Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Powerful Nun

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Although Ye Mo was buried underground, he didnt feel worried at all. He was scared of being buried because it would be too dirty to be covered in mud. But now that he was buried, he could still go out. It was just a bit troublesome, but 100 meters underground wasnt enough to take his life.

Ye Mo pulled out the long sword and started digging at the stone wall. He decided to dig forward. If there was no way out, he would start digging up because after 10 meters, there would be no place to place the rubbles.

Ye Mo felt lucky. He only dug less than 10 meters and he eventually cut through. Fresh air came in and Ye Mo crawled out. It was in the middle of a cliff. He sighed; although he was very dirty, he didnt have to get through 100 meters of dirt.

Just when Ye Mo was prepared to leave, he heard voices from the top of the cliff.

"Yu Lian, Ill say it again, even if you chase me to the ends of the earth, I didnt take anything and I didnt kill Bian Po." The voice was a very pleasant female voice.

Hearing this, Ye Mo wanted to extend his spirit sense out but he immediately took it back. Ye Mo knew how strong Bian Po was. Since this person was suspected of killing Bian Po, it meant that she was at least on par with him, and the person who could reproach the woman about it obviously wasnt weak either. If he extended out his spirit sense now, it would suicide.

"Jing Xi Dao friend, lets not talk bullsh*t. Youre not the only one who came to search for the Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit, but it seems youre the only one alive. I saw you kill the baldy Li Gang, are you going to deny that? Killing Bian Po is forming enmity with Dian Cang, and Bian Pos brother Bian Chao is expected to reach earth level soon, do you think he would let you go if words get out? Even your Serenity would be in danger." The man called Yu Lian talked very slowly, not showing the slightest worry at all.

Ye Mo had guessed who the woman was. She was the nun who fought with the baldy at the top of the cliff before. He just didnt expect the baldy to be killed by her. From Ye Mos perspective, the baldys sword was stronger than the nun, so he wondered how the nun killed him.

It seemed this nun wasnt simple, and she was a ruthless woman. If he fought her, he needed to be careful.

However, Jing Xi said, "Believe it or not, although I killed Li Gang, I didnt kill Bian Po and I didnt get the Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit. If you still wont believe me, Im not afraid of you either."

Yu Lian sneered. "Im doing business with you genuinely but youre like this. Jing Xi, you have two choice, one is take out 3 Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit and sleep with me once. Second is that I go to Dian Cang and say you killed Bian Po. Dont forget that although Serenity is not bad, compared to Dian Cang, it is nothing."

"Shameless," Jing Xi immediately reproached with fury.

Ye Mo suddenly thought, Serenity, wasnt that Luo Susus sect? He didnt expect this Jing Xi to be from Serenity, from the same sect as Luo Susu. He wondered who she was to Luo Susu. If they fought later, should he save her?

"Haha." Lian Yu laughed but he stopped immediately, "Jing XI, compared to your shamelessness, Im so much more inferior than you. You caused your Shi Jie Jing Xins death for a man. Im right, arent I? after you harmed your Shi Jie, you captured that man and f*cked other men in front of him to get revenge. Then, you killed all of them including the man you loved. Tell me, am I up to your standard in terms of shamelessness?"

"You" The woman just said that and nothing else.

Yu Lian wasnt in a hurry. He was just waiting for this Jing Xis reply. After a while, Jing Xi said slowly, "Since you dont mind me, Ill agree, but I hope you will keep your promise."

Then, Ye Mo heard the rustling noise of clothes taken off.

"Wait." Yu Lians voice stopped Jing Xi from continuing to take off her clothes.

Jing Xis voice grew soft. "Since Im already in your hands and I agreed to your demands, what else do you want?"

"Its a bit strange, things seemed to be different from what I heard. Although Im sure you killed the man you loved and you f*cked other men was true too, how can you still be a virgin?" Yu Lians voice was full of vigilance.

Before Jing Xi replied, he sneered. "Ive lost interest in you, you just need to take out 3 Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruits and our deal is over. After that, you go your way, I go mine. Ive f*cked countless women, and I can tell who is a virgin or not. Dont play tricks with me."

