Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 218

Chapter 218: The Honest Person Isn't Honest

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
The woman waved her had powerlessly and slowly said, "21 years ago, I went to Beijing myself. I was a few months pregnant back then, and I tried to find the man who ditched me. He knew I was pregnant but just left me some living fees and ignored me. I stayed in Beijing a while and finally knew he was the elder son of a big family and had a wife. His son was already over ten. I was really sad and angry at the same time, and that caused me to fall ill."

"Mum" The girl grabbed the womans hands and worriedly called out.

The woman on the bed had melancholic eyes as she continued, "At that time, I lived in a temple. The head monk was very nice, and he got doctors to save me. but I lost the child in my stomach."

Hearing this, the girl was more anxious, her mother lost her child, who was she then?

The woman seemed to know what the girl was thinking and sadly said, "At that time, I rather died than lived. Although my body recovered, but I had no desire to live. The head monk saw my desolation and tried to convince me. Later, when I was fully recovered, I wanted to become a nun. But at this moment, the head monk brought a girl that was barely 1, he said someone left her at the door of the temple.

The girl seemed to have understood something. Her face was pale, was it not her mother in front of her?

"Sigh, Beiwei, you are not my biological daughter, I dont know who your parents are either. At that time, the head monk just brought a jade bracelet and said two children were brought to the temple, but I dont know where the head monk sent the other. I was troubled at heart then and didnt ask, I heard the child was taken away by a young couple that came to burn incense."

"Mum" The girls eyes were red and swollen as she grabbed the womans hand and said, "Mum, no matter what, you are my mother, you are my only kin in this world."

The woman caressed the girls hand amiably and said, "Beiwei, I might not live for long, remember, that temple is called Luo Hong Temple. The head monk is called Wu Shan When you go to Beijing, you need to go look"

Then, when the woman was about to fall asleep, the girl quickly positioned the woman well and stood up. She didnt care about her birth, she just wanted to gather money to treat her mother.

"May I ask, are you Tan Beiwei?" a middle-aged man walked into the room and asked.

Tang Beiwei looked up with confusion at the man and nodded. "Yes, whats the matter?"

The middle-aged man showed an amicable smile and said, "I have some things to discuss with you privately, do you have the time?"

Tang Beiwei frowned; she had never seen this person before, but she didnt mind talking to him privately since she had nothing at hand.


It was 3 at night and Ye Mos car had arrived at a private mansion near Wuliang Mountain. What Ye Mo didnt expect was that this was the nest of Jing Xi.

Despite Jing Xi saying this was her relatives place, Ye Mo didnt believe it at all. This woman thought of him as an idiot.

Since he came, he would keep notice of Jing Xi all the time even when she showered. This wasnt the time to be a gentlemen. He knew that this Jing Xi might be suspicious of him a little. Regardless, he couldnt relax.

He must say that although she wasnt young, she still kept her looks as though she was a girl in her 20s. When she took off her clothes, her curves were very distinct, and her skin was milky white. The two big boobs on her chest didnt sag down at all; it was strangely tall standing.

Ye Mo carried this woman before and knew how smooth and elastic her skin was. Sometimes, Ye Mo even doubted himself thinking perhaps Jing Xi was only 20.

And, he saw that most of her wounds had formed scabs meaning her powder was quite potent.

She was very precise when taking a shower, rubbing herself carefully and even looking at herself in the mirror. Ye Mo thought that this woman really loved beauty, but she was beautiful indeed. Looking at a naked woman showering with his spirit sense, even though he knew she was quite old and ruthless, he couldnt help but feel a little aroused.

Just when Ye Mo thought nothing would happen and was about to take back his spirit sense, the nun started to feel her waist; it was the place Ye Mo tipped the powder. Ye Mo immediately began to worry, was she that smart? Did she notice he did something there?

Jing Xi put her finger on it, felt it and then smelt her finger. Ye Mo saw her frown and his heart started to beat faster, thinking this nun was so astute.

