Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 183

Chapter 183: I Want to Hit the Ye Family

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Ye Mo saw that Yun Bing suddenly rushed towards the man she followed like crazy and was about to throw a bottle on him. But immediately, she was suppressed by the two people beside her and was dragged inside the bar.

Ye Mo went in and kicked those two men away without hesitation and pulled Yun Bing over.

Yun Bing with messy hair saw that the person pulling her was Ye Mo and couldnt help to run into his arms and weep. Zhuo Yangqing came in and saw Yun Bing and then looked at Ye Mo. She felt this was complicated and just stood behind Ye Mo saying nothing.

Feng Rong stood up and looked coldly at Ye Mo. There was a youth beside him who sat still and didnt even look at Ye Mo as though Ye Mo was someone about to die.

The two men struggled a long time before getting up and was about to attack again when the youth sitting still waved his hand. "Were civilized people, better to let the police deal with these maggots. Tell the police to not let this bastard come out again."

Without the youths reminder, the people from the bar had called the police. They could tell that although Ye Mo was by himself, he still had the advantage. The four people together on Feng Rongs side was no match for him.

Yun Bing had calmed down now and got up from Ye Mos arms while sobbing. Zhuo Yangqing passed some tissue to Yun Bing.

"Whats the matter?" Ye Mo asked casually.

Yun Bing pointed at Feng Rong and hatefully said, "This animal, years ago, plotted against me, and now, he want to help someone harm me for the second time."

Ye Mo frowned. Although Yun Bing didnt say exactly what he did, he still understood that this Feng Rong was her original boyfriend. Not only did he not protect her, but he sold her instead.

Ye Mo looked at Yun Bing unhappily, thinking that it was lucky that the second time didnt succeed. If it did, it was still her fault.

As though seeing Ye Mos unhappy eyes, Yun Bing lowered her head thinking even if she didnt hear this today, she wouldnt be harmed by him a second time.

She wasnt an idiot. She was fully disappointed with Feng Rong much less when she couldnt stop thinking about Ye Mo now. What thing could make him unable to be reached for 8 years in America? Why did he happen to leave as soon as it happened to her?

The police car sounded and the two nearby policemen had came. From the speed they came, it could be seen that the reporters status wasnt low.

"Take this person away, he committed a heavy crime. I will call and provide evidence later," the way that the youth ordered made people feel as though the two police were his servants.

The two policemen raised their head and saw Ye Mo. They froze thinking not good. The person they feared seeing the most was this person, why did these people have to mess with him?

"Why arent you moving?" the youth saw the two policemen just stood still and said unhappily.

Yun Bing handed Tingting to Yun Bing and walked up in front of the youth. He grabbed his neck and held him up and gave him a few slaps on the face before kicking him besides the two men earlier.

The youths mouth was full of blood and he spat out a few teeth. He was paralyzed on the ground wanting to talk but unable to.

"You" Feng Rong looked at Ye Mo in terror. He didnt expect Ye Mo to be this ferocious, daring to attack him like that in front of police. What made him unable to understand was why did the police come and just watch him get hit but not do anything?

However, Ye Mo didnt teach Feng Rong a lesson and just patted on his shoulder a few times. "Remember to not go anywhere tomorrow, better to eat more today. Piss off."

Feng Rong didnt know that he was death sentenced by Ye Mo since his heart meridian had been sealed by latter. He thought Ye Mo let him go due to Yun Bing. Thinking about the man on the ground, he yelled cockily.

"You dare to attack Ye Lian"

Hearing Feng Rongs words, Ye Mo was surprised. He looked at the youth on the ground and asked, "Youre from the Ye Family?"

"Thats right, you scared?" Feng Rong sneered immediately but before he finished, he found his face was spitting out the same amount of blood and teeth as Ye Ling. He now understood that if Ye Mo wanted to beat him up, he would.

Ye Mo originally wanted him to have a calmer life before death, but this Feng Rong pissed him off.

