Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Don't Try to Guess a Girl's Heart

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"You also come from the sky ditch?" Wang Kailin asked.

"Yeah, the Zhang Qiang you are looking for came from my tourist group. He was the one who stepped on the ground when the ditch appeared," Ning Qingxue replied but she immediately remembered that this was related to her. If Zhang Qiang didnt try to show off in front of her, perhaps that sky ditch wouldnt appear.

Ye Mo turned and said, "Ill go there now and turn it into dust, are you scared?"

Ning Qingxue shook her head. "As long as Im with you, Im not scared at all."

If she had to walk that path again, she would rather die. However, it was different when she was with Ye Mo. And, she felt very sweet. Ye Mo was going to destroy that thing because she was frightened.

Ye Mo looked at Wang Kailin and said, "If youre not scared, then come with us; if you are, then stay here."

Wang Kailin saw that Ye Mo seemed to be walking around very easy here with Ning Qingxue on his back. Most importantly, Ye Mo gave him a magical artefact.

From this, it could be seen that Ye Mo was no ordinary person. If he stayed here by himself, it would be suffering. Plus, even a girl like Ning Qingxue wasnt afraid, so why would a man like him be.

Thinking about this Wang Kailin replied, "Im not afraid, if you dare to go back, I dare to go with you."

Ye Mo looked at Wang Kailin with praise. "Not bad, you have some guts. In that case, lets go."

They returned the way they came from.

Ye Mo didnt travel at full power but was still much faster than Ning Qingxue. Wang Kailin could also barely follow. The way that Ning Qingxue took a whole night and a few hours to travel was done by Ye Mo and Wang Kailin in a few hours.

At 3 pm, they were near the sky ditch.

"People had already come." Ye Mo immediately noticed that tens of meters from the sky ditch were barricaded. It seemed something happened later and people werent allowed to enter here.

Wang Kailin looked at the pitch black sky ditch and still felt terror. Ning Qingxue only dared to secretly look at the sky ditch from Ye Mos shoulders.

"Hmm, I dont seem to have that feeling anymore." Wang Kailin immediately felt that he didnt have that sense of terror today.

Ye Mo knew that even if it was some sort of evil spirit, it wouldnt dare to come due to his yang chi. Plus, those things may be very dangerous to normal people, but it was nothing for him.

His spirit sense could detect any hidden thing as long as the thing wasnt in a higher state than him. It was just as though his invisibility could trick many people, but in the cultivation realm, this low level invisibility was completely useless.

"We can leave from here, Qingxue, Ill send you out first, Ill go in there and have a look," Ye Mo said. Before Ning Qingxue could reply, Wang Kailin was worried; why would Ye Mo dare to go in and look?

Ning Qingxue bit her lips and said stubbornly, "No, Im staying with you."

The reason Ye Mo wanted to go in the sky ditch and look was to destroy the thing that scared Ning Qingxue, but he was scared Ning Qingxue would be frightened by the scene in the sky ditch. Now that Ning Qingxue wanted to go with him, he immediately cancelled the plan and said, "In that case, lets leave."

Wang Kailin let out a deep sigh of relief after hearing Ye Mo decided not to go. He was really afraid Ye Mo would go down there, but at the same time, he admired Ye Mos courage.

Ye Mo also had his own plans. He wasnt afraid of the dangers there. To him, this danger was nothing compared to Earth Level masters. He was afraid those two Earth Level masters would chase here. Although the possibility was small, it could still happen.

After the three left the bush, there were more barricades outside. People were starting to come, and Ye Mo said to Wang Kailin, "I wont leave with you. People outside are coming, its best you dont say a word about seeing me, goodbye."

Wang Kailin looked at Ye Mos disappearing figure in shock. He still didnt know what Ye Mo was called. He only knew that he was strong, quite bold and gave him an artefact of unknown level.

