Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Danger Again

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"Ye Mo" Ning Qingxue looked up. She was exploding with joy after receiving the necklace crafted by Ye Mo himself. She just wanted Ye Mo to help her put it on but saw Ye Mo put his hands through her collar. She subconsciously screamed but as soon as she did, she regretted it.

Ye Mo was startled. He found his hands had touched Ning Qingxues chest. It was soft and smooth, and he almost couldnt control himself. If Ning Qingxue didnt scream, perhaps he wouldve grabbed hold of it.

He quickly let go of his hands and looked apologetically and awkwardly at Ning Qingxue. After a long while, he said, "Sorry, I almost couldnt control myself."

Ning Qingxues face was bursting with redness. She was a little annoyed. This idiot, if you want to touch it, then touch it why say it out, why talk about it. She buried her head into Ye Mos chest again. She was hopeful and joyful, but a little worried at the same time. Her feelings were very confused.

But soon, she decided that since Ye Mo did that, it meant that he liked her too. Otherwise, he wouldnt be like that. When he was treating her wounds and she took off her shirt, he didnt do anything to her. But now, it meant that he liked her.

Ning Qingxue waited a while but didnt feel Ye Mo move again. She looked up with confusion but just saw Ye Mo looking at her with awkwardness of his face. Ning Qingxue opened her mouth and wanted to say she didnt mind but she really couldnt. s|he cursed at Ye Mo for being so dumb, did she have to ask for it?

"Ill help you put this on." Ye Mo broke the awkwardness and took the necklace from Ning Qingxues hands and helped her put it on.

"Is it pretty?" Ning Qingxue looked and asked.

"Very pretty," Ye Mo praised from the bottom of his heart. The beads he used pearls and resonated with Ning Qingxues skin colour. Ning Qingxue who was already extremely pretty was made more royal and gorgeous with this necklace.

"Its really pretty, thank you Ye Mo." Ning Qingxue looked at the necklace that reflected of white luminosity. The more she looked, the more she liked it.

Ning Qingxues unintentional actions almost made Ye Mo unable to control himself, but he thought about Luo Ying and resisted his urges. He then took out water and breakfast.

The two finished breakfast and Ye Mo packed everything up before carrying Ning Qingxue on his back and tying her to himself. Then, he was about to leave.

Ning Qingxue felt warm and safe on Ye Mos back. It was like heaven compared to her walking in the forest by herself at night.

"Be careful, theres this cat like thing which seems to be very strong," Ning Qingxue reminded.

Ye Mo smiled. "I already killed it last night. I dont know what animal it is, but its certainly very fast. I went for it last night because it almost killed you, as such, the first thing I did last night was to kill that guy."

As he spoke, he felt the softness of Ning Qingxues body, causing his heart to burn with fire. He thought his self control was getting worse and worse. If he used this mentality to Foundation Establishment, he wouldnt succeed for sure.

Hearing Ye Mos words, Ning Qingxue felt warm at heart and just made a low mhm sound and stopped talking. After a long while, she continued, "Actually, I wasnt angry in the morning. In fact, in fact I also like"

Her voice got low until even Ye Mo couldnt hear it.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to talk, he stopped. There were two bloodied bodies at his feet, obviously they fell from the top of the cliff not long ago.

Ye Mos heart sunk. There seemed to be more people here. He was scared that Ning Qingxue would be frightened by this and immediately said, "Qingxue, close your eyes first. Open them after we go up."

Ning Qingxue didnt need Ye Mo to remind her. She had closed her eyes already. As long as she was with Ye Mo, she wouldnt worry about anything else.

Ye Mo walked towards where Ning Qingxue came down and put the rope in his ring. It seemed not bad; he didnt know what it was made from.

Since there were people up there, he needed to be careful. If there came another Earth Level master like Bian Po, he would be no match for him even though he just got a little power boost, much less now that he was carrying Ning Qingxue.

Ye Mo looked up and saw nothing but mist. Other than some sun light shining down, he couldnt see anything. He really didnt know how Ning Qingxue got down. A girl like her could come to this step, regardless of whether he found Luo Ying in the end, Ye Mo had made up his mind that he wouldnt let this girl on his back get hurt for her entire life.

This cliff wasnt hard for Ye Mo. Even though he was carrying Ning Qingxue, it wasnt hard if he wanted to go up. After all, unlike ordinary ancient martial artists, he had Wind Controlling Technique.

This was why both he and Bian Po fell off the cliff but Bian Po was killed by him. If it was on the cliff, he was no match for Bian Po, but once both of them fell off, he could kill Bian Po. This was the difference between ancient martial artists and Dao cultivators.

The 1 km high cliff was very steep, but it wasnt hard for Ye Mo at all. He used Wind Controlling Technique and he seemed to be blown up by the wind onto a rock surface. He paused for a moment and used another one onto a higher rock.

After tens of times repeating this, he was a few hundred meters high.

Ning Qingxue felt wind brush past and subconsciously opened her eyes but realized she was flying on Ye Mos back. Even the mist was under her feet. For a moment, she forgot about her fear of heights and had an impulse for wanting to fly.

But soon, she looked down and felt dizzy. They were already this high. This cliff was so high, and she really didnt know how she got down last night.

Ning Qingxue was sure that if she had to come down again, she wouldnt dare. She actually did all this last night; the more she thought, the more she felt this wasnt something she did.

She subconsciously hugged Ye Mo closer. She felt extremely safe on Ye Mos back. Perhaps only this man would make her feel safe and sound.

Ye Mo noticed Ning Qingxues movements, so he turned around and said, "Dont be scared, there might be people at the top, we need to be careful."

"Mhm, Im not scared when Im with you," Ning Qingxue immediately replied.

Ye Mo took a small break and used Wind Controlling Technique again another hundred times before stopping. He could faintly hear fighting at the top of the cliff. Ye Mo thought there were people there indeed. It seemed quite a lot of people knew about the Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit, but he just didnt know what sort of level of people came this time.

When Ye Mo rose up another 200 meters, he could clearly scan the two fighting at the top.

One was a man in his 50s had triangular eyes and a bald head. The other one was a nun in her 30s; she seemed very pretty but cold and aloof. She had horsetail whisk as her weapon, and each of her attacks were aimed at the baldys vitals.

The baldys sword wasnt any bit weaker than the womans horsetail whisk.

Seeing the two fight, Ye Mo was shocked. From the way they fought, Ye Mo knew they werent worse than Bian Po. Two Earth Level masters? Ye Mo was shocked; one was already too much for him, but now there was 2; if he was caught, he would certainly be dead.

The two people both seemed to have felt Ye Mos spirit sense and both looked at Ye Mos position. Ye Mos heart sunk, not good.
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