Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Ning Qingxue's First Impression

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Your hand? Su Jingwen looked at Ye Mo who appeared to be perfectly fine and pointed to his hand in shock. Ye Mo saw Su Mei and frowned: Jingwen, Im going to rest for a while, after having said these few words, he just walked to the side and switched table.

Ye Mo? Ning Qingxue looked weirdly at Li Mumei thinking who this Ye Mo was? Li Mumei smiled bitterly as she pulled Ning Qingxue to the side and said: He is actually the Ye Mo you were engaged to. Its just that he seems a bit different than before. Not only did his looks changed, but even his temperament is completely different than before. I dont know what happened to him, but I havent seen him for a long time. Its just that I dont know why Jingwen would invite him over.

He is Ye Mo? Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked at Ye Mo again. Ye Mos words and mannerism didnt seem cocky nor humble. Although he wore simple clothes, his mannerism was very natural and free flowing. He didnt seem awkward at all and didnt have the temperament of spoilt rich kids. He even had a faint sense of manly charisma that she felt from a distance.

How could someone like him be impotent? Ning Qingxue was beginning to hesitate. But then, she laughed at herself. If Ye Mo really was this person, then she didnt even know if he would agree to her plans.

Qingxue, I feel that he has changed a lot, Ill try to get some information from him first. You can sit down, when Li Mumei saw Ye Mo, she suddenly felt hesitant towards her plan. The Ye Mo in front of her eyes didnt seem similar to the useless person according to what people were saying. If they had to be picky, then it was that his hair was a bit messy and wasnt shaped by a professional hairdresser.

Ning Qingxue grabbed Li Mumeis hand: Mumei, I should be the one to do these type of things, Ye Mo saw that the people here were all wealthy, each wearing glamorous clothes. Comparatively, he was the most poorly dressed, but he wasnt ashamed; instead, he was extremely calm. When someone was at a different altitude in life, their mindset was completely different, and they remained unaffected by wealth and glamor. Even if Ye Mo had those glamorous clothes, he would still live his life according to his style. His interests werent on these things, but if it were, he was confident that he would become a wealthy man everyone admired. And then what? Life was short anyway, barely a few decades. You dont bring anything when you are born, and you wont bring anything with you when you die.

His only goal used to be achieving eternal life. Although cultivation had become slow, his intent had not changed.

However, now he had an extra concern for his master Luo Ying. Her feelings for him were undeniable, and his for hers too; as for other things, there were all just like passing clouds to him.

Ye Mo Ning Qingxue came beside Ye Mos table and called out; her slightly shaky tone betrayed mixed feelings.

You can sit, Ye Mo smiled faintly. Ning Qingxue suddenly had a feeling of old familiarity, even though she knew it was her first time seeing Ye Mo.

Thanks, Ning Qingxue sat down and suddenly felt a feeling of easiness or a type of serenity. Ye Mo was like a calm lake, making her feel safe at heart.

Your eyebrows are knitted so tightly, and your eyes look fatigued. Is there something troubling your heart? If I can help you, Im willing to, Ye Mo obviously knew that a girl like Ning Qingxue wouldnt come and talk to a man she broke a marriage pact with for no reason. Since she came, she must have had something on her mind, so he might as well bring it up first. And although her conversation with Li Mumei was quiet, Ye Mo still heard it. He just couldnt have imagined that his fianc was such a beautiful woman, almost as pretty as Luo Ying.

He didnt have a negative impression of Ning Qingxue or rather, he didnt feel anything towards her. But when he saw Ning Qingxues troubled eyes, he was reminded of Luo Ying. Ning Qingxue looked at Ye Mo in surprise. She was astonished at Ye Mos meticulous insights and his clear thinking: This is the useless good-for-nothing kid that his family would abandon?

I Ning Qingxue thought about it for some time but found it had to articulate. She just sighed and thought, If only Li Mumei came to say it Ye Mo sat opposite her and didnt feel the slightest pressure, but instead gave her a sense of serenity and peace. Ning Qingxue finally made up her mind and said: Its because of my marriage

However, this time the indifferent Ye Mo frowned, and there was finally a ripple in his heart. It was his first time interrupting Ning Qingxues words: Your Ning family has already broken our marriage pact and now, Im not a member of the Beijing Ye family anymore

Ye Mo didnt finish his sentence, but his meaning was clear. It meant that he could help with anything but issues concerning marriage. It was her family that first broke off the marriage and coming crawling back to him now was crossing the line. Although he had a good impression of Ning Qingxue, it didnt mean that Ning Qingxue could be exempted on this matter.

Im sorry Ning Qingxue suddenly felt helpless. Ye Mo smiled faintly: You dont need to be sorry, Im a good-for-nothing person kicked out by the Ye family. Im not a suitable match for your Ning family anyway and breaking the marriage pact holds certain freedom for me. I dont mean to reproach you for that, I just dont want to talk about it.

Ning Qingxue suddenly felt uneasy in her heart. If she had heard these words before meeting Ye Mo, then she would pretend otherwise. But after seeing Ye Mo, she felt that her contemptuous views towards Ye Mo and her subconscious feeling that Ye Mo was not a match for her were laughable. The current Ye Mo appeared to have nothing but his plain and confident temperament and his open-minded outlook; it was a far cry from the Ye Mo in her memory. It was as though he wasnt the same Ye Mo that owned nothing, but a Ye Mo who had a condescending look on the world and stood at the peak of the clouds. This feeling made Ning Qingxue uneasy.

Ye Mo sighed. He knew that Ning Qingxue had her troubles, but since it wasnt something he could solve then there was nothing he could do. Thinking about that he said: Since

Ning Qingxue seemed to know what Ye Mo wanted to see. She bit her lips and interrupted Ye Mos words: Tonight, I want to go to

She suddenly felt a satisfying pleasure for interrupting Ye Mos words. It was as though the discomfort she felt when Ye Mo interrupted her had dissipated. But Ning Qingxue didnt think that her words were also interrupted.

Qingxue, it really is you? I didnt think I would see you during Jingwens birthday party. This is such a surprise! As soon as these words were said, a youth carrying half a glass of red wine had appeared beside Ye Mos table. Ning Qingxue frowned and didnt speak. This youth was decent looking, but his eyes were very fidgety. He saw Ye Mo on his first glance but ignored him. This was because Ye Mo didnt even seem like a guest or even a waiter.

Move over! I havent seen Qingxue for a long time, this fidgety eyed youth walked in front of Ye Mo and ordered him.
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