuangshuang walked up and shyly said, "Hello senior student, Im Yangqings classmate, Nie Shuangshuang."

Ye Mo suddenly felt a little cold; he couldnt tell why he felt that way. His spirit sense noticed that when Nie Shuangshuang looked at his kick, there was a ray of astute. She wasnt as shy as she acted at all. There was this sense from her that made him feel cold. Ye Mos sense were right because he had spirit sense.

This Nie Shuangshuang wasnt simple, even a bit eerie.

"Youre Nie Shuangshuang? Do you live in Beijing?" Ye Mos questions made Zhuo Yangqing more unhappy. It seemed that Ye Mo was really taking an interest into Nie Shuangshuang. He had never asked who she was the first time he saw her. Nie Shuangshuang lowered her head in worry. Although she was sure Ye Mo couldnt see, she didnt know Ye Mo had spirit sense and her expression was caught completely by Ye Mo.

Zhuo Yangqing spoke at this moment, "Uncle Ye Mo, stop asking, Shuangshuang is living at her aunties house and she doesnt really like to talk. If you want to ask something, just ask me. But dont chase Shuangshuang, as for why, dont ask. Shuangshuang is a person with misfortune. And, shes scared of talking to guys."

Ye Mo nodded. Although he didnt know Nie Shuangshuang, but he knew she was completely wrong. His spirit sense found a rather strong sense of the other sex. This woman was not only not a shy girl, but instead a very lustful girl.

He didnt know why Zhuo Yangqing would stay with a girl like that, but Ye Mo knew it wasnt something he could manage. As long as it didnt harm her, he wouldnt care.

But at this moment, Shuangshuang secretly studied Ye Mo and her eyes happened to be caught by Ye Mo. Her face blushed more.

Of course, Zhuo Yanqing also saw Nie Shuangshuangs glance and felt annoyed. These two were mutually attracted and ignored her as though she was air. Was she that ugly?

Ye Mo had decided to ask his sister about her. If his sister knew about her, she would tell his sister to stay away from her. This woman wasnt easy to mess with.

He wanted to remind Zhuo Yangqing, but he resisted the urge after seeing Zhuo Yangqings face. He casually said, "I have some business at the bar, you guys have fun."

"Wait, we also want to go to the bar. Its rare that Shuangshuang want to come out for a drink, so Ill be going with her," Zhuo Yangqing immediately said.

Then, she looked at Tingting in Ye Mos arms and asked, "Brother Ye, this girl is so cute, who is she?"

Ye Mo wanted to cry and laugh; in the short brief moment, Zhuo Yangqing called him with 3 different things.

He remembered what Chi Bing said. Chi Bing and Qing Xun obviously knew Zhuo Yangqing was coming to this bar. How did they know?"

Thinking about this, Ye Mo casually asked, "Qing er, your uncle is my frined and youre still studying at school. Its not a good thing coming to the bar, especially this far from your school."

"Pfft, uncle, Brother Ye, how much older are you than me. Stop talking to me like that. Shuangshuang wanted to come out for a drink today not me. She said she liked here, so we came." Zhuo Yangqing nonchalantly said. Then, she immediately said, "The recipe you gave us last time, my aunt has prepared it, can you go back with me today?"

Nie Shuangshuang pulled Zhuo Yangqings clothes, wanting her to stop talking. However, Zhuo Yangqing still said, "What are you scared of? Were all adults, just coming out for a drink."

Ye Mo looked again at Nie Shuangshuang thinking that it was indeed because of her. It seemed that Zhuo Yangqing was being sold and still counted money for her. This girl was too dumb, and this Nie Shuangshuang was too insidious.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said, "In that case, lets go drink together, on me."

The reason he wanted to help Zhuo Yangqing was due to Zhuo Aiguo. Zhuo AIguo was a good person, and he seemed to look after Zhuo Yangqing quite a lot.

"But Yangqing, sorry, I think Brother Ye is right, so I wont go," Nie Shuangshuang spoke and secretly looked at Ye Mo. Her eyes were blossoming more red, rendering the sense of an innocent girl.

"Shuangshuang, youre so pretty, no wonder Uncle Ye is interested in you." Even Zhuo Yangqing could see Nie Shuangshuangs beauty.

"Yangqing, dont talk like that, Im going back. You must have some business with Brother Ye, I wont disturb you guys, Ill be going first." Suddenly, Nie Shuangshuang looked at Ye Mo again before suddenly taking out a small pink paper from her pocket and giving it to Ye Mo. "Brother Ye, this is my number."

Her voice was very soft; she didnt even say goodbye to Zhuo Yangqing and ran off. Her face still seemed flushed with embarrassment.

Ye Mo looked at the paper and shook his head thinking that if it was a normal person, perhaps he would call her at night. However, she found the wrong person.

Zhuo Yangqing said in a strange tone, "Shuangshuang, this girl, is being anthomaniac today. Ive never seen her give her phone number to someone else without being asked."

Ye Mo sneered, never seen it? If she never did, would she make her phone number into such an exquisite card and put it in her pockets. It was obvious it was prepared.
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