Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Relax

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Luo Cang.

Ning Qingxue didnt expect to get Su Jingwens call. Her first reaction was that was Su JIngwen going to ask her for those 3 beads?

She didnt know why, but she was very scared that Su Jingwen would ask her about these 3 beads. If she really wanted them, she could only give it back.

"Qingxue, are you with Ye Mo right now? I want to talk to him for a bit." Su JIngwens voice sounded careful as though scared that Ning Qingxue would misunderstand something.

Ning Qingxue felt relieved thinking that Su Jingwen probably didnt know her relationship with Ye Mo, but she didnt want to explain and just said, "Im not with Ye Mo."

Su Jingwen didnt know felt strange but quickly said, "Isnt Ye Mo at Luo Cang too? Did you not see him?"

"Ye Mo is at Luo Cang?" Ning Qingxue repeated but thought when did Ye Mo come to Luo Cang?

"Brother Ye is at Luo Cang? Thats impossible." This time, it was Chi Wanqing speaking. She just walked into the room and heard what Ning Qingxue said.

What Su Jingwen said later, Ning Qingxue didnt know. She hung up the call in disappointment. She also thought that Ye Mo couldnt possibly come to Luo Cang, and Su Jingwen probably misunderstood their relationship and thought she was with Ye Mo. That was probably why she thought Ye Mo was at Luo Cang. However, what did Su Jingwen want Ye Mo for?

Ning Qingxue thought about last time at Su Jingwens birthday and how Ye Mo danced with her. She suddenly felt annoyed but looked at Chi Wanqing after a good while. "Wanqing, I think I should go back."

Chi Wanqing nodded and said, "Mh, my dad wants me to go study at England. I cant even go back to the military. I have to go, Qingxue, take care."

Ning Qingxue nodded and said after half a beat, "Wanqing, can you tell me, do you like Ye Mo?"

Chi Wanqing blushed but eventually shook her head. "I dont know but I really like being together with him. I feel very comfortable with him, safe and happy. But I dont know if this is like. But if I do, then I should be jealous when I see him with other women. But last time when I saw him with your aunt, I felt they should be together and didnt feel jealousy at all."

Then, Chi Wanqings face recovered after a good while. She turned and looked at Ning Qinguxe and said, "Qingxue, do you think this is like? My dad also felt my thoughts are strange and thats why he told me to go England. I originally didnt really want to go, but my mother also agreed this time."

"I dont know." Ning Qingxue shook her head subconsciously. She didnt even know how she felt about Ye Mo herself, so how could she judge Chi Wanqings feelings?

Chi Wanqing looked down. After a while, she said, "My grandma once told me that if you like someone, you need to grab him, dont go regretting at the end. However, grandma doesnt know that not all people you like can be grasped. So, this time, my parents want to send me away, although I dont want to go, but after thinking about it, perhaps what they said is right. Im leaving in two days, I came here to tell you about it."

"Yeah, I should go back too." Ning Qingxue suddenly felt very fatigued. She would rather be a strong woman at Ning Family Medicine than be so tired. You must grasp what you like, but can you?

Chi Wanqing suddenly raised her head and asked, "Qingxue, do you like Ye Mo?"

Ning Qingxues eyes were lost. After a while, she replied, "I didnt know before, but now, I think I probably like him. I dont know when it happened but Wanqing, I want to go on a holiday and relax. Perhaps when I came back, I would be staying at Ning Hai or go back to Yu State and continue my previous job. If you come back from England, come look for me."

"Mhm, Qingxue, take care, I will be back at most two years. When I come back, I will definitely look for you. Perhaps at that time, you wouldve found your new life goal again and even have a family." Chi Wanqing understood Ning Qingxues mentality the most. If Ye Mo was just a dependence or gratitude for her, then Ning Qingxue mightve really fallen into a single sided love.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and didnt argue with Chi Wanqings word. Even if she couldnt be with Ye Mo, she still had her other life. As for starting a family, she never thought about it.


Su JIngwen put down the phone. She didnt expect Ye Mo to not be with Ning Qingxue. In that case, should she still go to Luo Cang?