He saved his life but since he asked him not tell talk about it, Wang Kailin wouldnt. Just when he wanted to flip the fence, he saw people coming. There were more than ten people. He felt relieved because he was finally out of danger. That horrifying forest petrified him quite a bit.

But at this moment, he heard that sharp howl again. The bleakness that chilled the bone came again. It was the same sound he heard last time. That shrieking howl was much stronger than last time. He immediately had this sense of helpless fear.

Not only was the sound much stronger, even that bleak feeling was way stronger than before. He immediately knew that bleak feeling didnt disappear. It was probably afraid of that young man who saved him, and now that Ye Mo was gone, he was finished.

Just when Wang Kailin wanted to run, that bleakness closed up on him quick. Wang Kailin felt as though he soul was being pulled away but he couldnt move at all. The people coming for him were still a few hundred meters away. a sense of hopelessness filled his heart.

Suddenly, Wang Kailin felt that jade necklace at his chest emit a pale yellow light. Then, a more sharper shriek sounded not far from him. it seemed as though it was injured and disappeared instantly. And that feeling of his soul getting pulled away also went away too. At this moment, he saw more than ten soldiers run to him with guns.

Wang Kailin took a deep sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He took out the jade necklace YE Mo gave him. he now knew that not only was this a magic artefact but also a very high level one. This would be worth at least millions in the shops but that young man gave it to him so easily. Too bad he didnt get to know him.

This was the second time Ye Mo saved his life.

At this moment, Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue had left Shen Nong Jia mountain district and went into the nearest town. He put down Ning Qingxue and took her to the shop buying her a t shirt and long pants as well as a pair of shoes. Then, the two left the town.

"Where are we going?" Ning Qingxue could finally stay with Ye Mo now and YE Mos attitude towards her had changed. There was only joy in her heart. No matter where Ye Mo wanted to go, she would follow.

Ye Mo thought for a while before saying: "I still have some things I need to do. After Im done, I will go Ning Hai. Ive planted some silver leaf grass there. How about I send you back first and come find you after Im done."

Ning Qingxue smiled sweetly, "I actually live at Ning Hai. Are those precious things of yours called silver leaf grass? I know, before I left, I asked Xu Wei to help look after it. Dont worry. Ill go to Ning Hai and look after your silver leaf grass and wait for you to come back.."

Ning Qingxue grabbed Ye Mos hand like a wife. She was a little worried he wouldnt come back for a long time.

Ye Mo thought of the bloodied silver heart grass last time and clutched Ning Qingxues hands closely, "Qingxue, youre really dumb. You actually used your own body to protect a small grass, what if youre hurt? If I didnt happen to come back last time, I really dont dare to think about the consequences. Even if I kill the entire Song family, so what?"

"mhm.." Ning Qingxue replied quietly. She felt sweet because of Ye Mos concern. After a while, she said: " I actually dont regret it. At that time, I only know you liked that grass a lot but I hurt you again and again. I just wanted to help you keep something that was useful to you. Other than that grass, I didnt know what I could do for you. Sometimes, I really feel Im useless.."

"I wont allow you to do something so stupid again, I dont care about that grass, okay?" Ye Mo pitifully held Ning Qingxues hands. A girl loved him whole heartedly.

"I know, I know you wont care, I could even eat that face preserving fruit whenever I want.... Sometimes, dont spoil me too much. Im afraid that feeling would suddenly disappear, i.." Ning Qingxues voice grew soft. The nicer Ye Mo was to her, the more she worried that she would suddenly lose it one day. She wanted herself to be useful to Ye Mo and not be his burden.

"Stupid, dont think like this anymore. You know I wont suddenly disappear in front of you. Before was before, now is now. Its different, okay?" Ye Mo looked at the extremely vibrant and beautiful Ning Qingxue and felt more loving at heart.

Seeing Ning Qingxue not talk, Ye Mo talked slowly: "I will make the Song family disappear, dont worry."

"No, I dont care about that. Everything is fine as long as you come back."
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