Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Bottom of the Cliff

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Ning Qingxue suddenly charged into the room; the room on the east side still had its door closed.

Ning Qingxue had calmed down now. She felt she was getting crazy. How could Ye Mo come back? When that bead saved her life, she even felt she was getting further and further away from him as though they werent in the same world.

Ning Qingxue carefully opened the room; there were some dust there. She sighed and started to clean up. She would ask about the grass buds when Xu Wei came back.

Ning Qingxue packed her things up. Xu Wei hadnt come back yet. She was in a annoyed mood and wanted to walk outside. She subconsciously walked to the street where Ye Mo was selling fake medicine.

Although the streets were still busy and the sky wasnt dark, the businessmen had started to gather.

Ning Qingxue bought another golden cake and stood where Ye Mo had his stall. She sat down as though feeling Ye Mos mood when he sat here. He mustve been thinking if only there was a customer.

"Come have a look, recipe passed down from ancestor, cures all illness, headache fever, external internal injury, short sightedness Theres only what you cant imagine, nothing I cant cure"

Ye Mos voice was still there, but where was he?

Ning Qingxue bit down on the golden cake. It was still the from same store made by the same person. But today, the golden cake felt bitter, was it missing something?

Ning Qingxue stood up. She prepared to go see Su Jingwen tomorrow and then go to Ning Hai University. At this moment, her phone rung, it was Su Jingwen.

"Qingxue, did you come back to Ning Hai?" Su Jingwens tone was very crisp; she seemed to be in a good mood lately.

"Mhm, did Mumei tell you? I was preparing to come see you for something tomorrow," Ning Qingxue said subconsciously. She just got back to Ning Hai today. Only Li Mumei knew. Now that Su Jingwen also knew, Li Mumei probably told her.

Su JIngwen immediately replied, "Yeah, where are you? Ill go to your place, I have some things too."

Ning Qingxue didnt wait long at a caf before Su Jingwen arrived.

"Qingxue, why do you look so emaciated? What happened?" Su Jingwen thought about the questions she was going to ask. In her memory, Ning Qingxue cared a lot about her appearance, but now, her bleakness could be easily seen. Just what happened to her?

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said after a while, "Nothing, I just want to ask you one thing. You once told me that you bought the charms from a master, do you know how to use it?"

Su Jingwen looked at Ning Qingxue in surprise but she still answered, "Yes, Ive used quite a few. But now, I know who the person who sold them to me is."

"Is it Ye Mo?" Ning Qingxue suddenly stood up.

Su Jingwen looked at Ning Qingxue in shock. "Its him, but Qingxue, how did you know?"

"So its true," Ning Qingxue murmured before sitting down again. Her eyes drifted off.

"By the way, youre with Ye Mo, he would teach you," Su Jingwen said saltily, but soon, she changed into a lighter tone, "is Ye Mo really not are Luo Cang?"

Ning Qingxue shook her head but didnt speak as though she was thinking about something.

At this moment, a tall youth walked into the caf. Su Jingwen quickly stood up and waved her hand. "Weizheng cousin, this way."

The youth walked over and immediately saw Ning Qingxue who was frowning. He felt his brain was blasted. He thought of Lin Daiyu. There was actually such woman in the world. He had always thought Jingwen was extremely pretty, but when he saw Ning Qingxue, he understood that there was someone prettier than Su Jingwen.

The girls pretty brows lightly frowned, and a few messy strands of hair made her seem more innocent. There wasnt even the slightest mark of make up as she kept her natural face on. However, her face seemed emaciated, and her clothing were very casual, who was this girl?


Ye Mo woke up slowly and felt his body was full of pain. He immediately wanted to struggle to stand up.

Crack, not good, it seemed he wasnt on the ground yet. As expected, he started to fall again. Luckily, the branch he landed on was already near the ground.

Splat, Ye Mo fell to the ground, the ground was covered in thick leaves and mud so it wasnt very hard. Ye Mo finally didnt get injured again.

But immediately, the pain all over his body woke him up. He was indeed injured heavily. He subconsciously wanted to get some medical pills from his ring, but as soon as he moved his spirit sense, his head was cracking with pain. He almost fainted again. Ye Mo quickly stopped, what was this?

He couldnt use his spirit sense, was he too heavily wounded? Ye Mo looked at the wounds on his body, bleeding had stopped, but there was a fit of dizziness that made him want to drink water.

Ye Mo sat down wanting to treat himself with chi, b his dan tian felt the same as his spirit sense. As soon as he used it, there was immense pain.

What was this? Ye Mo looked at his body. Although there was a lot of bleeding, most wounds had healed itself. It seemed to be related to the herbs he usually consumed. At this moment, not only could he not use his spirit sense, but he also couldnt use chi to treat himself. If he continued like this, he would die at the bottom of this cliff.

The two wounds that didnt heal were the long slash on his back and the one on his waist. It could be said that this sword saved him too. Although he was more heavily injured due to this sword, if Bian Po didnt throw it out, he might have fallen into a puddle of meat.

It was due to this sword that brought him near the edge of the cliff. He could keep grabbing on things and that saved his life. Luckily, this was the Shen Nong Jia, if it was somewhere else, the cliff wall would be barren and he would still die.

Ye Mo looked at the long sword not far away and grabbed it over. He used it to support himself to stand as he studied the bottom of this cliff. It was grey everywhere and he couldnt see much far.

He thought and decided to find a safe place to treat his wounds first. If his power recovered, then he could still go up this place.

Ye Mo didnt think he would come to this situation just for some herbs. He was almost killed by that Bian Po. Other than getting his sword, he realized the power of a real earth level master. However, other than that, he got nothing and had a body full of wounds.

Ancient martial arts could be this strong at the Earth Level. Ye Mo was sure that even if he was Stage 4 Chi Gathering, he couldnt say for sure if he could beat this Bian Po.

If this wasnt the cliff where he fell and if he didnt use all sorts of calculations to drag Bian Po down the cliff with him, then he would also be dead.

No wonder these people didnt want to go to the mortal world. They could cultivate ancient martial arts to this state, and that was only Elementary Stage of Earth Level. If he was a Tertiary Stage Earth Level, or even a Heaven Level master, how scary would that be?

Just when Ye Mo stood up and didnt even move, he felt danger. There was a crunching sound behind him. Ye Mo didnt even turn back and sliced behind him.

Psh, a snake the size of a beer bottle had its head sliced off by Ye MO. The blood shot high into the air from its neck.

Such a sharp sword. Ye Mo looked at the long sword; there wasnt any blood stains on it. It was indeed a good sword. He turned around and looked at the snake and his face turned serious. The snake was already 3 meters long. Even if it didnt have poison, he would die if the snake went around him.

Ye Mo endured the stench and drank some snake blood. He felt a little better. Then, he took the long sword and started to pave the way. This was a swamp, if he sunk in, he would still die.

Ye Mo moved very slowly. He knew that a place that had no human signs for most of the time wasnt a good place. He just needed to look around at the white mist and knew that this place wasnt safe.

There were some bones of animals scattered around. Ye Mo carefully avoided them. As expected, as soon as Ye Mo avoided it, a black shadow darted like lightning towards Ye Mo from amongst the bones. Before this black shadow reach in front of Ye Mo, that stench was already unbearable.

Ye Mo sneered. Even if he couldnt use chi, he couldnt be bullied by animals like that. He swung his sword and the black shadow made a sharp howl. It left behind a furry tail and a few drops of blood. In the blink of an eye, it snuck back into the swamp.

It had the tail of a cat. Ye Mo probed it with the sword but couldnt tell what attacked him.
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