Originally, Ye Mo was thinking if he should help Jing Xi later, but after hearing their conversation, Ye Mo had completely lost that thought. It seemed both of them werent good people, why was Susu in such a chaotic sect?

"B*tch, you dare to sneak on me." Yu Lians rageful voice sounded. Then, Ye Mo heard fighting noise. From the sound, Ye Mo could tell Yu Lian used a sword and wasnt any bit inferior than Jing Xi.

Ye Mo had to hand it to Jing Xi. Although he didnt know how she killed the triangle-eyed baldy, she could still fight on par with Yu Lian after killing an Earth Level master. It could be seen how tenacious she was.

He didnt dare to reach out his spirit sense, nor did he dare to climb up and watch so he sat down. He would leave after the two was done.

The clash of weapons were getting more frequent, then less frequent until it eventually stopped. Ye Mo waited another hour before extending his spirit sense up.

The woman was gone and only the body of Yu Lian remained.

Ye Mo climbed up the cliff, Yu Lians throat was shattered by the horsetail whisk. Ye Mo searched his body and found a Small Jade Plate. It wrote: 37.

Ye Mo took the plate and burned Yu Lian to ashes. Just when he was prepared to leave, he noticed a bloodied bush on the way down. It seemed Jing Xi left from here. This meant that she was quite heavily wounded.

Thinking that Jing Xi came from the same place as Luo Susu, Ye Mo followed quietly despite worrying about her strength.

Although there were less blood on the road, Ye Mo could still find Jing Xis path with his spirit sense. 2 hours later, Ye Mo saw a fainted nun on the ground beside a stream. She was unconscious. It seemed she was too heavily injured.

If she didnt faint, he could keep following her, but now Ye Mo was helpless. Ye Mo didnt know if he should save her. If he did, this woman who harmed her Shi Jie was obviously not a good person. Plus, Ye Mo didnt believe that Yu Lian would lie when there was only them two.

If he didnt save her, Ye Mo still needed her to bring him into Serenity.

Just when Ye Mo squatted, his spirit sense noticed Jing Xis eyelids move. He immediately took back his spirit sense. He knew she was about to wake up.

Ye Mo quickly walked up in front of her and said in surprise, "Hmmm, why is there a nun here. Did she also encounter a wild beast like me? Is she dead?"

Then, Ye Mo was going to help her up, but at this moment Jing Xi opened her eyes and quickly said, "Thank you, I can move, can you help me get some water, Im very thirsty."

"Huh, youre okay, thats good, Im lost and was chased by a wild beast. I dont have any bottles on me," Ye Mo helplessly said.

"Dont worry, just scoop some with your hand." Then, Jing Xis face grew very pale after this. It was obvious she had lost a lot of blood.

Ye Mo scooped a few handfuls of water for her to drink. Then, Jing Xi took out a bottle from her clothes and wanted to rub some medicine on her wounds but her hand shook for a long time and wasnt able to do it.

"Do you want me to help?" Although Ye Mo really didnt want to help, he would be suspected by the nun if he didnt say that now.

"Mhm, thank you so much, help me tip the powder onto my wounds" she just spoke a few sentences and was already coughing heavily. Obviously, she was very heavily injured and lost a lot of blood.

Ye Mo walked over and carried her on top of a big rock. Then, he opened the bottle open. This Jing Xi looked like she was 30 at most, but Ye Mo felt she was much older than 30. But still, she felt very soft in his hands. Ye Mo actually thought of Ning Qingxue; Ning Qingxue;s body was much more comfortable to carry than hers.

There were quite a lot of wounds on her, but there were 2 that was the most serious. One was under her left breast, and another at her waist. Although Ye Mo was helping Jing Xi with the medicine, he didnt notice her chest. He had all his attention on Jing Xis movements.

This woman was a ruthless woman, so he needed to be wary if she were to suddenly strike.

When Ye Mo opened up the clothes at her waist, he wasnt surprised by the nuns smooth white skin, but that she had a very sexy and attractive band that covered her belly and chest. There was actually this sort of nun.
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