Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Struggle

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Just when Ye Mo was suspicious, he saw the girl had a large piece of her clothes ripped off and her eyes started becoming fearful and worried. It was no longer the guilt from before, what was this? Did he see wrong before?

At this moment, Tang Beiwei realized she might have been sold, and Ye Mo didnt follow her. The people in here were being real. There was no doubt about it. She broke free of one person and rushed to the door. Wang Xianxian quickly came up and pulled her.

"You want to go? Ive paid money, you havent paid for that yet, dont think about running."

"Animal, let me go, if you pull me again, Im going to call the police." Why was she so stupid? She was tricked to a city she had never been before to trick someone else, was this karma?

Rip, another piece of her clothes was ripped off, and her face was now full of despair.

"Brother Wang, enjoy her first, well go out to ease some fire too." The two youth saw the scene on the TV get spicier and was burning with lust.

Before Wang Xianxian spoke, a voice replied, "Since you came, you dont need to leave."

"Who?" Everyone in the room looked towards the door as though in tacit agreement. A young man appeared there. No one knew when he came in.

Tang Beiwei immediately recognized that youth was the person she was supposed to trick. He was called Ye Mo; she didnt expect him to really fall for it. She took the opportunity to hide behind Ye Mo cursing Wei Yongqian over and over again. She was also tricked by him, so she would reveal all of his evil plans later.

"Who are you? Dont you know this is my territory, punk, piss off, dont piss me off." Wang Xianxian was full of anger being interrupted when he was about to enjoy life.

Ye Mo raised his leg and kicked Wang XIanxian into the room, then kicked the other two in as well. The three couldnt resist at all.

Ye Mo turned to Tang Beiwei and said, "Wait for me, Ill ask them a few questions inside."

Then, Ye Mo went in and closed the door.

At this moment, the three finally realized Ye Mo was a tough guy.

Ye Mo scanned the three and suddenly threw out 2 fireballs burning the two lackeys into dust. They didnt even have time to scream. Then, Ye Mo sat and and looked coldly at Wang Xian. "You have 3 seconds, if you dont tell me the full story, you will be like that too."

Wang Xianxian looked at his two lackeys turn to dust in terror. His teeth was rattling, and he couldnt say a complete sentence. He had never seen this sort of thing before. Two fireballs and people were dead. There wasnt even a body left.

"If youre not going to speak, then dont." Then, Ye Mo had another fire ball in his hand.

Wang Xianxian controlled his shaking and said, "Dont we tricked that girl from another city originally, she came to be my head slut I didnt think"

Wang Xianxian didnt need to say the rest and Ye Mo already guessed it. That girl was probably tricked here from another city to be sold here as a prostitute. He shook his head and turned Wang Xianxian to ash with a raise of his hand.

When Ye Mo had walked out of the room, Tang Beiwei had regained her composure, but her face was still pale. She had pulled the plug of the TV, but her clothes were still ripped. Even though she used her hands, she still couldnt cover it.

Ye Mo took out a shirt of his and passed it to her. "Put that on and we can talk outside."

The girl quickly put on the clothes and didnt even notice where the clothes came from. She just said to Ye Mo gratefully, "Thank you for just then, I"

Ye Mo waved his hand. "Go out first."

"But outside?" although Tang Beiwei didnt know what Ye Mo did to the three inside, there were still a lot of people outside.

Ye Mo smiled. "Dont talk, just stay by my side."

Then, Ye Mo used invisibility, cloaking him and Tang Beiwei. He walked out of the room and closed the door.

Tang Beiwei didnt know she was invisible but looked at the passing by people. No one seemed to notice them and they just waltzed out of the bar.

Then, Ye Mo took off the invisibility and asked, "What happened just then?"

Tang Beiwei pouted her lips and said, "I have something important to tell you, take me to a far away place?"

Ye Mo frowned his brows; he had never seen Tang Beiwei before, so where did this important thing come from? He immediately shook his head and said, "No need, I still have things to do, youre out of danger, leave quickly."

Seeing that Ye Mo was going to go, Tang Beiwei was a bit worried. She wanted to tell Ye Mo about Wei Yongqian trying to harm him, but at this moment, her phone rung again.

