Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Warning

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"Um, Brother Ye, dont tell me youre in love with Shuangshuang?" Zhuo Yangqing asked after seeing Shuangshuang was long gone.

Ye Mo frowned but didnt talk. He was thinking who Nie Shuangshuang was and what was her purpose in Hua Uni? If her sister wasnt there, it wouldnt matter so much but she was. It was very dangerous to have someone like that in Hua Uni.

"What? If you like her then you do. Its not like Im going to tell everyone. Perhaps I can even help you. Why arent you answering me, seriously," Zhuo Yangqing said bitterly.

Ye Mo sneered. "If I really was to love one of you two, I would rather love you than to love that Nie Shuangshuang."

"Really? Brother Ye, you really love me? This is fabulous; although I dont love you too much, but I can tell my third uncle that you love me. You dont know how much my third uncle admires you. Once he knows you love me, I wonder how hes going to suck up to me?" Zhuo Yangqing was suddenly happy and held Ye Mos hand talking non stop.

Ye Mo twisted his hand and grabbed Zhuo Yangqings wrist instead, shooting his chi inside her body. There was indeed a frosty qi. It was obviously by Nie Shuangshuang; that woman was bisexual.

Zhuo Yangqing screamed after having her wrist grabbed by Ye Mo. She could hold Ye Mos hand, but Ye Mo couldnt hold hers. She wanted to escape from it and quickly said, "Uncle Ye, dont tell me youre serious. Even if you like me, it cant be that fast. I never said I liked you, hurry up and let me go"

"Shut up, you really think high of yourself," Ye Mo reproached. He felt speechless. He used his spirit chi to dispel the frigid qi before releasing her hand.

Zhuo Yangqing was still struggling before and was immediately scared to a halt by Ye Mos yell. She just realized she was quite afraid of Ye Mo.

She finally felt relieved after Ye Mo let go of her hand and didnt do anything. But she immediately said surprisingly, "Hmm, how come I feel a lot more comfortable? Brother Ye, grab me more."

Then, Zhuo Yangqing reached her out wrist.

Ye Mo rolled his eyes and said, "Take back your cat claws, Im not interested, stop thinking that youre too perfect."

"You" Zhuo Yangqing felt wronged. He wanted it before, but now, he didnt want it when she gave it to her. However, it was indeed true she was a lot more comfortable after being grabbed by him.

Ye Mo looked at Tingting in his arms. She had fallen asleep on his shoulder. He then turned to Zhuo Yangqing and said, "Go back, I have some business at the bar. But one thing I need to remind you. You can take it as a warning."

"What thing? Uncle Ye, just say it," Zhuo Yangqing immediately said.

"Dont change the way you call me around, it annoys me. But that isnt the main thing. The main thing is, dont get close with Nie Shuangshuang, its bad for you. Whether or not you listen is up to you." Then, Ye Mo turned and left.

Zhuo Yangqing was dazed for a long time before frowning. Why did he remind her not to get close with Nie Shuangshuang? Shuangshuang was not an arrogant person, in fact, she was the prettiest girl in the uni and was also empathetic.

She couldnt understand why. She wanted to stop Ye Mo and ask, but she didnt need to. Ye Mo was already stopped.

Two cops had stopped Ye Mos way. Zhuo Yangqing looked at Qing Xun who was not far and knew it was his fault.

"Take out your identity, you were fighting in the streets, we need you to come with us to the police department," the taller police stopped Ye Mo and said.

Of course, Ye Mo also saw Qing Xun. He sneered and knew they were in the same group or perhaps even Qing Xuns lackey.

If it was when he was studying at Ning Hai, he would have no choice but to go with them. But now, he just sneered. "Piss off."

Just when Zhuo Yangqing wanted to help Ye Mo say something, she heard Ye Mo tell the police to piss off. She was worried. Why didnt this guy know to change? He didnt know how to stay calm at all. Even if I can get you out later, theres no avoiding going in the retention center. Zhuo Yangqing sighed and took out her phone preparing to call her third uncle.

