Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Re-entering Shen Nong Jia

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"Wait." Su Jingwen stopped Ning Qingxue and turned back to look at Xie Weizheng. She said hardly, "Cousin, I have some business with Qingxue today, if theres something, we can talk about it tomorrow."

Xie Weizhengs face changed but soon recovered a smile. "In that case, I wont disturb you, see you."

Xie Weizheng walked out of the caf with a bad face, but after a while, he made a call, "Auntie, yes, its me Weizheng."

"Mhm, I want to come over, yes, there are some things that I cant explain clearly over the phone. Okay, Im coming over immediately."

Seeing Xie Weizhengs car leave, Su Jingwen suddenly realized her words mightve been too heavy. Was her cousin angry?

"By the way, Qingxue, you said you have something to ask me? Did you want to ask how to use the charm?" Su Jingwen turned and asked Ning Qingxue.

"Yes indeed." Ning Qingxue saw Xie Weizheng had gone and sat down again.

Su Jingwen said helplessly, "Actually, my cousin is a very nice person, hes just use to being a bit dominant. Dont mind him. Oh, lets not talk about this. The charms are actually very easy to use. For Spirit Cleansing Charm and Fireball, you just need to throw it out and say Lin. As for the Body Protection Charm, just make a little pouch and keep it on you. I dont know about the others though."

Ning Qingxue didnt expect the charms were so easy to use. Other than a Fireball Charm, she also had a Body Protection Charm and two Evil Protection Charms.

"Jingwen, the main things I wanted to ask you about are these. I thought you needed some movements. I didnt expect it to be so easy. If I knew, I wouldve just called you."

Su Jingwen smiled, "You and Ye Mo are both at Luo Cang, why dont you ask him to teach you? Remember to ask him to give me some more next time you see him."

"How do you know Ye Mos at Luo Cang? And what did you want to ask me about?" Ning Qingxue asked curiously. She didnt really believe Ye Mo was at Luo Cang; Su Jingwen mustve gotten it wrong.

"Mm." Su Jingwen nodded and took out the bracelet on her hand and said, "This is a magical artefact. Ye Mo gave it to me, but I didnt know about it at the time. Its called the 6 Beads of Fortune. Its the most precious gift I have received."

Su Jingwen didnt finish, but Ning Qingxue knew what she meant. She also felt the bracelet on her hands and said after a while, "Thank you, Jingwen, the 3 beads you gave me saved me once, but I cant return it to you now. I need to go out once. If the beads are still there when I come back, I will return them to you."

"Qingxue, is the place youre going dangerous?" Su JIngwen knew that Ning Qingxue understood the powers of the beads since one was missing on hers too.

"Mm," Ning Qingxue agreed and said after a while, "I came back to confirm something and make preparations. The place Im going in is indeed dangerous."

Ning Qingxue didnt lie; she really came back to confirm and ask Su Jingwen about the way to use the charms. And, she needed to prepare some equipment for mountain climbing.

At this moment, the scene in which Ye Mo fell off the cliff kept replaying in her brain. She couldnt calm down. Regardless of whether it was him, she couldnt feel calm her entire life if she didnt go and see. As long as she confirmed that person wasnt Ye Mo, she would feel better.

But if Ye Mo really fell off the cliff, she didnt know what to do. The moment she met Ye Mo in the desert and he turned to leave, she knew that her heart was taken away by him. There was no other reason. Even though she tried to resist and hide, she couldnt forget about that figure.

She once thought she would never truly love someone, but when reality came, she found that she just loved him, and there was no logic to it.

Su Jingwen really wanted to ask Ning Qingxue where Ye Mo was, but last time, she said he wasnt at Luo Cang. If she asked now, it would seem as though she didnt believe her. Her plans of getting back the bracelet also failed. Since Ning Qingxue already said that, she couldnt embarrass herself to ask for it back.

"Qingxue, in that case, I still have two here, Ill give it to you. If you didnt use them when you come back, you can return it to me," Su JIngwen thought and still gave it to her. Since Ning Qingxue used one before, it meant she really met danger before.

Ning Qingxue shook her head. "No need, Im already very sorry that I took 3 from you, I cant take more."

"Qingxue, if the place youre going is very dangerous, you should ask for help and I can help you too." Su Jingwen realized that Ning Qingxue really had something.

