Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Returning to the Sky Ditch

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
After the fight with Bian Po, Ye Mo knew that his power compared to top masters was a far cry. Although he almost died, he still benefitted some.

Other than getting the Face Preserving Fruit and the Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seeds, he had a better understanding of himself. His current power was at most the same as Black Level peak stage ancient martial artists.

Ye Mo had opened the snow lotus and checked. There were 9 seeds, but the rest were gone. Perhaps they were eaten by birds or fell off themselves. However, Ye Mo was already very satisfied with 9. He just needed a cauldron to concoct pills.

After sending Ning Qingxue away, he bought a ticket to Gui Lin. After all, the things he was doing now was too dangerous. It would not be very convenient to take Ning Qingxue with him.

Ye Mo took the train due to a few reasons. One was because there was no direct flight from where he lived to Gui Lin, and another was he hadnt had a good sleep for a while now, so he wanted to sleep on the train.

Compared to most other passengers, Ye Mos hands were empty. Other people all had big or small bags.

So when Ye Mo was getting his ticket check, people subconsciously stayed away from him but Ye Mo didnt care about that.

Just when Ye Mo was getting his ticket checked, a voice called out to him, "Is it Ye Mo ahead? Wait up."

Ye Mo stopped, thinking Ning Qingxue had gone back to Ning Hai, who else here knew him? But soon, he saw who it was. It was a journalist, with a backpack and a camera hanging off her neck.

Ye Mo had seen her before, she was called Xiao Lei. He met her when he went to Flowing Snake. She was very bold and dared to go anywhere dangerous. Ye Mo didnt even need to think to know that she came here to interview about the sky ditch and Shen Nong Jia.

"Its you, whats the matter?" Ye Mo turned around and asked.

As a famous journalist, she had seen all sorts of people but never has she been lost for words. She didnt know how to reply to Ye Mos question.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "If you dont have anything, Im going on the train, good bye."

"Huh Wait, I have something." Xiao Lei reacted. Ye Mo was her hero, the hero who saved her life. She finally met him, so how could she let him go just like that?

"Whats the matter?" Ye Mo wasnt in too much of a rush, there were a few minutes before the train drove off.

"Yes, oh, by the way, I havent been able to thank you last time for saving me. I finally met you now, so I want to invite you to food." Then, she realized she was really dumb. Ye Mo obviously had train tickets in his hands but she asked him out for food.

As expected, Ye Mo waved the ticket in his hand and said, "Thats no big deal, dont worry about it. Youre probably going to do interviews at the sky ditch, arent you? I have one suggestion, its up to you if you listen or not. I advise you to not go in and stay away from the sky ditch."

"Huh, you also know about the Sky ditch? It should be fine now; a lot of journalists have been there, but now, they dont let us in yet. However, theyve sent cameras inside and said theres a cauldron like thing. They got a lot of images, and the specialists are analyzing it now. Its said that it could be from the Qing Dynasty, so this sky ditch may be a tomb from the Qing Dynasty." Xiao Lei saw that Ye Mo was going but she had no reason for him not to go so she tried to find something to talk about.

Ye Mo was originally just listening to her out of politeness. After all, it would be too rude to walk off when she was talking. However, Xiao Leis words grabbed his attention. It was a cauldron, and he happened to be missing a cauldron. He just didnt know if it was for concocting pills.

Thinking about this Ye Mo asked, "Do you know how big the cauldron is?"

Seeing that Ye Mo seemed to be interested in this, she quickly said, "We dont know yet now, but I have some pictures now. Then, she took off her bag and started going through it.

Ye Mo subconsciously walked in front of Xiao Lei. His heart was pumping. If that cauldron in the sky ditch really was a concocting pill cauldron, then he wouldnt need to go look for one. Although Ye Mo had the material to craft a cauldron too, the cauldron he made with his current power would be far from enough to concoct pills such as Face Preserving Pill. Moreover, the materials to make the cauldron were relatively precious and hard to find.

