Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Touched

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"I dont know how to tell you now, but you will know in the future for sure," Ye Mo said awkwardly.

Ning Qingxue eased up and thought was it related to cultivation? She didnt ask when Ye Mo didnt want to continue. Her curiosity wasnt big. After experiencing so many strange things, she had gotten used to it.

After food, Ye Mo packed the things up and asked Ning Qingxue, "Do we leave now or tomorrow?"

Ning Qingxue hesitated, but after seeing that Ye Mo was really asking for her opinion, she was quite happy and even felt staying here was not so bad.

"How about tomorrow, at night, I" Ning Qingxue thought about how she went through the forest at night and still felt scared. She would rather not have that feeling again.

Ye Mo nodded. "Okay, lets go tomorrow morning."

Then, Ye Mo saw that Ning Qingxue still had a frightened expression. He hesitated before asking, "How did you know I fell off the cliff? And when you came, were you scared?"

Ning Qingxue nodded. "I was quite scared these few days but after you taught me how to cultivate, I no longer have that feeling."

"Give me your hand," Ye Mo said as he reached out his hand to Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue nodded, walked in front of Ye Mo, and gave him her hand.

Ye Mo grabbed her hand and felt this sense of fear but it was gradually disappearing. Ye Mo dispelled the remaining Yin qi before gasping a sigh of relief. Even if he didnt help, Ning Qingxue would have gotten rid of it herself if she continued cultivating. But now that he cleansed it, he felt more secure at heart.

"Youre too bold, there are too many hidden dangers here. I really dont know how you got here," Ye Mo said still concerned about Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue told him what she saw in the telescope as well as going back to Ning Hai and when she was attacked on they way.

Ye Mo frowned; the horrifying scream at the sky ditch? Unseen coldness? What was that? Even Ye Mo had never met such things before. There really was too much unknown things in the world.

He thought how Ning Qingxue, a girl, dared to face such horrors and run into the Shen Nong Jia again and felt warm at heart. For another girl, they wouldnt do this no matter what, much less walk alone in the forest at night.

"Qingxue." Ye Mo was touched and hugged Ning Qingxue in his arms. If it wasnt for Ning Qingxue, he might not be able to wake up.

Ning Qingxue was cleansed up by Ye Mos chi and felt very lazy yet comfortable. She relaxed in Ye Mos arms and didnt even want to talk. She just wanted to be like this forever.

After a while, Ning Qingxue thought of Su Jingwens bracelet and said, "I took 3 beads from Su Jingwens bracelet, if possible, can you help me make some for her."

Ye Mo caressed Ning Qingxues hair and immediately agreed. These things were useless against masters, but for normal attacks, they could still defend against them. Plus, he made them when he was Stage 1. Now, he was Stage 3, so the things he made would be stronger.

Seeing that Ye Mo agreed to her request, Ning Qingxue no longer talked and just enjoyed the peace and safety in Ye Mos arms.

After some time, Ye Mo felt Ning Qingxue seemed to be asleep. He took out a foldable bed and put Ning Qingxue on it before taking one of his jacket and putting it on her. Then, he left the tent.

He took out good quality jade and made a bracelet for Su Jingwen. He was no longer poverty stricken now and used 12 beads for this bracelet. Its defensive powers were much better than before.

Then, he used the remaining dark jade and some Deep Sea Button Wood to make a necklace with strong evil repellent powers. Although he wasnt scared of those evil spirits even if he didnt have his spirit sense, Ning Qingxue was still susceptible to them. Luckily, he didnt take his box away. If he did, Ning Qingxue probably wouldnt be alive now.

After doing all these, the day still wasnt bright. Seeing that Ning Qingxue was fast asleep, he didnt disturb her. She was too tense for the past few days, and now that she relaxed, she needed good rest.

Ye Mo walked. He wanted to see if there was a Spirit Sensing Stone here Mo Kang talked about, or the Thousand Year Lotus Seed Heart. However, Ye Mo was disappointed. He searched the entire night and couldnt find anything.

However, he didnt believe Mo Kang would lie to him. It seemed the way he got down the cliff wasnt right, since there were two other sides to the cliff.

