Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Shen Nong

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
A bleak wind flew past Ye Mos ear. Ye Mo immediately knew this wasnt wind but something real. His spirit sense scanned and there was a faint shadow in the sky ditch.

At this moment, the digging sound from outside seemed louder. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in the sky ditch. There was an area of about 70 meters. There was a stand, but he couldnt see what was below the stand.

Although Ye Mo didnt really believe ghosts and ghouls, he wouldnt believe the words of those bullsh*t specialists. Each time there was an unexplainable phenomenon, it would be due to magnetic fields or some other bullsh*t.

There were too many unexplainable things in the world, and Ye Mo, who came from the cultivation realm, knew more unexplainable things there. In Ye Mos view, this was due to there being less spirit chi in the world. Spirit chi could make everything grow and become intelligent. Without spirit chi, the things in the world would lose its special attributes.

Although Ye Mo felt there was an evil spirit he couldnt see here, he didnt mind. His spirit sense could feel it. Plus, this evil spirit had a natural fear towards him.

Ye Mo jumped down the sky ditch and landed on the stand. He immediately saw a camera and threw a fireball without hesitation, burning the camera to ashes.

He jumped from the stand and landed on the ground. As soon as he did, he saw numerous bodies. They died not long ago. This place was indeed strange.

He scanned out his spirit sense. This place wasnt like what Xiao Lei said, an ancient tomb. It was a dried up river bed.

There were stones and sand everywhere. There were also some ancient bones and rotten plants. Ye Mo cared about the cauldron the most. He found the cauldron very soon at another stand. It was left there alone.

Ye Mo came to this stand and just when he wanted to pick it up, he felt an animosity struck from beside. He immediately knew it was that evil spirit before. Even Ye Mo didnt know what it really was. If it was a ghost, why did it have a shadow; if it was an animal, why could it only be seen by spirit sense?

Ye Mos main purpose here was the cauldron, but now that he was attacked by the spirit, he was furious. Plus, this thing scared Ning Qingxue before. Perhaps the numerous corpses here were related to it.

Killing intent rose as he immediately surrounded the shadow with his chi and threw multiple fireballs at it.

It seemed that the evil spirit could only scare people and disappear; when it met a real cultivator like Ye Mo, it couldnt resist at all.

There was a sharp shriek and it turned to dust.

Ye Mo was disappointed. It was that easy? He didnt even try and this thing was gone. No wonder a charm he made at Stage 1 Chi Gathering could stop it. This thing could only stay in the sky ditch; if it left, even an ancient martial artists could kill it by sensing qi.

But even though Ye Mo killed it, he still didnt know what it was. At least, Ye Mo knew there was no cultivators here.

Ye Mo didnt pay anymore attention to it. He picked up that cauldron, but soon, he was disappointed. This cauldron was just a model. In other words, it was just something carved out of stone, placed here like a sign.

Ye Mo shook his head and put it back down. He followed the river bed and walked down another 100 meters. Then, a huge stone door a few meters wide appeared.

Was this really a tomb? It was obviously a dried up river bed though?

He pushed the door, but there was no movement. This door wasnt something he could move with his current power. Ye Mo pulled out that long sword from his ring and sliced 4 times towards the middle.

The stone door was cut open like tofu. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in, but the inside was filled with rotten air.

There was no danger. Ye Mo walked in and there were rows of rotten wooden shelves. There were lots of ceramic vases, wooden vases and even jade vases. With the wind Ye Mo brought in, the rotten shelves all crumbled.

Ye Mo brushed away the dust and started to look around carefully. The first to appear in his eyes was a middle-sized cauldron. Ye Mo checked it and discovered that it was not a model but a real cauldron.

It had a dragon head on each side, with an opening at the waist and a lid. It was a well-equipped cauldron. It was the exact same as the model. Ye Mo rejoiced and picked it up. It was a good cauldron indeed, and it concocted quite a lot of pills. Even after so many years, he could still smell a faint herbal smell.

This was a good thing, but Ye Mo could tell that it didnt come from the cultivation realm. Even he didnt know what material it was made from, but it was definitely top material. The craftsmanship was also top notch, but it didnt have formation markings on it. Obviously, it wasnt used in the cultivation realm, but Ye Mo had the feeling this cauldron wasnt so simple.

Ye Mo gathered the situation and made a guess. A long time ago, this place might be a hidden sect that concocted pills. In front of the sect was a river, but something happened and the river dried up. This sect was also buried underground. Pity he only got a cauldron.

Ye Mo washed the cauldron clean, which showed an ancient model. Then, Ye Mo found the words Shen Nong at the bottom. Was this the cauldron used by the ancestor of chineses Shen Nong? If thats the case, then this cauldron was worth a fortune. Luckily, he came here first.

With the cauldron, he could do many things. As long as he had enough herbs, he could concoct pills. This way, he would cultivate much faster. Ye Mo looked around the herbs that turned to dust around him and felt heartache. It was such a pity. He looked around carefully, but there really was nothing here. Ye Mo was satisfied he got a cauldron here and was prepared to leave.

But at this moment, he turned around and saw that a stone person had appeared at the door. Ye Mo frowned, did he not see if before? Also, he didnt take care when he went in; he didnt seem to remember seeing this stone person. This stone person seemed to have appeared after he took the cauldron. Indeed, this was quite eerie.

Even so, Ye Mo didnt care, he already destroyed an evil spirit just then, so he wouldnt care about a mere stone person.

Ye mo walked over and scanned with his spirit sense. This stone person didnt have anything peculiar, and below it seemed to be an incense pot. Ye Mo walked in front of it and carefully moved the stone person away. However, as soon as Ye Mo moved the stone person, he felt the ground shake. Not good, if Ye Mo still didnt know this stone person was a trap switch by now, he would be too dumb.

As soon as the thought appeared, Ye Mo heard a large rumble from outside. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense; the sky ditch collapsed again, and it was still reaching in. Ye Mo immediately understood that if he didnt get out in time, he would be buried alive.

Even though he was Stage 3 Chi Gathering, it would be very hard to climb out of the earth after being buried 1 to 2 hundred meters underground. This place wasnt the desert; it was full of mud and rocks instead. However, Ye Mo didnt worry, even if he was buried, it would just be hard getting out, but it didnt mean he couldnt.

Waves of mud fell. He knew it wasnt plausible to leave through the stone door since it was probably filled up already.

Ye Mo turned and ran inside. There were rotten wooden shelves and herbs everywhere. This made him think about the place he saw in the desert, there were many Purple Heart Vines, but they all turned to dust.

Ye Mo originally wanted to run to the end and open up a way with the long sword, but then he realized that if this place was a place to concoct pills, there couldnt only be one exit.

But just when he reached the end, large pacts of mud fell before he could pull out the long sword.

Ye Mo knew it was too late. Now wasnt the time to regret. He immediately formed a barrier with his spirit chi to avoid being smashed by rocks.

The collapse came and left quick. Just when Ye Mo couldnt hold it anymore, the collapse had stopped. Ye Mo knew he was completely buried underground.
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