Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Which Bracelet is More Precious

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Ning Qingxue noticed the youths impolite stare and frowned.

Su Jingwen noticed it and quickly said, "Cousin Weizheng, this is my friend Ning Qingxue. Qingxue, this is my cousin I told you about, Weizheng,"

Ning Qingxue nodded. If she didnt still have more questions to ask, she wanted to leave.

"Hello, Im Xie Weizheng, Jingwens cousin. Its a pleasure to meet you." Weizheng also noticed his impoliteness. He immediately smiled and extended his hand to Ning Qingxue.

He thought that Ning Qingxue probably wasnt from a rich family judging by her clothes. He was really happy to meet a girl as pretty as Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue frowned and just drank the coffee that was just handed to her.

Xie Weizheng took his hand back awkwardly. He didnt expect this girl to be so rude. No matter what, since she was Su Jingwens friend, she couldnt treat him like that.

He kept his smile but it was quite forced.

Su Jingwen quickly said, "Cousin, what do you want to drink, Ill order for you."

"Uh, anything. Jingwen, I have a ball with my classmate at night, do you want to go?" Xie Weizehng came today to ask Su Jingwen to the ball. He then looked at Ning Qingxue; he thought it would be good if he could invite both of them.

Su Jingwen knew Ning Qingxues personality. She would treat her cousin the same even if he was hte mayors son much less just a student from America. She also knew about Ning Qingxues other things. She ignored Song Shaowen, the young master of one of the five big families, much less Xie Weizheng.

She didnt even ask Ning Qingxue and said, "Im not going, I still have some business tonight."

"Jingwen, how can you not go? If you dont go, I wont even have a dance partner, thats too embarrassing. Jingwen, you must help your cousin, you need to go," Xie Weizheng quickly said.

Su Jingwen shook her head again and said, "Cousin, you know I dont like to dance. Plus, Ive never danced with a guy, I think Ill pass. Plus, youre so handsome, would you be scared no one would dance with you, hehe"

"Jingwen, you used to always stick with me, but this time I come back, you just try to help me with my company. You even rejected my invitation to a ball. You really make me lose face. I feel you have changed a lot." XIe Weizheng sighed.

Su Jingwen laughed. "Cousin, youre thinking too much, Im still the same me. I just dont really like that sort of place, plus, that was when I was young. Im old now, so I cant be like before. Im very happy you can come back to start your company."

There were a few times that Ning Qingxue just wanted to ask, then she would get up and leave. However, she wasnt done today, and it wasnt too suitable for her to go now. She felt this Xie Weizheng was very annoying. Even if he wanted to talk to his cousin, couldnt he do it after she was done. He knew she was with her friend but still came. This guy was really impolite. Little did she know that she was also impolite in his eyes.

Xie Weizheng no longer had a face full of smile when he first came in. He was rejected in handshake, and he was also rejected by his cousin. He was quite unhappy. Now that Su Jingwen said that, he stopped the topic, took out a red box, and handed it to Su Jingwen and said, "Jingwen, I ordered this for you."

"Whats this?" Su Jingwen looked at the exquisite box and asked.

Xie Weizhengs smile returned to his face. He looked at Su Jingwen and smiled. "Youll know once you open it."

Su Jingwen was really confused and opened the box. There was an exquisite bracelet. The beads were very bright, and it could be easily seen that each bead was expensive.

"Bracelet?" Su Jingwen repeated.

Xie Weizheng smiled. "Yeah, I saw that the bracelet you had seemed quite shabby and there were only two coarse beads so I made one just for you. You mustve not gone shopping for a long time, wear it and see."

Su Jingwen smiled beautifully, closed the box and said, "Cousin Weizheng, thank you very much for giving such a beautiful bracelet.

"This is nothing, as long as you like it, try it on." Xie Weizheng saw Ning Qingxue take a look at the bracelet for a while and then stared at her. He smiled and knew that Ning Qingxue mustve liked this bracelet too. He would get her one later as well.

Su Jingwens smile was a bit forced and could only say, "Cousin, Im already wearing one. Ill take yours and wear it perhaps later."

