Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Secret Plans

Translator: Timothy Editor: Chrissy
Ning Hai, Su Jingwen had her eyebrows locked in a frown while sitting in the same room with her mother.

She didnt expect her cousin would suddenly propose to her through her mother and even wanted to settle things by October 1st. this made her very annoyed not knowing how to deal with it.

She was very grateful to her cousin Xie Weizheng because he also stayed with her and played with her. However. she only held brotherly feelings to him, not the love between lovers.

This was why she rejected her cousins invites a few times. It wasnt to say that she didnt notice this beforehand, but she felt that she wasnt prepared at least not now.

Su Jingwens mother, Mu An, originally thought Su Jingwen wouldnt reject because when Xie Weizheng came back, she was the happiest person. However, she didnt expect her daughter to frown and say she hadnt thought about it. It was obvious she wasnt shy but really didnt think about it.

Although Mu An really liked XIe Weizheng, it was her daughters business, so she could only provide suggestions. If Su JIngwen really didnt want to, she wouldnt force her.

"Jingwen, this concerns your entire life. Youre not young anymore, and I can only give you advice. Xie Weizheng is good looking and a doctor from America. Main thing is, hes still the same all these years hes been at America. I wont say anymore, just think about it yourself. This is you young peoples business. Sigh" Mu An seemed to have thought of her own unfortunate marriage. Although Su Jingwen was so old, she and her father was no better than strangers.

Seeing her mother walk out, Su Jingwen also sighed as she rubbed her forehead. She didnt know how to reject her cousin. Although her mother said her cousin hadnt changed, she felt her cousin was too possessive. Perhaps in his heart, he felt she belonged to him, and this made Su Jingwen reject the notion subconsciously. However, her cousin was so much better than that Wang Peng.

Even if he was to have such feeling, he had to wait at least until she was his lover. But now, she really only had brotherly feelings towards him.

Su Jingwen remembered last time when her cousin tried to force her to accept the bracelet. That made her uncomfortable, and she subconsciously looked at her bracelet with only two beads and thought about Ning Qingxue. She said she was going to a dangerous place last time, and she wondered if she had come back.

Su Jingwen called Ning Qingxue but the line was dead. Did something happen to her? Su JIngwen thought. She could no longer resist and was going to call Li Mumei and ask.

At this moment, her phone rang. Su Jingwen picked up and heard the voice. She immediately screamed in surprise, "Qingxue, youre back? Where are you? Okay, Ill come over immediately."


Beijing Song Family.

Song Qiming, the leader, had a serious face as he sat on the leader chair in the meeting room. Even the old man of the family, Song Yuanyi, came to this meeting. However, even though Song Yuanyi was Song Qimings father, he still sat on a chair lower than Song Qiming. This meant that Song QIming was completely responsible for this family meeting.

But, other than the Song Family, there were two people who werent from the Song Family at this meeting. One was a very handsome man in his 30s with white skin and looked scholarly. Another was an old man in his 60s with a red face yet a shining black hair. His hair seemed to be tied up while his eyelids seemed sunken. This hair was very strange in modern society.

"Our Song Family appears to be glamorous, but were actually shaking under the weather," Song Qiming said and scanned all the Song Family members before continuing, "Ye Mo, I believe everyone knows, slaps our face again and again and even killed three of our direct lineage members. However, we didnt even dare to seek revenge. If this continues, we would crumble ourselves."

Song QImings face got more serious.

"Qiming said the danger, now everyone think of a plan. Our Song Family had underwent so much troubles, can we not even overcome this little problem?" the one talking was Song Yuanyi.

Song Qiming nodded. "Other than our family members today, there are also Ou Feng from the Ou Family and Li Mingqiang predecessor. Ou Family was almost annihilated entirely by Ye Mo due to a small thing. The two tigers of the Ou family were killed by him as well.

"Li Mingqiang predecessors disciple Hu Qiu was also killed by Ye Mo. It could be said Ye Mo loves killing and is full of blood on his hands. Now, our Song Family is in conflict with him and I believe the next to fall will be our Song Family. If we cant prevent this, were not far from death."