However, he felt slightly relieved; she eventually didnt do anything out of the ordinary. She also took off her hand and felt it before carefully putting it aside. She seemed to treasure that band a lot. Suddenly, Jing Xi stopped all her movements and looked alert everywhere.

Ye Mo was sure that she was sensitive to his spirit sense again so he quickly took it back.

"Da Hu, are you there?" Ye Mo heard the nun call out in the living room. He knew the nun didnt feel safe about him and wanted to confirm where he was. He answered without hesitation. Then, he finally felt relieved. Luckily. she didnt feel his spirit sense or he wouldve been exposed.

Soon, she finished her shower and saw Ye Mo was still at the living room. She embarrassingly said, "I was a little afraid by myself so I called out to you."

Ye Mo smiled naively and said, "Dont worry, Im going to sleep first." However, he was more careful. This nun was too alert.

He was worried she would try something with him tomorrow; it would be best he left a mark on her tonight. And, when he helped her rub on the powder, the killing intent in her eyes were raw. This meant that in her eyes, peoples lives were no different than grass.

Ye Mo cultivated for half the night and woke up very early and made breakfast. Then, he waited for Jing Xi.

Jing Xi woke up and saw the congee and small dishes were very exquisitely made. She approved of Ye Mos diligence and organization. This youth was not bad, she even didnt want to kill him. However, those who saw her skin must die no matter what. Seeing how hes so nice, she would let him die easier.

"Sister Zier, I cooked some congee, you havent recovered yet, eat some." Ye Mo took a bowl and chopsticks for Jing Xi.

"Mhm, its tastes not bad, thank you, Da Hu." Jing Xi felt that this congee was good indeed.

Ye Mo naively smiled and said, "Its nothing, as long as you like it, I can cook more for you."

Jing Xi suddenly felt dazed, why did these words sound so familiar? Many years ago, that man also said that, "Sister Zier, as long as you like it, I can stay with you everyday"

But then, after he saw her Shi Jie, he gradually distanced himself from her and slept with her Shi Jie. This b*tch couple, so what if she harmed her Shi Jie? That man still looked at the place her Shi Jie went into solitary training everyday. Jing Xis face gradually grew bleak.

Ye Mo didnt expect his words to make the nuns face so bleak. He thought to himself that this woman was really unpredictable.

Ye Mo was scared that she was suddenly going to attack and his plan would be spoiled, so he quickly said, "Sister Zier, hurry and eat, its getting cold."

"I dont want to eat it, Da Hu, wait here for me today. Ill go back and tell my master, if my master is willing, Ill come back and pick you up," Jing Xi stood up and said.

Ye Mos heart sunk, this woman didnt take him as he expected. She really was bad. Cross the river and take apart the bridge. He stood up worriedly and said, "Sister Zier, but I, but I also want to see"

Jing Xi smiled sweetly and pointed at his head with her finger. "Da Hu, would I lie to you? Trust me, Ill come pick you up at night and let my master see you once at least."

Ye Mo knew it was no point talking anymore and just tried to make a mark on her and follow. Thinking about this, he walked hopefully with a blushed face. "Sister Zier, youre really pretty, I want hug you."

"Huh" Jing Xi was shocked by Ye Mos request. The honest Da Hu in her eyes dared to make such a request; she suddenly remembered when she took a shower last night and felt someone was peeking. Was it him? But she could tell he hadnt practiced ancient martial arts before; if he was peeking, how could she not know?

But what if it was him peeking? Thinking about this, Jing Xi looked at the hopeful Ye Mo and realized he was a very handsome man. The features on his face were distinct, and his eyes were very clean. Looking at Ye Mo, Jing Xi felt a sense of familiarity. That time, he also looked at her hopefully like this, saying, "Sister Zier, youre really pretty, I want to hug you." Is it him? Jing Xi had this sense of fire in her heart. Ever since that man appeared, she had never felt like this before.

Ye Mo saw that Jing Xi looked at him dazed. He thought not good, he couldnt wait for her to reject; if she did, it would be impossible for him to hug her and make the mark. Ye Mo decisively walked up and hugged Jing Xi who was already a little blushed on the face.
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