Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Luo Ying

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Wu Liang Mountain was called Meng Le Mountain before. It had an area of a few thousand acres.

The Qing dynasty poet Da Jiazheng wrote a poem here.

Everyone knew that Dai Jiazheng was a famous poet during the times of Dao Guang Emperor. People rarely knew that he also had a brother Dai Jiahui. Around 1816, they met someone from Dian Cang of the hidden sects here and were taken in due to their talent.

Dai Jiazhen wanted to be a scholar and rejected to stay but Dai Jiahui stayed. They were scared that if they left at the same time, the hidden sect people would kill their family.

After Dai Jiazheng came out, he participated in the national test. He was 24 that year and was sent to Hu Nan Province as the governor but still had no news of Dai Jiahui. He missed his brother and so he came to Wu Liang mountain and wrote the poem.

His poem meant that inside the Wu Liang Mountain, the area was actually very large and high up in the clouds. Its vastness was so great that one couldnt see it with bare eyes.

Now, Wu Liang Mountain was a national environmental protection site. It hid countless unknown scenery as well as countless unknown places.

At this moment, at a place where normal people couldnt reach in the Wu Liang Mountains, there was a large area of houses. The place looked ancient. Outside these houses, there was a curved path reaching to the bottom of the mountain. Looking from the bottom, these houses were like an immortal realm hidden in the clouds.

In front of the houses was a big tower with the an enourmous character of Serenity. This was the hidden sect Serenity.

There was a distant room, and in it, Luo Susu sat there dazed while thinking about something. She had returned to the hidden sects for a month of two. Originally, she thought it would only take a few days to forget that man, but it had been two months now, and she still couldnt calm down to cultivate her Serene Heart Manual.

Once she closed her eyes, Ye Mo would appear in front of her. Those scenes that she couldnt hide away showed up again and again.

He almost died due to thirst but still gave the water bag to her. He knew it was the desert and how important water was for people. What sort of magical man was he?

Even though he was almost eaten by those insects, he still didnt want to leave her behind; instead, he carried her and continued running. What sort of an emotional man was he?

He searched around for water everywhere to save her while his lips were cracked dry. Then, he cut open his own wrist to feed her blood until he went unconscious.However, that was the first time she met him, and as for her, she just gave him some water at most.

And, the pool he gave her. That was the best birthday present she got in her entire life. This present was given to her in the desert. Who could give such a present in the desert? What sort of a person was he?

Luo Susu thought about Ye Mos lipsthat moment when she kissed himhis lips were very cold but warm at the same time. Now that she thought about, she felt lost in the thought.

I will forget about him, I must

Luo Susu cultivated her Serene Heart Manual but before she could even complete a circle, she spat out another mouthful of blood. This was already the 6th time it happened.

"Susu, our sects cultivation forbids joy, worry, anger, emotions, hurt"

The words of her master echoed in her ears, but she still went against it all. If her master was still here, she could ask her but she wasnt.

She didnt know if he was doing well, did he finish his things? Luo Susus thoughts went to Ye Mo again.

What was happening to her? Why did she always think about him? It seemed that in her memory, she and Ye Mo knew each other a long time ago. However, no matter how she searched her memory, there were only those in the desert. Perhaps she knew him from her past life.

Luo Susus door suddenly opened and a nun looking woman walked in. This nun was called Jing Xi, her masters Shi Di. Although she was in her 40s, she looked like a young woman who hasnt even reached her 30s. Not only was her skin smooth, her eyes and brows were clearly defined. Her lips had this sexy rudiness to it. Looking meticulously, she was an oddly beautiful woman.

The most noticeable feature about her was her sharp nose. If her eyes and hair wasnt black, she would look western.

"Shi Shu," [1] Luo Susu stood up and called.

The nun looked at Luo Susu and frowned: "Susu, you are no longer suited to cultivating at Serenity. You just went to the mortal world once, and you were enticed by it, losing your Dao Heart. But you are from the hidden sect, and you must not be let into the mortal world again.