Xiao Lei squatted on the ground, and the stunning view at her collar was exposed. Although Ye Mo was standing next to her and could see easily with one glance, his mind wasnt focused on this. He was staring closely at her hands. To him, the cauldron was the most important thing.

The moment Xiao Lei took out the pictures, Ye Mo took it immediately. Although it wasnt very clear, but it could be seen that it was indeed a cauldron.

Although it wasnt clear, he saw a ditch next to the cauldron. That was where the waste went. This was a concocting pill cauldron for sure.

Ye Mos heart thudded with joy. He didnt expect a cauldron to appear in front of his eyes just when he was thinking about one. At this moment, his impression of Xiao Lei rose drastically.

"Were these taken at the sky ditch?" Ye Mo took the photo and asked.

"Yeah," Xiao Lei replied immediately. Then, she said, "I came to pick up a co-worker but didnt expect to meet you here. Im really lucky, if youre not busy, I want to invite you to food, I will pay for your ticket later."

Since he saw the cauldron, Ye Mo wouldnt be leaving for sure. Now that Xiao Lei said that, he immediately nodded."Haha, the train has probably started now. You dont need to pay for me, see if your co-worker has come."

Xiao Lei turned around and saw a man and a woman carrying bags walking over. She quickly waved her hands and said, "Bai Jie, Chu Dong, here."

"Xiao Lei, is this your boyfriend? We took a photo for you guys just then." The girl walked up to the two and shook hands with Ye Mo. "Hello, Im Bai Jie, Xiao Leis co worker."

Ye Mo then shook hands with Chu Dong before saying, "Im Ye Mo, I just met her not too long ago."

"Then, you must work harder, Xiao Lei is the beauty of our channel. The people wooing her could line up and fill an entire street. Although youre not bad, but you still need to work hard." Bai Jie already started joking with Ye Mo.

Xiao Lei quickly punched Bai Jie, "Bai Jie stop it, stop saying weird things. Lets go, food is on me today. Ye Mo saved my life, its not what you think."

Chu Dong remembered and quickly said, "Ye Mo, is he the master who saved you last time at Flowing Snake? Ive been longing to see you."

Even Bai Jie looked at Ye Mo differently; obviously, hes value was many folds higher now.

Xiao Lei pulled them away helplessly. She regretted telling everyone about it now.

After he was forced to eat with the three, Ye Mo had to leave behind his number and take down theirs before he had a chance to go.

Xiao Lei was very disappointed, however. She finally managed to ask Ye Mo out, but they just ate and it was with her co-workers. There was no development at all.

"No way, Xiao Lei, you really into him?" Bai Jie saw the lost face Xiao Lei had after Ye Mo left and joked. Xiao Lei shook her head. She didnt really like him, but it was a feeling she couldnt describe. Compared to Ye Mo, the Wang Qianjun who left her behind was trash. However, she knew that no matter from which aspect, she was much worse than Ning Qingxue. And, Ning Qingxue was his legal wife. If she didnt happen to meet him today, she wouldnt go look for him.

"Lets go, Ill tell you guys about the sky ditch. If were successful, perhaps we can go in this afternoon. Theres not only journalist from our channel, so the competition is very intense. I hope we can make the most fascinating report and beat the other channels," Xiao Lei said.

When Ye Mo returned to the Shen Nong Jia, it was surrounded by troops with real guns. Many machines were digging. and any obstacles were removed. By the looks of it, perhaps it would only take half a day before they neared the sky ditch.

The journalists surrounded the outside tried to take photos.

Ye Mo noticed that there were some masters here, but the highest one was only Black Level elementary stage. He could avoid them with invisibility as long as he didnt use chi.

It was only a few minutes and Ye Mo got by the machines and came to the sky ditch again. Although it was just tens of meters away from the outside open space, the sound seemed to be turned off as soon as he came here. Everything was dead silent.
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