"Its you" Tang Beiwei said hatefully.

Wei Yongqians plain voice sounded, "Your mother is doing a pre surgical check up. I believe you should understand. I didnt tell Wang Xianxian about this, because hes just a lackey, its impossible for him to act. So it had to be real. Plus, if he couldnt beat Ye Mo, he would spoil our plan, but we wouldnt let Wang Xianxian do anything to you. If Ye Mo didnt go in past a certain time, our men would go in so dont blame me." Wei Yongqian seemed to know Tang Beiwei would succumb and his voice was always so calm.

"Wei Yongqian, Im not doing it, I will earn money for my mother myself, animal." Tang Beiwei was about to hang up.

Wei Yongqian dazed, he didnt expect Tang Beiwei to call it quits just when they were about to succeed. He quickly said: "the doctors checked and said if your mother didnt do surgery now, she wouldnt even last a week. Your mother isnt far, if you dont believe me, I can give the phone to her and let her talk.

"Plus, do you think you can amass 300k for the surgery in a week? Stop dreaming, you have succeeded half now, you just need to bring him to the place on the 27th, and your mother would be saved. Think about it. If you regret it, your mother will leave the surgical table immediately"

Tang Beiwei helplessly put down the phone and looked at Ye Mo who was not far away. She couldnt calm down at all. If she regretted, she would be giving away her mothers life. Just thinking about her mothers thin like stick body gave her pain. Her mother was like that due to her. How could she kill her mothers last hope for survival?

Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei. This girl was strange; he saved her, but she didnt leave and still stayed here being indecisive.

Tang Beiwei hesitated for a long time. Her love for her mother took the upper hand. She had a good impression to Ye Mo. If possible, she would give her first time to him to repay him saving her life. Plus, she believed Ye Mo wouldnt be in danger even if she brought Ye Mo there. She didnt believe Wei Yongqian dared to kill.

Tang Beiwei chased up to Ye Mo and worriedly said, "Brother, thank you for saving me, but Im still a little scared, and I dont have money on me, not even money for a ticket"

Ye Mo studied Tang Beiwei, she did look not very wealthy and her phone was very old styled too. He really didnt know why she came here.

"I dont have money either, I cant help you with this." Ye Mo shook his head. He really didnt have money; he forgot to search their pockets before.

Tang Beiwei looked at Ye Mos clothes, it wasnt bad? How could he not have money? But since she made up her mind, she couldnt go back again. She quickly said: "Big brother, I need to go to my grandma; as long as I go to her place, I will have money to go back."

Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei. He had this constant feeling that this girl was acting weird. She had escaped death, but why did she keep sticking to him, plus she had those weird eyes before.

Seeing Ye Mo not talk, Tang Beiweis pale face was a little red, she quickly said, "Big brother, sorry, I really dont know anyone here. You saved me, I should leave immediately, but I"

Then, Tang Beiwei eyes reddened, she really wanted to cry. Someone saved her, but she was trying to trick him. Although she didnt want to harm Ye Mo, she also couldnt face her helpless mother. She felt it was so hard. If she was just by herself, she wouldnt follow Ye Mo so shamelessly.

"Stop" Ye Mo saw Tang Beiwei was about to cry and quickly told her to stop. He was scared of womens tears the most. After a while, he said, "Whats your name? Where is your grandma?"

Tang Beiwei wiped her eyes before helplessly saying, "Im Tang Beiwei, my grandma is in Wuliang Mountain. Big brother, I dont know your name yet."

"Wuliang Mountain?" Ye Mo repeated and asked, "Im Ye Mo, is your grandma doing business at the tourist places at Wuliang Mountain?"

Tang Beiwei shook her head. "No, Brother Ye, the place shes living at is a bit far off."

Ye Mo didnt ask and said, "I dont have money recently either but follow me first. Ill see if I can earn some money and give you some. I dont have time to go find your grandma with you. Im really busy, I cant help you with this."

Ye Mo was kind-hearted and had a good impression of this very soft and good looking Tang Beiwei, but he really couldnt pull out time to go with her to find her grandma.
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