Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Fated Coincidental Encounter

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
The Yellow Level fighter who had his legs cut off kept convulsing. He looked up and saw Ye Mo cut off Li Mingqiangs head. Under such great fear, he actually took out his knife and stabbed it into his heart.

Ye Mo didnt bother with him and just stared coldly at Song Hai as he walked slowly towards him.

Song Hais face became bloodless. He was full of regrets; he regretted coming with Dongfang Xi. He even regretted not persuading the leader to not mess with Ye Mo, but now, it was all over. Ye Mo wasnt a person, he was a demon. Looking at the bloodied scene, he couldnt resist the waves of shock in his heart. Just how many people has he killed?

"Dont kill me, Ill tell you everything" Seeing Ye Mo walk over, Song Hais tone was of extreme terror. If he had another option, he would rather leave the Song Family and hide than to go against Ye Mo.

"No need, I will make you speak the truth." Then, Ye Mo tapped on Song Hais forehead.

Song Hais manner immediately became soulless and dumb. Then, Ye Mo coldly said, "Tell me everything about the Song Familys plan."

"Yes." Song Hai didnt struggle at all.


After the taxi drove to the foot of Wuliang Mountain and a bit in, no matter how Tang Beiwei requested, the taxi driver wasnt willing to drive 1 meter further.

Tang Beiwei knew that the driver was probably scared since it was night. But luckily, it was probably about half an hour walk ahead. Tang Beiwei didnt force the driver, got off the car and ran into the mountains.

The driver didnt know what a girl was doing this late in a barren place like the Wuliang Mountain, but this wasnt something he could be concerned with. He quickly turned around and left with his greatest speed.

40 minutes later, Tang Beiwei came up from the mountain roads breathing heavily. She went into the side of the forest. After running into the forest, the silence of the night made her scared.

The feral cats and nocturnal birdss cries scared her. She didnt dare to stay and walked faster and faster. However, she didnt have Ye Mos capabilities and fell over many times after only walking a few hundred meters.

Crack, there was the sound of a branch breaking, Tang Beiwei stopped subconsciously. Under the faint moonlight, a black shadow ran over.

Tang Beiweis skin was tingling; there was a black shadow in the forest at night? She was so scared she didnt dare to move, but the black shadow stopped 5 or 6 meters in front of her. It was a humanoid figure, very skinny and had a goatie. He seemed very out of shape.

There was someone up there this late? However, she looked on the ground and saw a shadow. Since there was a shadow, it meant it was a person, not a ghost. Tang Beiwei calmed down a little and stared at the shadow but didnt talk.

Dongfang Xi was about to reach the mountain roads but he actually saw a girl this late in the woods. He was indeed frightened quite a bit when he saw Tang Beiwei, but he immediately recognized herl; it was Tang Beiwei.

Dongfang Xi rejoiced, Ye Mo that bastard almost made him die. He finally ran and survived. Today, he was finally able to take something back. Even though Tang Beiwei was a woman, her ability to make it here from the hotel meant that she had a few tricks. Dongfang Xi wouldnt be careless facing against someone like her. He didn't even think and pulled out the gun and fired twice at her. He didnt want to kill her immediately. He will torture her to death and let Ye Mo know what happened to her.

Tang Beiwei saw Dongfang Xi and took a breath of relief upon realizing he wasnt a ghost. She was confused why this person was running in the mountains this late at night, but suddenly, Dongfang Xi fired twice at her.

Tang Beiwei didnt even have time to react and saw a faint yellow barrier erect in front of her. But immediately, the barrier broke. Just when Tang Beiwei wanted to see what happened, there was another barrier. 5 or 6 broke before two bullets fell in front of her.

Tang Beiwei finally realized at this moment that the person opened fire. She didnt have time to think how the bullet didnt hit her. She just subconsciously grabbed a rock from the ground and threw it.

Dongfang Xi fire twice and knew Tang Beiwei was meat in his hands, but he didnt expect the two shots to miss. When he reacted, Tang Beiweis stone was coming over.

Smash, it hit right on Dongfang Xis face. Dongfang Xi clearly heard his nose break. His eyes were blurred as he raised his gun and fired again while covering his face with his hand.