As soon as Ye Mo said piss off, the faces of the two policemen changed. The shorter one pointed and Tingting and Zhuo Yangqing and said, "We suspect you in child trafficking. Now, were taking you to the police department for investigation. If you have any questions, you can appeal later."

Zhuo Yangqing heard the words of the two police and immediately charged up, yelling, "Youre bullsh*tting, where do you see Im underage? Im telling you now, Im trafficking young pretty boys, apprehend me too." Then, Zhuo Yangqing raised her not small chests and shafted Ye Mos arms obviously meaning what are you going to do? Forgetting completely she just thought to tell Ye Mo to stay calm.

Qing Xun from afar was furious. Not only was he hit, but he also saw the person he liked shaft Ye Mos arm. Ye Mo wasnt surprised Zhuo Yangqing did that. It wasnt the first time she did.

The two cops were shocked by Zhuo Yangqings words, but the taller police reacted and immediately said, "It could be sex trade, take them both back."

Zhuo Yangqings face changed and was taking out her phone to call.

However, Ye Mo raised his arm and stopped her. He just took out a small blue book and opened it in front of the taller police and said, "Ill count to 3, if you dont piss off, then prepare to eat prison food."

The two policemen immediately saw the red stamp, special ops force Flying Snow Head Instructor, China Special Forces Bureau. They were so scared that they sweated immediately.

Perhaps they didnt dare to start trouble with the sweeping lady of the special forces, much less the head instructor of Flying Snow. Other people didnt know how strong this position was, but the cops knew all too well. And that stamp had an obvious weak glow to it, meaning its authentic. This couldnt be faked now.

Before Ye Mo even counted one, the two policemen already quickly said multiple apologies and ran. They didnt even dare to go to Qing Xun.

"Brother Ye, what did you show them? Why is it so effective? Can you get me one too?" Zhuo Yangqing knew she was being dumb as soon as she finished asking. That was obviously an identity document. What document could make the cops scared? Must be powerful military ones.

Ye Mos mouth spasmed and said, "You can ask your third uncle."

Zhuo Yangqing knew that Ye Mo was playing a joke on her and unhappily said, "Why did you tell me to stay away from Nie Shuangshuang just then?"

Ye Mo sneered. "Even if Nie Shuangshuang wanted to drink, was there not one nearby the school? Why did she have to come to this one? Since she did, why did Qing Xun know? Why did he also appear here? This is too coincidental isnt it?"

"Youre saying." Zhuo Yangqing immediately understood. Nie Shuangshuang listened to Qing Xun to trick her over. Was she actually just putting on an act?

"Ill ask Qing Xun." When Zhuo Yangqing turned around, Qing Xun was nowhere to be seen.

"I didnt think she was this sort of person, Ive judged her wrong. This Qing Xun isnt a good thing either," Zhuo Yangqing said hatefully.

Ye Mo didnt tell her the eeriness about Nie Shuangshuang. That was no good for her. However, he still had to remind her and said, "Dont come in contact with her, its no good for you."

"So what if I come in contact with her, I want revenge. Plus, arent you planning on getting close to her. Otherwise, why did you take her name card? This little fox demon." It was obvious Zhuo Yangqing wouldnt be able to let it go without getting back at Nie Shuangshuang. Moreover, this Nie Shuangshuang also became a fox demon. She forgot that not long ago, she said Nie Shuangshuang was pitiful in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo sneered and said, "Do you feel shes usually very timid and innocent? Would an innocent, shy person always have these name cards with flirty smells?"

Then, Ye Mo took out that pink name card before continuing, "Its up to you whether you believe it. You can also think of it as me bullsh*tting."

Zhuo Yangqing wasnt a stupid girl. Although she couldnt completely analyze things sometimes, it didnt mean she knew nothing. From the series of things that happened today and then reflecting back to what usually happens, Zhuo Yangqing immediately understood that what Ye Mo said might possibly be true.

She suddenly thought of Ye Mo grabbing her wrist and releasing it, then the change in her body. Was this related to Nie Shuangshuang? Just when Zhuo Yangqing wanted to Ye Mo about it, Ye Mos face suddenly changed as he rushed into the bar.
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