In the morning, Ning Qingxue was full of spirit again. She found herself on a bed with Ye Mos clothe on her. She felt touched but thought about that Luo Ying and felt anxious. If Ye Mo found Luo Ying, would he disappear from her sight again?

Then, she thought about her aunt. Ye Mo was in the same tent with her but she shook her head quickly. She was in the same tent with Ye Mo now as well? Ye Mo didnt do anything to her. He was a man of principle. Perhaps she liked this charisma of him.

Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of Chi Wanqing who went to England to study. Her grandma told her to pursue happiness. Ning Qingxue thought of this sentence and seemed to understand it.

"Youre awake, lets eat something and go" Just when Ning Qingxue was still lost in thought, Ye Mo came into the tent.

Before Ye Mo finished, he stopped. The morning ray shone randomly onto Ning Qingxues body making her seem lazy yet enticing. The thin virgin hair next to her ears could be seen clearly, making her seem stunningly beautiful.

Seeing that Ye Mo was stunned looking at her, Ning Qingxue looked down in embarrassment. She was scared of Ye Mo coming. She knew that she had no rejection of Ye Mo at all. In the depths of her heart, she hoped that Ye Mo would come over and put her in his arms.

Ye Mo walked over and gently put Ning Qingxue in his arms. Ning Qingxue stuck closely to Ye Mos chest. Her heart was thumping hard. At this moment, her thoughts were in a mess, and she didnt know what she should think about.

She could even hear her heart beating quickly. She didnt know if Ye Mo could hear it too; she just wanted to control it but found that her heart wouldnt listen to her.

Of course, Ye Mo could feel Ning Qingxues heart beat, though he didnt know why her heart was beating so fast. She gradually became soft and hot in his arms. Even though Ye Mo havent done it before, he kind of understood what was happening. An aromatic smell emanated from Ning Qingxues body with heat as it rushed into Ye Mos nose. Ye Mo almost couldnt hold it.

Ning Qingxue also heard Ye Mos breathing become coarse, which caused her heart to beat even faster. She wanted to get out from Ye Mos arms, but she discovered that she had no strength left at all. In the end, she just hugged Ye Mos waist. If Ye Mo was going to do something, she would let him be. She was his wife anyways; regardless whether it was real or fake, she wouldnt mind.

Feeling Ning Qingxue go deeper into his arms, Ye Mo focused his mind and exhaled. Before he found Luo Ying, he couldnt do anything that would betray her.

"Qingxue, I made this last night. Bring it to Jingwen." Ye Mo took out the bracelet and ruined the awkward moment.

Ning Qingxue felt relieved and was a little grateful to Ye Mo. But at the same time, there was this faint disappointment in her heart. She couldnt even explain her feelings. But now that Ye Mo changed the topic, she quickly sat up, brushed her hair aside and picked up the bracelet Ye Mo passed over.

"This bracelet is so exquisite," Ning Qingxue exclaimed and had forgotten about what just happened.

She subconsciously looked at Ye Mos hand. There was only this bracelet, nothing else. She was a little disappointed since Ye Mo didnt give anything to her.

However, she quickly adjusted her mood and played with this bracelet around. Meanwhile, she was thinking, Jingwen must love this bracelet to death. There was a faint aura on it and a serene feeling.

"This is for you, Ill help you wear it." Ye Mo took out a necklace.

Ning Qingxue quickly put away the bracelet and cupped the necklace with her two hands. She was ashamed of her thoughts before. How could Ye Mo not have anything for her? The box from before, although Ye Mo didnt say it, but he gave it to her.

"Its so pretty" Ning Qingxue cupped the necklace. She counted the jade beads that totalle 52. This necklace was countless times better in both quality and beauty than the bracelet. Ning Qingxue held that in her hands and felt comfortable and serene.

"Ye Mo, thank you This is the prettiest present I got." Ning Qingxue couldnt resist the excitement and rushed into Ye Mos arms again.

Ye Mos just quenched fire was suddenly reignited by Ning Qingxue. He looked down and saw the opening at Ning Qingxues collar revealing the deep white trench. He couldnt help to reach his hand inside.
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