Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Life on the Line

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Ye Mo knew he was caught so there was no point in hiding. He stood up from behind the stone.

Although Bian Po knew there was a person behind there, he was still surprised when Ye Mo came out. He didnt expect Ye Mo to be so young; he looked just in his 20s.

"Where are you from?" Bian Po studied Ye Mo and asked. If the long-haired man didnt say he was following him, he really might not be able to find Ye Mo. That long-haired guy was a pig brain, how do you follow from the front?

The reason he could kill those two so quickly was because he used their fear towards earth level masters. If they really fought with their lives, it wouldnt be so easy for him, and he might not even be able to kill them in the end. However, this youth couldnt even be found by those two, so he should be quite strong. Moreoever, Ye Mo was so young that he was shocked.

Ye Mo compared Bian Pos sword technique to the one who used sword at the Ye Family mansion. He found that Bian Pos sword technique was on another level.

He didnt want to fight someone like him, even if he had to, he didnt want to now. However he knew that Bian Po said that there was a Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit here; with Bian Pos cruelty, how could he let him go?

"Would you believe it if I said I came to Shen Nong Jia for a holiday?" Ye Mo scanned the surrounding with his spirit sense. It was very hard to escape here. Other than one way down the mountain, there were cliffs everywhere.

Bian Po smiled but his face was expressionless. "I believe you, but that is useless for you, watch my sword." As he spoke, his sword turned into a gust of white and rolled towards Ye Mo. Even with spirit sense, he couldnt notice that the sword had sliced towards him.

Ye Mos face drastically changed. He had to twist his body quickly to barely avoid this sword. The blade sliced where Ye Mo was standing before and created a deep mark. If this slice connected, Ye Mo wouldve been cut in half already.

Ye Mo stood far at the other side of the cliff staring at Bian Po while his spirit sense was focused on his wrist. He didnt expect someone like Bian Po to use sneak attacks on him. Even so, Ye Mo wasnt annoyed. In his view, no matter what means one used in a fight, one would win as long as they killed the opponent.

"Not bad, you dodged that attack." Bian Po was surprised but soon calmed down. After one sentence, his sword swept towards Ye Mo again.

Ye Mo had focused his attention on Bian Pos movement. Seeing that he attacked again, he knew he was at an disadvantage without a weapon especially when Bian Po was stronger than him. Even if they had the same power, it would be very hard to defeat Bian Po without a weapon. His only thought was to find an opportunity to dash down the cliff and run.

This time, Bian Po sliced 7 times which connected into one slice sealing all of Ye Mos retreat path.

Ye Mo casually took out Xian Daoists whip. He was sure that if he didnt have spirit sense, a few of him wouldve died already. Even with spirit sense, many segments of the whip broke after this round of attack. The remnant of the whip was not much longer than Bian Pos sword.

Xian Daoists whip was a not bad attacking artefact, but it was like grass under Bian Pos hacks.

If he didnt have this whip, perhaps Ye Mo wouldve lost an arm already. From the start till now, Ye Mo was suppressed. His clothes had been torn apart by the sword qi, and there were 7 or 8 slashes on his ripped body. It looked very scary.

However, Ye Mo knew that this was only the first round of attacks, Bian Po was too scary. Was there such a difference in one level? If he was still Stage 2 now, he wouldve been long dead. Even now, if Ye Mo didnt think of a way, death awaited him.

Bian Pos second round of attacks still werent able to kill Ye Mo. He stopped his attack as his eyes grew cold. He stared at Ye Mo for a while before asking, "Just who are you? How can you survive under my 7 consecutive strikes? And where did you get your whip from? Speak."

Ye Mo sneered. Although Bian Po was much stronger than him, he still found something. When Xian Daoists whip was broken, he found Bian Pos weakness.

Bian Po mustve just reached Earth Level; although his 7 strikes were strong, there was a gap between each attack. This gap gave Ye Mo a sliver of chance. Without this sliver, even if Ye Mo had the whip, he wouldve been killed.

"Stop wasting time, if you wanna fight, then fight." Ye Mo calmed his chi and quickly thought of how he could use his wind blade to get in a surprise attack and then run.

"Okay, Ill see how long you can last." Bian Po sneered. His long sword changed again, carrying this white light as he charged towards Ye Mo.


"Ning Qingxue, what are you looking at?" It was night time, the tour guide saw that at a far off place, Ning Qingxue kept looking at a big rock.

"Look at this" Ning Qingxue pointed at that huge rock and said worriedly.

"Hm, there are two people fighting, whats that? Was there illusions at Shen Nong Jia? Not right, stop," Cui Lin said. She saw two shadows fighting, but they had just split.

"Theyre fighting again." Cui Lin saw the two fight. She had been a tour guide for a few years, but she have never encountered this sort of thing.

Cui Lin turned and looked at Ning Qingxue. She found that Ning QIngxue seemed to have more attention on one of the figures. She seemed to be quite excited.

Cui Lin didnt care but said to herself, "If it was at Wu Liang mountain, I wouldve thought it was a goddess practicing sword. This is too fascinating, Ill get everyone to come and see."

Then, Cui Lin quickly went to call people.

Ning Qingxue, however, stared dumbly at the figure on the rock, her heart was beating rapidly as though it was going to jump out of her chest. She could feel one of them was Ye Mothe moves and shape, it was exactly the same as the person of her dreams. Was she thinking too much?

If Ning Qingxue didnt also see it, she wouldve thought she was dreaming, or was it because she yearned for Ye Mo too much that she had the illusion?

Illusion? Ning Qingxue suddenly thought. Were there actually two people fighting and the sun reflected it here?

The two figures on the big rock gradually thinned out until it moved to the side and disappeared.

Ning Qingxues heart continued beating rapidly and quickly took out the telescope on her chest and looked at the the two figures. She felt that one of them was definitely Ye Mo; she was actually so sure it was him. Ye Mos figure had appeared in her brain countless times, so she knew she wouldnt see wrong.

Ning Qingxue didnt spend much time until she was shocked as though she was struck by lightning. On a distant peak, there two obfuscated figure fighting.

Its real, its actually real. Ye Mo, is that really you? Why are you here? Ning Qingxue was screaming in her heart. She hoped that she could just teleport to that cliff and help Ye Mo even if it was throwing a stone at his opponent. However, she knew that cliff was too far from here. Even though the sun was good today, once the mist came up, she wouldnt be able to see there.

Ning Qingxue held the telescope but she could only watch from there. She had no way of helping.

Although Ye Mo had found a way to avoid the blade light, after the 3rd round, there were more slashes on his body. Other than a few whips, Ye Mo couldnt even make a threatening attack.

Ye Mos whip had just turned into a handle. There were blood trickling down his chest to his waist that slowly dampened his pants.

Ye Mos face was getting pale; he knew that if this continued, the next round of blades would be his end. However, this Bian Pos was not only scarily strong in his attacks, but his defenses were rather strong too. After 3 rounds of attacks, Ye Mo couldnt even find a place to attack.

Ye Mo knew he only had one chance, if he wasted it, then he would be dead.

Bian Po also breathed heavily. His clothes were also ripped by Ye Mos whip. A few whip marks could even be seen clearly.

"Youre a rather strong opponent, but even so, this day next year will be your remembrance day." Bian Po didnt mind the light wounds on him at all and attacked again.

Ye Mo suddenly threw the hilt of the whip to Bian Po and jumped as though he was jumping off a cliff.

"Youre asking to die." Bian Po saw that Ye Mo dared to make a forced escape and sneered. His long sword turned into a white ray that struck towards Ye Mo, not even bothering with the hilt Ye Mo threw at him.
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