Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Bizarre Revenge

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Jing Xis heart was already racing, and Ye Mo just suddenly hugged her like this. Just when she wanted to rage, she felt that masculine scent of Yang, and her body softened. Yesterday when Ye Mo carried her for 2 hours, there was only killing intent in her heart, but now, she actually felt a little lustful.

Ye Mo immediately felt Jing Xis heart starting to feel hot and soft. He didnt think of anything else and quickly made a spirit sense mark on her clothes.

It was very fast and he was done. Then, he felt relieved and let go of his hand but noticed that Jing Xi had closed her arms around his waist; her eyes seemed strange.

Was this woman aroused? Ye Mo felt shocked and just when he wanted to talk, he saw Jing Xi, with misty eyes and breathing heavily, say, "Brother Qie, carry me into the room."

She was aroused indeed and thought of him as her Brother Qi. Ye Mo didnt want to go in bed with this woman. If he lost his virginity to this ruthless nun, he would rather do it himself."

Although the nun was very enticing and Ye Mow a bit aroused too, he once cultivated to Foundation Establishment. It wasnt the first time he was attracted to a woman. He could even resist Ning Qingxue, much less a Nun that he didnt like. He was someone of principle. If he didnt like the person, he could still control such urges.

However, Ye Mo wouldnt waste the opportunity, he reached his hand into Jing Xis hair and made another mark on her hair tie. Then, he shook Jing Xi. "Sister Zier, are you okay?"

Jing Xi was just looking at the man of her dreams slowly walk towards her and hug her and saying all those lovely things in her ear. But just when she was aroused, she was woken up by Ye Mo.

Jing Xi immediately reacted; she looked at Ye Mo for a moment but froze really quick. She let go of her hands and felt her hair. Then, her eyes were hateful again.S

She stared a Ye Mo for a long while before saying, "Da Hu, just then Oh, never mind, Im going to rest. Wait for me to come back. Dont worry about my master, I wont treat you bad."

Jing Xi turned around and when she walked out of the mansion, she even felt lost herself. She actually didnt get angry just then nor did she kill Da Hu. With her current recovery, it would be all too easy to kill a normal person. She shook her hand; other than the man who betrayed her, it was the first time she showed mercy.

Yu Lian said she killed that man, but only she knew she didnt. However, she did flirt with other men in front of him, but she killed them afterwards.

Ye Mo followed carefully but not daring to follow too close. She was already marked by him so even if he didnt follow closely, he wouldnt lose her.

Jing Xi took out a phone and made a call. Ye Mo didnt even notice she had a phone when he carried her yesterday. This meant she took it last night.

Ye Mo was too far and could barely hear the words: throw under the cliff.

Despite not hearing her words clearly, he could guess it. This vicious woman was calling people to kill him and throw him under the cliff. Since she was calling people over, he couldnt keep following her and needed to wait for the men she called.

Ye Mo came back to the mansion. He didnt wait long, and it was only an hour and a car drove here. A man in his 30s came out; he wasnt very sturdy looking, but Ye Mo could tell he was Yellow Level elementary stage.

"Are you Da Hu?" the man asked Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yeah, who are you?"

The man laughed and said, "Im Tian Po, Zier Shi Mei told me to bring you up the mountain. Her master had agreed, but needs to check to see if you can cultivate. If you cant, then she cant do anything either."

Ye Mo nodded; he knew the man came to kill him, but he also knew that he wouldnt be able to ask about anything useful from this man so he didnt bother.

Ye Mo didnt ask, and Tian Po spoke very little. The route he took was very steep, there werent even roads in many places.

After walking for nearly two hours, Tian Po brought Ye Mo to a cliff and said, "Brother, youve got quite good stamina."

Ye Mo made a breathing action and smiled. "Im okay, I used to climb mountains a lot." Then, Ye Mo scanned down the cliff with his spirit sense. He estimated it to be a few hundred meters tall, and it was steep like it was cut by a knife. Ye Mo just found a small protrusion at around 50 meters, but there were no landing spaces at around 100 meters. He couldnt scan any further.

"Hm, theres something here?" Tian Po walked to the cliff and curiously spoke.