The 3rd shot didnt affect Tang Beiwei at all. However, Tang Beiwei thought of the light before and it came from her necklace. She looked down and saw the glow was dimmer. It wasnt as pretty as when Ye Mo gave it to her.

Tang Beiwei was extremely angry and threw another 2 rocks at Dongfang Xi. At this moment, she had completely forgotteb she had fireball charms. She was just angry this man broke her necklace.

One hit his forehead and another hit his arm.

Dongfang Xi yelled and felt viscous blood flow down. The hand holding the gun was hit and the gun flew onto the ground uncontrollably. Tang Beiwei looked at Dongfang Xi who squatted on the ground and kicked onto his head. The skinny Dongfang Xi was kicked over and struggled to get up.

Tang Beiwei picked up the gun and now remembered she had Fireball Charms. She took out one but shook her head. If she used that... This guy was already a goner, as such, she didnt use one and just beat him down. This way, she managed to save a Fireball Charm.

She felt her necklace again. Tang Beiweis heart was bleeding. Her brother finally gave her a good necklace, and it was ruined like this by the bastard. So brothers necklace could protect her, otherwise, Tang Beiwei thought of the two gun shots and didnt dare to think the consequences.

This guy was too bad, she must not let him go. She didnt even know him and he was going to kill her. Tang Beiwei picked up the gun and aimed it at Dongfagn Xi ready to fire.

Tang Beiwei never shot a gun before, but she knew it was easy. She only had to pull the trigger. Bang, Tang Beiwei realized her shot went wide.

At this moment, Dongfang Xi flipped over and sat up. He also woke up under the gun fire and looked at the pistol in her hands. There was terror in his eyes and he quickly said, "Girl, dont fire, I didnt see clearly just then, I thought it was something else, so I fired. That was a misunderstanding, a complete misunderstanding. Think about it, how would I know there was people here this late at night?"

Tang Beiwei frowned, did he really not see it?

Seeing Tang Beiwei frown and her gun was slanting down, Dongfang Xi felt relieved and quickly said, "It really is a misunderstanding. Im lost and have been going around the mountain in circles, may I ask how to get out of here?"

Tang Beiwei looked at Dongfang Xis eyes; it was calm and he didnt seem to be lying. However, who would be out here this late at night, this was quite strange. Tang Beiwei suddenly remembered this road lead to that canyon. Was it someone her brother missed?

She subconsciously looked at Dongfang Xis eyes again, it was too calm. This wasnt right, she learnt acting before. Although it was very easy at that time, was he not scared of the gun when she was pointing it at him? His eyes should be scared a little, right? However, she didnt see it at all.

She then looked at Dongfang Xis hands. They seemed to be moving slowly as though trying to support himself up, but Tang Beiwei already had the preconceived opinion that he escaped from her brother. She walked a few steps in and pointed the gun at Dongfang Xis hand and fired.

It was this close that Tang Beiwei didnt miss hitting Dongfang Xi right in the arm.

Crank, a knife fell to the ground. Tang Beiwei immediately knew she was right. This guy was bad and almost killed her.

Dongfang Xis face immediately became pale. He didnt think Tang Beiwei would fire again. The knife in his hand fell. He originally wanted to stab her when she came to help him up, but now, he felt worried. This girl was really fierce. He didnt know that since Tang Beiwei was so pretty, she acted very fierce to stop people advancing on her.

"Dont shoot, I was telling the truth." Although Dongfang Xi was still trying to trick Tang Beiwei, but his eyes werent as calm as before.

"Okay, I wont fire," Tang Beiwei said and took a few steps forward.

Dongfang Xi felt relieved but stared deadly at Tang Beiwei. As soon as she came near, he would take the gun from her. However, when Tang Beiwei was about two meters from him, she stopped and fired again at Dongfang Xis knee.

"Arghhhhhh, you stupid b*tch." DOngfang Xi didnt expect Tang Beiwei who was so kind just then to be so nasty.

Tang Beiwei ignored him and fired again at his leg, thinking that this pistol was really easy to use.

However, she pulled the trigger many times and there was no reaction. She immediately understood she was out of bullets.

She put the gun in her pocket and took out a Fireball Charm but took a few steps back.
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