Ning Qingxue shook her head. She thought about it many times. If that person was really Ye Mo, she couldnt ask for the government. She knew Ye Mo had some power and had strong conflict with the Song Family due to her. If she asked other people to help her with Ye Mo, the Song Family would get news of this at the first moment. That was not good for Ye Mo; even if he was fine from falling off the cliff, the Song Family would still make him not fine.

"Im going, JIngwen, if I dont never mind." Ning Qingxue didnt explain anything to Su Jingwen.

Seeing Ning Qingxue walk out of the caf in a lonely yet emaciated fashion, Su JIngwen lost herself in thought. What did she mean? She asked her the way to use the charm, did she have them? If she didnt meet Ye Mo, where did she get the charms from?

Su Jingwen felt that something in Ning Qingxues words were wrong, but she couldnt tell what exactly.

Ning Qingxue returned to the house, but Xu Wei hasnt returned yet. She sat on the stone board Ye Mo once slept on. It felt cool. She seemed to see Ye Mo walk over. She focused her mind and thought. He slept on this before, and it was really hard on him. He was really dumb. Her eyes then turned to that big tree. Ye Mo also spent many nights there. No matter what, she should go find him.

Xu Wei just opened the door and saw Ning Qingxue lost in thought. She said with surprise and joy, "Qingxue, when did you come back?"

Ning Qingxue saw Xu Wei and quickly replied, "I just came back at noon. Xu Wei thanks for helping me take care of the grass for so long. Do you know who planted the other grass?"

Xu Wei smiled. "Its nothing, its something simple, Ye Mo asked someone to plant them there and told me to look after it. Ye Mo said he needed to go on a far journey. You both really love grass haha."

Ning Qingxue heard this and her face immediately went pale. She had come to the realization that the person who fell off the cliff must be Ye Mo. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence.

"Are you okay, Qingxue?" Xu Wei just realized that Ning Qingxue was not only fatigued, but her spirit wasnt well either.

"Nothing," Ning Qingxue smiled and said, "I still need to go out a while, please take care of these grass for me."

She paused before continuing, "If I come back rather late and the grass germs are withered, I will tell my mum not to touch that flower pot. Let the pot stay there. Im going to rest, Im tired."

Xu Wei looked worriedly as Ning Qingxue walked into the room. She felt Ning Qingxues words were strange. That flower pot had been there for many years. The house owner didnt move it, so why would her mother move it?

Ning Qingxue rested for a night. Since she had made up her mind, she no longer felt lost. She spent half a day the second day and prepared all sorts of tools and things for outdoor survival. Then, she put the Body Protection Charm and Evil Protection Charm in a bag she made and hung it on her waist. Then, she rushed towards Shen Nong Jia quickly.

There were quite a lot of people carrying a big bag like her. Ning Qingxue had been here before and was familiar with the way. She didnt choose other places and went to the place she went with the tour group. This was because she could only see the peak from there.

When Ning Qingxue came to the no mans land region, she saw a big board hung outside. There were some tourists on the side. Ning Qingxue could tell the sign was just hung up. It wasnt there when she came.

It said accidents occurred so access was forbidden.

She frowned; if she wasnt allowed in, what could she do? She looked at the middle-aged woman at her side, thought, and then asked, "
The woman looked at Ning Qingxues clothing and knew she came to Shen Nong Jia for holiday. She immediately said, "I heard a tour group encountered sky ditches there 2 days ago. Then, one person went missing. That night, there was the rescue team that went inside. But now, none of the rescue team had come out and have all lost contact. Now, its forbidden to go in and theyre about to lock down this place. There are people from the army here. Of course, I heard this from others, I dont know if its real."

Ning Qingxues heart skipped; of course she knew this was true. She didnt expect none of the rescue team had made it out. Was it really that dangerous?

But regardless of that, if the military came in the afternoon and locked this place down, wouldnt she have no chance of entering. She looked around and saw there wasnt much people and planned when she could go in when no one looked. There was no one guarding now so it really wasnt hard sneaking in.

There were people gathered there discussing about the eerie event 2 nights ago. Ning Qingxue, however, carefully avoided them and quickly snuck in, disappearing in the woods.

That woman who talked with Ning Qingxue chatted with others and seemed to have remembered Ning Qingxue after a while. She turned around but Ning Qingxue was gone. Her face was immediately scared pale. The girl behind her was gone, and there was no other way except into the woods.
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