"Shi Shu." Luo Susu said worriedly. She knew this Shi Shu didnt like her; she didnt know why, but it should be related to her master. There must be some punishment the way her Shi Shu was talking.

The nun shook her head and said, "Susu, even if you cant cultivate our way, you dont have to go back to the normal world"

Before Luo Susu could feel relieved, the nun continued, "The young master of Dian Cang is only 30 years of age but he is tertiary stage of yellow level. His future is boundless. Plus, Dian Cangs martial arts are good for you. Our sects have always had good relations, and were not far from each other. If you marry into Dian Cang"

"No" Luo Susus face went pale. No matter what, she wouldnt marry someone. As for why, she had this rejection in her heart.

This nuns face sunk and was about to talk once again when another voice said. "Jing Xi Shi Mei, if Susu doesnt want it, then dont force her. Although we have fallen, were not at the stage to rely on marriage to survive."

"Yes, Shi Jie." However, Jing Xi obviously didnt seem very respectful to her.

Luo Susu went up and greeted, "Luo Susu greets sect leader."

"Mhm." The nun nodded and said after a while, "Susu, you do have a big problem after coming back. Your heart can no longer calm down like before"

Then, the nun started to think what to do with Luo Susu.

"Leader Shi Bo, I wish to ask for one more thing. Because I went out this time and some things occurred, if I cant completely resolve these things, it may be very hard for me to calm my heart to cultivate again. So I plead leader to allow me to go out again." Luo Susu had this sudden urge to see Ye Mo again. She wanted to ask if Ye Mo had seen her before and had some memory of her before.

"No," Jing Xi interrupted, "Jing Xian Shi Jie, Susu yearns for the mortal world. If we let her back in, perhaps something would happen, and it would be our sect that is embarrassed."

Luo Susu was shaking with anger due to these words but didnt dare to object.

However, Jing Xian nodded and said, "Then what do you think should happen?"

Jing Xi didnt even look at Luo Susu and just said: "In my opinion, it was already against the rules that Luo Susu went out last time. After she came back, she couldnt cultivate. I think we should send her to the cold room for 3 years."

Luo Susu was shaken. Cold room for 3 years. That was like a death sentence. With her only yellow level intermediate stage power, it was death if she went in there. Her master died 3 months after being closed in the cold room for 2 years. Her master was also sent to that cold room due to this Shi Shu. Now, she didnt expect she would be walking the same path due to her.

Jing Xian glanced at Jing Xi and sighed. "Susu, you might as well go to Dian Cang."

Luo Susu shook her head and said, "Leader Shi Bo, I will go to the cold room."

"Hmph, unworthy thing." Jing Xi didnt even say goodbye to Jing Xian and just left.

"Sigh" Jing Xian looked at Luo Susu and left. Although she knew that Jing Xi wanted to take revenge on Luo Susus master, but she couldnt say anything.

"Leader Shi Bo, I want to change my name," Luo Susu suddenly called to the leaving Jing Xian.

Jing Xian turned around and looked at Luo Susu with guilt. "Susu, tell me, I will change it for you in the sect. I can do that at least."

She also knew that if Luo Susu went to the cold room, there would be no coming back. However, she didnt dare to stop Jing Xis decision. She just felt guilty to Luo Susus master and her.

Luo Susu wasnt dumb. Jing Xian was the leader but was succumbed to Jing Xi. If there wasnt something that Jing Xi had a grasp of, she definitely wouldnt believe it.

"Shi Bo, I want to change my name to Luo Ying. I found that I often call myself Luo Ying in my dreams," Luo Susu said. She was worried for her Shi Bo.

Jing Xian looked once at Luo Susu and nodded. She took out a jade necklace from her sleeves and gave it to Luo Susu and said, "Susu, from now on, you are Luo Ying. This necklace was sent over by a friend from the Luo Cang magical artefact social. This is a real magical artefact, its yours now. Good luck, Im going."

[1] TL note: Shi Shu: referring to anyone in the same sect who is in the same generation as your master but younger than him.

Shi Bo- same as Shi Shu but referring to older than your master.
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