Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 201

Chapter 201: So Hard to See Each Other

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
It was much faster going down the cliff but also more dangerous. Ning Qingxue didnt know what this rope was made of but it wasnt slippery at all. She didnt have gloves since she had already lost it on the way. She had only slid down 200 meters and already felt the skin on her hands rip.

Even so, Ning Qingxue didnt dare to relax. The pain from her hand made her focus more. She slid down another 200 meters and suddenly felt her hands turn soft and weak. She had to find a slightly larger rock and rest on it.

Her arms were soft and sour, but she knew that if she couldnt reach the bottom in one go, she wouldnt be able to keep up. She looked at her palm, it was red. Her flesh was exposed to the open air but she didnt feel pain now. It was as though her hand was numb.

She caught her breath and took out the remaining biscuits. She finished it all and drank all the remaining water before continuing sliding down.

Ning Qingxue didnt know how long she slid down for. When her arm was too sour to move, she rested for a while before continuing. She even celebrated that she had resting spots on this cliff. Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to stay out for so long.

The sky was getting dark. Ning Qingxue estimating that she had been down nearly 1 km, but she still didnt reach the bottom. When she got to the end of the rope, she froze, the rope wasnt long enough.

She looked down, it was still white mist. She couldnt see the bottom, but she had nothing to go down with.

She continued before due to her determination, but once she stopped now, she felt quite dizzy looking down. Did she really come from up there?

If the rope wasnt long enough, she could only keep going down. She could slide down from so high, but it would be impossible for her to climb back up.

She stopped on top of a rock and felt lost. She pulled the rope on top. She didnt know what to do next. Would she connect her own? What if it wasnt long enough as well?

If only this rope was 200 meters longer... She looked at the top which could no longer be seen. She subconsciously pulled the rope, hoping that it was just caught somewhere, but she knew this was impossible. She came from above after all.

Just when she was helpless and was prepared to connect her 100 meter long rope, her ropes suddenly loosened. Her heart skipped a beat and she looked at the rope. It was rolling down.

She immediately realized that the place she secured her rope on had loosened. She immediately stuck herself to the cliff wall. She was thinking that if that big rock was brought down too, she would be dragged down the cliff and die.

A huge rock fell from the top not far from Ning Qingxue. The wind it brought blew up her hair.

When Ning Qingxue reacted, the huge rock had fallen to the bottom and made a heavy sound. Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked at the rope on her waist. It was still very loose. She rejoiced. That meant she would arrive at the bottom soon.

Thinking about this, Ning Qingxue took off the rope from her waist, secured it on the rock, and started to slide down. She just went down 20 meters and saw the bottom. There was only a few meters left.

She felt relieved. She actually saw some clothes hung on a branch. It didnt seem to happen long ago. Was that Ye Mos clothes? She only thought about Ye Mo and got excited. Her hands softened and could no longer hold the rope. She fell down like that. At that moment, she thought, was she going to succeed or plummet to her death? Good thing was she knew Ye Mo was here.

When she landed, she knew that even if the bottom wasnt covered with leaves, she wouldnt die since the ground was very soft.

She finally arrived at the bottom. Ning Qingxue carefully pulled out that short dagger and looked around. Other than the ragged cloth, she didnt see Ye Mo and slightly felt relieved.

It was dark now but the moon light was good. However, at the bottom of the cliff, there was only very fuzzy moonlight. Despite so, she could still see everything clearly. Although she still had some light from her torch, she didnt want to use it.

She picked up the dagger and walked a few meters. There, she saw a long snake. It was cut in half. The wounds were from not long ago. Ning Qingxue froze.

At that moment, she wanted to cry. Ye Mo was really here, and he didnt die.

But soon, she knew it wasnt that safe here. Since there was that snake there, it meant there was more. She didnt have Ye Mos power. She had used up all her charms except for the fireball and the bead.

Soon, she saw some footprints. Although it was quite dark, she could see them clearly. Was it Ye Mo? Ning Qingxue focused her mind and suppressed her excitement.

She followed the steps carefully, and after walking out another 10 meters, the only bead in her hand glowed as repelled a black shadow. At this moment, she fuzzily saw a black shadow that looked like a cat. It didnt seem to have a tail.

After it was repelled by the bead, it didnt run but kept staring at Ning Qingxue as though it was going to charge again.

Ning Qingxue could only hold her dagger and stare at it. She knew she didint have much power, and this black shadow wasnt something she could stop. Now that her only bead was gone, the only thing she could use to attack was the fireball.

The black shadow was no different than the thing she encountered at the sky ditch. She could only see two eerie looking green eyes.

If the black shadow didnt attack her just then, she wouldve thought it was just two eyes staring at her. Even so, her skin startled to tingle as she got goosebumps but she didnt have any other way.

Looking at the horrifying eyes, Ning Qingxue could no longer endure the stand off with it. She immediately threw out the fireball and yelled Lin.

Blast, the sound the fireball made in the silence was scary. Under the fire, the black shadow dashed away again and disappeared.

Ning Qingxue froze. She just used her fireball like that. She didnt think it would really work. Although she knew the other two charms could be used, it wasnt so straightforward in her eyes like that.

She just froze for a bit and realized that it was her chance to run. If that black shadow came back again, only death awaited her. The only thing she had now was a dagger and that was to boost her courage.

With the brightness caused by the fireball, Ning Qingxue soon saw a thorny brush. There was an obvious path ahead.

Did Ye Mo make that? She didnt even think and started running charging into the thorny path.

At the end, there was a foul stench. Ning Qingxue quickly opened her minelight and the scene in front of her eyes almost scared her to death. Ye Mo laid in a bloodied pull with a big snake.

Ning Qingxue quickly walked up and helped Ye Mo up. At this moment, she saw that the snake was probably cut into multiple pieces by Ye Mos sword. She felt his chest and learned that there was still a pulse. Finally, she was able to feel relieved.

If Ye Mo really died, she didnt know what she would do. Ye Mo was her spiritual support. It was because he was here that she had such courage and determination to come here. If Ye Mo wasnt here, even if she had the courage to live, she would go crazy here. Plus, she didnt have the courage to live.

Ning Qingxue struggled and pulled Ye Mo to an empty space near the cliff wall. She looked at Ye Mo in her arms and noticed that he was full of wounds like her. A few of them was very deep. She immediately started crying, not knowing what to do next.

After a long while, she calmed down and rubbed her eyes. She carefully pressed Ye Mos chest. She didnt know if this could wake him, but she had no other way.

Ye Mo sliced the snake and actually fainted after relaxing. He fuzzily felt that someone was pushing his chest, so he subconsciously opened his eyes.

"Ning Qingxue?" Ye Mo yelled out in shock. How was Ning Qingxue here? Was he dreaming?

Hearing Ye Mos voice, Ning Qingxue was like struck by lightning. Her movements stopped as she stared at Ye Mo in a daze. After half a beat, she rushed into his arms and started crying. All the fear, lost and loneliness were in the cries.

Ye Mo looked at the Ning Qingxue who had marks all over her body with extremely shrivelled hair and messy clothes. He seemed to have understood something, but he just didnt know how she knew he was here. He opened his mouth and subconsciously put his arms around her. When he wanted to ask her something, he found she had fallen asleep in his arms with tears rolling down the side of her face.
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