"Jingwen, your bracelet looks really coarse and there are only two beads on it. It really doesnt match your hand. Just change one, I feel this new one can match you. Come, try it." Then, Xie Weizheng picked up the bracelet and passed it to Su Jingwen.

Ning Qingxue saw that Su Jingwens bracelet only had 2 beads as well. That meant she had something happen to her as well and used up one bead. She was a bit disappointed. If Su Jingwen really didnt want the other two beads, she would take it. Now, it seemed that Su Jingwen came to her due to the jade beads.

"But cousin, I really like the current one, I dont want to switch now." Su Jingwen saw that it was too hard to reject his fervor so she could only speak the truth.

Xie Weizheng who thought Su Jingwen was embarrassed to take it finally understood. Su Jingwen really didnt want to switch. Thinking about this, his face got awkward.

As though seeing this, Su Jingwen quickly said, "Cousin, lets not talk about this now, Ill call some desserts. I still havent ate yet. By the way, Qingxue, what do you want?"

Before Ning Qingxue said anything, Xie Weizheng continued, "Jingwen, tell me the truth, who gave you the bracelet? Is it very precious?"

Su Jingwen glanced awkwardly at Ning Qingxue once; although she felt her cousin shouldnt have asked that question here, but since he did, she could only answer: "Yes, a friend gave it to me."

"Then is it much more precious than the one I gave?" Xie Weizheng started to feel this indescribable feeling of discomfort, but he still want to ask things clear.

Su Jingwen hesitated and looked at Xie Weizhengs bracelet and said after a while, "Perhaps its a bit more precious but"

Su Jingwen didnt know how to explain it to Xie Weizheng; she said Ye Mos bracelet was more precious and it really was.

However, Xie Weizheng misunderstood Su Jingwens intentions. He thought that what Su Jingwen meant was that the person was much more important than him. Thinking about this, even though he was magnanimous, his face still grew bad.

Su Jingwens immediately discerned the annoyance on her cousins face and quickly said, "Cousin, dont think too much, Im really just used to the bracelet in my hand, I dont want to change it for now."

Xie Weizheng suddenly smiled. His face returned to normal as he suddenly said, "Cousin, the person who gave this to you is your boyfriend, right? When did you have a boyfriend, I didnt even know, bring him next time and introduce us."

Hearing Xie Weizhengs words, Su Jingwen quickly waved her hands. "Cousin, dont say random things, hes not my boyfriend, just a friend that we can get along."

Then, Su Jingwen also subconsciously looked at Ning Qingxue. Although she knew their relationship wasnt good, she still didnt want Ning Qingxue to misunderstand.

However, Xie Weizheng smiled plainly. "You said you dont like dancing and have never danced with a guy. Last time at your birthday, you seemed to have danced with a guy. Did he give you this bracelet? And, you say you dont like guys in your car but can you be sure the person who gave you this bracelet hasnt rode in your car?"

Su Jingwens face didnt have the smile before. In her memory, Xie Weizheng was always the big brother who protected her. But now, he was investigating her. She couldnt let this go, and he was talking to her in such tone. For the first time, she felt the cousin she hadnt seen for so many years wasnt the same cousin.

"Sorry, Jingwen, I was too emotional. But you would even reject a ball invitation. Youre letting them laugh at me. I came back to stay at Ning Hai this time intentionally, so I think you should understand." Xie Weizheng could no longer care about Ning Qingxue on the side. Regardless of whether he was going for Ning Qingxue, he wasnt going to let Su Jingwen pass.

Su Jingwen didnt expect Xie Weizheng to be this impulsive. He didnt even consider Ning Qingxue on the side. She felt uncomfortable. It didnt matter if he was talking about other people, but he was talking about Ye Mo.

"Cousin, youre right. Im still the same to you, and youre still my cousin in my heart. My mum and I are very happy you can stay in Ning Hai, but did you stay at Ning Hai due to other reasons? And, cousin, its my freedom who I want to dance with and who I let on my car. Cousin, you seem to have changed a lot." Su Jingwen sighed. She felt this strange discomfort.

However, Ning Qingxue stood up."Jingwen, Im going. Ill call you when I have time." She really couldnt tolerate this Xie Weizheng anymore.
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