Song Qiming finished and Ou Fengs face was pale as he clenched his fists. He didnt say anything, but from how his body was shaking, it could be seen how angry he was.

The old man suddenly opened his eyes and sneered. "The young people now are getting cockier. Just because he has some power, he shows off everywhere. Hu Qiu is my disciple. If I dont kill this bastard and get revenge for my disciple, then what have I been studying martial arts for?"

"Predecessor Li, dont worry, we also want to kill Ye Mo as soon as possible, but this person is quite strong. If were going to attack, we need to succeed with one strike. We must not let him have a chance to breathe. Plus, Mr. Hu Qiu also died due to our Song Family. We wont stand by in this issue," A man sitting on the left from the Song Family bowed and said.

Originally, the Song Family was asking for Li Mingqiangs help, but after he said that, it became the Song Family helping Li Mingqiang.

Li Mingqiang was old and astute, how could he not tell? He glared coldly at the man but didnt say anything.

Song Qiming reproached, however, "Song Hu, shut up. Stop using your little tactics, Predecessor Li Mingqiang came to help our Song Family this time."

Song Hu put in the effort but didnt get any good result. His face burst red as he sat aside not saying anything.

Song Hai stood up and said, "Leader, Predecessor Li, this Ye Mo is indeed no ordinary person. Other than Predecessor Li, no one from our Song Family is a match for him. Plus, we cant use proper means against him because he actually became the head instructor of Flying Snow. However, there is someone who can take him on. If leader wants to see him, I can bring him here immediately."

"Who? Invite him in quickly." Song Qiming was troubled for not having a way to deal with Ye Mo, but now that someone said they had a way, how could he not be desperate?

Although he knew Li Mingqiang was strong, he wasnt sure if Li Mingqiang was enough for Ye Mo. After all, even that tiger from the Ou family was killed by Ye Mo. Ye Mo was so strong that he was starting to get scary. Plus, he couldnt use the countrys power against Ye Mo. Even if he could, was Ye Mo someone who could be fought with numbers?

Just when everyone was guessing, Song Hai brought in a skinny middle-aged man. He was in his 40s, triangle eyes, long eyebrows. He walked in the meeting room of a top family in China but was very much at ease.

"Leader, this is Dongfang Xi. He found us not long ago and wishes to help us against Ye Mo," Song Hai introduced Dongfang Xi briefly and retreated.

Song Qiming stood up. "Dongfang Xi? Were you the head advisor of Nan Qing, the person who lead Nan Qing to establish a base at Sai Na?"

Dongfang Xi smiled like an ancient man as he saluted with his fists. "Indeed,its me, I didnt expect my humble name to be in the ears of the Song Family leader, its my honor."

"Please sit, please sit." Song Qiming knew about Dongfang XI. When Nan Qing was still struggling to start up and when even Qian Longtou was running around for his life, Dongfang Xi appeared. He settled the score all by himself. Countless plans came from his head and eventually lead to the formation of the largest mafia in asia, Nan Qing. It could be said that Nan Qing was a mafia that even a country couldnt do anything about. This was all due to Dongfang Xi.

Song Qiming heard that Dongfang Xi frequently sigh. "I regret not being able to be born in the three kingdoms and settle the score with Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi." [1]

From this, it could be seen what great goals he harbored. However, under the new political system, he was unable to put his talent to use. He wasnt from a big family, so he couldnt go in the political field. Thus, he could only help Qian Longtou to become a small emperor but this dream was shattered by Ye Mo. It could be said that the person Dongfang Xi hated the most now was Ye Mo.

Dongfang Xi sat down with ease and said, "Is the Song Family leader troubled because of Ye MO?"

Song Qiming had heard so much about Dongfang Xis big name. Now that he asked, he said straight up, "Indeed, the Song Family is quite troubled now. We cant do anything about Ye Mo, please help us Dongfang brother."

Dongfang Xi smiled. "Since I came, I came to help the Song Family. Plus, I already have great enmity with him; even if I dont, I cant bear to see someone so cocky. But before this, I want to know what trump cards the Song Family has."

[1] TL note: Zhuge Liang was renowned as the smartest tactitian, being able to predict the enemys every move. Sima Yi was the same but slightly inferior to Zhuge Liang.
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