Ye Mo also walked up while asking, "What is it, let me see." And he intentionally gave his back to Tian Po, knowing that the latter was about to attack.

As soon as Ye Mo walked to the cliff side, Tian Po pushed on his back. Ye Mo screamed and fell down like a shooting star.

Ye Mo calculated the position and tapped his feet at the 50 meter protrusion. Then, he immediately found there was a ditch 70 meters further down. Ye Mo kept falling until he neared the ditch and used Wind Controlling Technique to go in. Then, he quickly took out the sword and dug the stone, hiding his body.

As soon as Ye Mo hid, Tian Po said from above. "Brother, dont blame me, Im just following orders, too bad you liked the wrong person."

Then, Tian Po picked up the phone and called, "Its done, oh, okay Ill wait for you at Liang Nong cliff then."

Ye Mo heard and felt joyful; it seemed that nun was coming. This was good, otherwise, after Tian Po left, although he had spirit sense mark, it wouldnt be easy to find Jing Xi. After all, the geology of Wuliang Mountain was too complicated, and he still couldnt fly yet.

Ye Mo didnt wait for long. It was only an hour before he heard Jing Xis voice. Unfortunately, he was more than 100 meters down and couldnt reach up with his spirit sense.

"Very good, you did well, theres a basic cultivation method here, take it" As soon as Jing Xi finished speaking, Ye Mo heard Tian Pos gratitude.

Not long after, there was the exclamation of Tian Po, "Jing Xi, you actually killed me, I"

Then, the sound suddenly stopped and Ye Mo saw a figure fall down extremely fast. After a long while, he heard the thud from the bottom of the cliff.

He thought this woman was really strong, but he couldnt understand why she didnt kill him herself. Why take all the trouble?

He kept notice of the footsteps. As soon as Jing Xi left, he would come up and follow her, but after a long while, Ye Mo didnt hear her footsteps. He was bemused and thought to himself, "Did she leave?"

Just when Ye Mo was confused, Jing Xis voice sounded again, "Da Hu, although you saved me, you looked at my body. I swore that men who looked at my body will die, but I had feelings for you. Did you know, I really wanted to give myself to you that morning, but you woke up me. You really are dumb. Tian Po killed you, and I have avenged you, rest in peace."

Ye Mo was so angry he almost spat blood; this woman was really shameless. It was she who called Tian Po to kill him now, yet she said it so modestly. What sort of revenge was this?

"You say Im very pretty, do I really look pretty? But my heart is already taken by that man. Sorry, Da Hu, perhaps Ill come see you when Im free" Jing XIs voice stopped and it was a long silence.

Ye Mo sighed, this woman was crazy, a completely mad woman. He was just worried for Luo Susu. Could she be well living with a crazy woman like this? It would be best if this mad woman had no connections with Luo Susu at all.

Then after a while, when Ye Mo was impatient, Jing Xi suddenly started laughing hysterically, "Shi Jie, did you think you could avoid me after sending your daughter out and taking her back as your disciple? You never wouldve thought she will end up like you soon, hahahaha

"Your daughter is really like you, not a good thing either. She just went out once and is thinking about men and cant even calm her heart down. Sometimes, I really want to see what sort of man your daughter loves. Shi Jie, do you know what I want to do the most? I want your daughter to see me with her man in bed, too bad youre dead, if you didnt die, would you be very shocked seeing the man your daughter love in bed with me? Although I stayed virgin for that bastard so many years, I dont mind giving my first time to the man of your daughter, hahaha"

Ye Mo shook his head, this nun was really unreasonable; she lost in love but was dragging this onto the offspring of her Shi Jie. Now, she wouldnt even let go of her shi jies daughter. She probably never lived outside. If she lived in the city, perhaps she wouldve killed herself N times due to loss of love.

Ye Mo thought and felt pity for this nun. She was a woman crazed with love but just followed the wrong man.

Just when Ye Mo was getting impatient again, there was finally the sound of the nun leaving. Ye Mo immediately got up and tapped multiple times on the smooth cliff face. With the help of Wind Controlling Technique, he came to the top of the cliff very fast.

Looking at the something, he was stunned.
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