Ye Lian saw Ye Mo walk over and wiped the blood from his face using an unclear tone. "Bastard, you dare to attack me"

However, Ye Mo stood on his face once again and said, "I want to hit the Ye Family people. You tell me if I dare to hit you? Last time, I went up and smashed the Ye Family big gate, I didnt see you. You are probably only a small insect of the Ye Family."

Ye Lian looked at Ye Mo in terror. He finally understood that this youth was that ancestor of the Ye FamilyYe Mo.

He didnt dare to be cocky anymore. Even the leader Ye Beirong didnt dare to say anything when Ye Mo smashed his way in, much less him from a branch lineage. He could only shake and hate himself for not recognizing this was Ye MO.

When he saw Ye Mo raise his foot again after breaking the legs of his two lackeys, he was so scared he quickly said, "Brother Ye, this isnt my fault. Feng Rong, that animal, said Yun Bing was by herself and told me to make a move. I listened him and thats why I planned to Arghhhhhh"

Before Ye Lian finished, Ye Mo still stepped down.

Ye Mo turned to the two policemen and said, "Did you hear their verdict?"

"Yes, we heard it." The two policemen bowed.

"Oh, in that case, take these scums away. You dont need to notfify me. Contributing to social stability is what I should be doing," Ye Mo blandly said.

Hearing these words, Zhuo Yangqing couldnt help bursting into laughter.

Ye Mo acted as though he didnt hear it as he turned to the two policemen and said, "I suspect this bar is problematic, notify your leader, they must investigate this. Hand the result to Flying Eagle Li Hu and tell him to notify me. If you cant find anything, then dont blame me then. Same if you use a few small fries as scape goats."

Ye Mo wouldnt believe this bar wasnt problematic when Nie Shuangshuang chose to drink here.

"Sorry, I caused trouble for you again," Yun Bing said apologetically.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Its not a problem if Im here. If Im not, then that would be a problem, so"

Although Ye Mo didnt finish his words, Yun Bing understood what he meant. She should not be so impulsive in the future. Feng Rong destroyed her life and that made her unable to control herself. However, this was just once. There wouldnt be anything that would make her so emotional again. To her, her past was dead, and there was no point in remembering it.

"Lets go eat," Ye Mo saw Yun Bing was unhappy and said casually.

Although Zhuo Yangqing didnt know what was going on, she could understand part of the situation and quickly said, "Brother Ye, you and this sister can come to my house to eat, and"

It seem she didnt forget about checking up on her grandpa.

Ye Mo agreed.

Seeing this, Zhuo Yangqing quickly called her third uncle and her small aunt. Immediately, everyone in the Zhuo Family started moving. The Zhuo Family had been so hopeful of Ye Mos coming.

Zhuo Youshans coral poison was too easy for Ye Mo now; in less than half an hour it was all gone.

The Zhuo Family was very polite to Yun Bing due to Ye Mo, even more than Ye Mo. From Zhuo Youshans perspective, Ye Mo was an excellent stock. If Yun Bing was his woman, it would be more effective to treat her nice.

Just when Ye Mo was prepared to leave, the news reported the matter between Ou Tanye and Ou Chen. Ye Mo nodded thinking this Elder Han was really fast. It had only been a day and they were done. These old people probably had the intention already and used him as the leading bird.

But despite knowing he was used by them, he would still kill Ou Tanhu.

"The Ou Family is done." Zhuo Youshan looked at the TV and sighed.

He continued, "The Ou Family was too cocky. Theyve harmed a lot of people in recent years much less what happened 20 years ago."

Yun Bing looked at Ye Mo in shock. She didnt expect Ye Mo meant this when he said the Ou Family wouldnt look for trouble with her. Just how much power did he have?

Ye Mo smiled to Yun Bing and nodded. Yun Bing immediately felt warm at heart. Even if he wasnt her man, it was still her luck to be able to know someone as magical as him. Thinking that she wouldnt have to live a life of terror, she suddenly felt optimistic.
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