Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 202

Chapter 202: I...

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Ye Mo struggled and found that he was still powerless. It was probably because he exhausted himself too much. He carefully caressed Ning Qingxues hair. It was very messy, but it still smelt nice.

He didnt know how Ning Qingxue could arrive here. No one knew he came. If it was Han Yan, he wouldnt feel it strange, but he knew that even if Han Yan knew he fell off the cliff, she might not come.

Even if Ning Qingxue knew he fell, how could she find this place? Shen Nong Jia wasnt really dangerous for him, but it was too dangerous for Ning Qingxue. It was a miracle she could reach here. Ye Mo really couldnt understand what supported her to come here?

He felt her back and now realized that not only was her ligaments full of wounds but so was her back. How much pain did she go through to come here?

Ye Mo held up her hand. It was a bloodied mesh. There was not a patch of good flesh. Ning Qingxue seemed to be hurt in her dreams and frowned but she still didnt wake up.

At this moment, Ye Mo actually felt pain in his heart. He knew that Ning Qingxue had a good impression of him and might even be in love with him. He could tell by how she went to the desert last time. If Ning Qingxue went to Flowing Snake to repay her gratitude, then it wasnt that simple when she went to the desert. Now, she risked her life to come to the bottom of the cliff. Even if Ye Mos heart was stone cold, he was touched by her actions.

He once thought Ning Qingxue was just a pretty rich girl who was arrogant and thought they could never be in the same world. But now, he knew that he didnt completely understand this wealthy girl.

Underneath her cold expression hid a fiery heart that was obstinate. Other than his master Luo Ying, who would treat him like this? It seemed he was too harsh to her before.

Ye Mo felt her hair and remembered the words she said that night, "I really want to call you husband but I cant say it..."

"I already married Ye Mo that box is his wedding gift to me. Dont separate me with that box. Theres a grass that I left for Ye Mo in the yard if he comes, give this phone to him as well. If not, never mind"

He thought about the moment when he left her in the desertthat disappointment and yearning in her eyes. It seemed that she had a lot to say. He remembered the bloodied Silver Heart Grass and the small medical case that she hugged even when she was about to die.

Was that love?

Ye Mo lost himself as he thought about this

At this moment, the moon was high up in the sky shooting down faint rays on Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue that made everything seem so tranquil.

The morning sun couldnt completely shine into the bottom but still a few rays passed through the mist. A wild crows quack woke up Ning Qingxue.

Ye Mo? As soon as she wanted to get up, she felt a pair of arms around her waist. Her clothes were tattered, and Ye Mos arm was over her half naked body.

Ning Qingxue blushed but felt warm at heart. In these few days of terror, she only felt safe in Ye Mos arms. She felt a fit of hunger.

Why did Ye Mo still not move? Ning Qingxue just realized this.

What happened to Ye Mo? She started to panic again, but soon, she discovered that Ye Mo just fainted again and was just asleep. He still had breathing, but his lips cracked heavily.

Hes thirsty? No, he probably lost a lot of blood. Ning Qingxue quickly got up and put Ye Mo in a comfortable position before standing up. She should find some water for him.

Now, she regretted drinking all the water. She shouldve saved it for Ye Mo. However, she forgot that if she didnt take it, perhaps she wouldnt even make it here.

Ning Qingxue walked over to the snake that was killed and picked up Ye Mos sword. She just realized this snake was more than 6 meters long. She really didnt know how Ye Mo killed it.

Ning Qingxue put the sword beside Ye Mo and prepared to walk through the thorny passage, but halfway through, she saw a black shadow dash. Even though it was day time, she still couldnt see too clearly.

She stopped her steps subconsciously as she recalled the eerie green eyes that gave her quite the fright last night. She had no defense now; if she went out, it would be suicide?

She walked back again. If she died, what would happen to Ye Mo? Although she didnt know why the black shadow didnt dare to walk into the thorny brush, but she still used the sword to block the way with some thorny brush.

There was a shadow that could dash to her in an instant, and Ning Qingxue no longer dared to go out.

Ning Qingxue turned around and examined the place. The thorny brush covered quite a large area, around 5 to 6 acres. She looked at the dead snake and thought if this place was the snakes territory so other things didnt dare to come.

As the sun gradually rose, Ning Qingxue saw more clearly. A few meters out, there were a few trees on the cliff face, but the smallest one was 4 meters tall.

There were a few green fruits on the tree about the size of eggs. Other than those, there didnt seem to be anything edible elsewhere.

She looked at Ye Mo who was still unconscious and started to dig on the cliff face. Ning Qingxue didnt expect the dagger to be so sharp that it wasnt hard digging into stone.

She subconsciously looked at it. She picked it up at the top of the cliff but didnt expect it to be this sharp.

4 meters high wasnt easy, but with the help of the dagger, she climbed up quickly.

There were 5 fruits all together. Only 2 was half red, and the other 3 were still green.

Although she picked 5, she didnt know if they were edible. She had never seen this fruit before. It looked like peaches, but she ate peaches yesterday and they didnt look like this.

She bit one. It tasted sweet and was quite watery. She wanted to eat more after taking a bite, but she knew it was probably because she was too hungry. She resisted the urge to eat the rest and put it aside.

After a while, she felt she was okay. This meant the fruit wasnt poisonous. Then, she took the fruit and walked up to Ye Mo and carefully helped him up. It was just like yesterday, she continued to press on his chest.

After a while, Ye Mo woke up and looked apologetically at Ning Qingxue. He didnt talk,; he knew he had lost a lot of blood. If he didnt have a way to recover his chi, the result would be unknown.

"Youre awake, quickly eat something. I think youre a bit dehydrated now." Ning Qingxue gave the fruits to Ye Mo in joy.

Ye Mo knew that he had to eat something and took one and started eating.

"Where did you get this? It tastes really good, have you eaten?" Ye Mo felt he had recovered some and asked in surprise.

"Ive already eaten, I just dont like the taste of the fruit. Keep eating, theres another 4." Ning Qingxue passed the rest of them to Ye Mo.

He looked at Ning Qingxues lips and saw that she really seemed to have eaten. Then, he was rest assured and ate the remaining fruits. But at the 5th one, he saw this one seemed to have been bitten once. He looked at her in surprise.

When Ye Mo looked at her, Ning Qingxue quickly said, "I ate a few just then, I dont really like the taste. I just bit one and I dont want it, you wouldnt mind me, right?"

Ye Mo seemed to have understood something and smiled. He didnt talk. Although he didnt know how many Ning Qingxue ate, he knew that Ning Qingxue wouldnt dislike the fruit. Although it was a bit bitter, it still tasted pretty good.

However, he didnt pass it back. If he didnt recover, it would be too dangerous here.

Seeing Ye Mo finish the 5th one, Ning Qingxue finally let out a gasp of relief. She stood up and said, "Ill go out and see if theres anything else that is edible"

She just spoke one sentence and wobbled, almost falling over. She knew that she was too exhausted and couldnt hold much longer.

Ning Qingxue turned around and gave Ye Mo a smile that she was okay. She wanted to find a place to rest and see if she could climb up to that tree 7 or 8 meters high.

However, Ye Mo stood up slowly and held on Ning Qingxues shoulder. He said apologetically, "Sorry, Qingxue, although I dont know how you know Im here, but I probably brought this trouble on you."

Ning Qingxue shook and slowly turned around. It was the first time Ye Mo spoke to her so gently. She could no longer resist the yearning and nervousness in her heart and rushed into Ye Mos arms, "Ye Mo, I I"
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