"Jingwen, what are you thinking about?" Su Jingwens mother walked in. She saw her daughter sitting dumbfounded at the table, and so she asked immediately.

"Nothing, just" She was about to tell her mother the master who sold the charms could be at Luo Cang.

However, her mother interrupted her, "Jingwen, Weizheng is back. He just called me, he would be at Ning Hai soon."

"Really, Wei Zheng cousin has already graduated?" Su Jingwens face was full of joy and surprise. Wei Zheng was Xie Weizheng. He grew up together with Su Jingwen. From young to maturity, Xie Weizheng was a true genius. Not only was he outstandingly smart, he covered for Su Jingwen everywhere. However, he went to America to study, causing their contact to grew less. The last time they met was two years ago when Su Jingwen went to America for her mothers condition.

The first reaction she got when hearing that Xie Weizheng came back was joy.

"Look at how happy you are, Weizheng wont be leaving again this time. Hes prepared to develop his career at Ning Hai, you need to help him then." Su Jingwens mom obviously knew that her daughter had a very good impression of Xie Weizheng.

"By the way, mum, I forgot to tell you. That master who sold me the charms seemed to have appeared in Luo Cang. I might know him." Although Su Jingwen was sure Ye Mo was that master, but she wasnt 100% sure before she got to see him.

"Really? Jingwen, if that master is at Luo Cang, you must invite him over." Su Jingwens mother was also filled with surprise and joy.

"Mhm, but he might just be passing by Luo Cang, sigh" Su Jingwen thought about Ye Mos voice and smile and caressed the two coarse beads on her bracelet, seemingly lost in thought.

3 days later, Ning Qingxue went back to Yu State. She just stayed there for two days and then went with a tourist group to relax. With Li Mumeis observation, Lan Yu knew what her daughter was thinking and could only sigh. When she came back, perhaps she would go back to her old life.

Originally, she thought without the harassment of the Song Family, Ning Qingxue would soon return to her former self. However, Lan Yu was disappointed, she still seemed to be depressed. Perhaps it was good for her to go relax.

This time, she went to a proper tourist organization. Although she wanted to relax by herself, she knew the world was far from as safe as it looked ever since she went to Flowing Snake.

God State Tourism was the biggest and most appropriate tourism company in Yu State and it was quite famous throughout the country. What was different to other tourism companies was that this tourism company decided pretty much all the locations and designed the route.

One specialty was adventure. This company had a lot of wealth and had safety guarantee. This was because they had their own helicopter. The only thing was that it was too expensive. However, this price was irrelevant for rich people. Since they had a lot of safety assurance, it was normal their prices were a bit high.

Although Ning Qingxue wanted to go to Tibet, but this company had no plans recently to go to Tibet. Their plan was to go to Shen Nong Jia.

Due to their power and large crew, although their prices were many times more expensive than others, many people still chose this company.

There were 22 people altogether going to Shen Nong Jia this time. Most of them were the elite of the job market, and some were entrepreneur bosses. However, there were only 7 females including Ning Qingxue.

The tour guide was a girl called Cui Lin, she was in her 20s and looked very lively. She was articulate when telling about the stories and had a vibrant display of body language.

After they went to the top of Shen Nong Jia, they didnt go to Shen Nong sacrificial ground. Instead, they went to a forest to seek the footprints of savages. This was one of the set journeys.

Although it was said to find savages in the forests, the tourists knew that it was just a saying to attract tourists.

The most enticing was the 3 night stay in the forest untouched by human activity and watch the morning mist in the forest. Even with safety measures, there were too much unpredictable things in this prehistoric forest. The tourist company couldnt take them too deep and just stayed on the outside.

Perhaps Ning Qingxue was too pretty, so many young men offered to carry her bag when they were climbing hills in order to start a conversation.

However, Ning Qingxues was not too hot nor cold. She only occasionally spoke to the two girls beside her. Most of the time, she didnt really talk and just carried her bag and walked. It was as though she didnt come for a holiday but to walk. After some time, everyone knew her personality and didnt bother her.
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