Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Interrogation

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"B*tch, you are so sinister." Dongfang Xi saw there was no more bullets and finally felt relieved, but he was still thinking about how to kill Tang Beiwei.

Tang Beiwei picked up another rock and smashed it towards Dongfang Xis other leg. "You bad thing, you think I dont know who you are? You are with Wei Yongqian, and you broke my necklace, Ill smash you"

Dongfang Xi wanted to avoid the stone, but he was so close to Tang Beiwei and he was heavily injured now so he couldnt dodge it at all. The stone hit his leg, making him sweat with pain.

"You stinking b*tch, just wait till when I tell you who you are to Ye Mo, you will be happier, hahaha" Dongfang Xis face looked hideous and sinister due to laughter and extreme pain. He knew it was very hard to run away today. Insolent woman, how could she compare him to a trash like Wei Yongqian?

Dongfang Xi cruelly said, "You filthy wretch, hitting me so cruelly. Ive been a hero for all my life, but am I to die in a womans hand? In that case, I might as well die in Ye Mos hands."

Tang Beiwei picked up a rock again and looked at Dongfang Xi with alert. The reason she hadnt killed this person was because she wanted to ask from him how was Ye Mo now. Seeing Dongfang Xis wretched cursing, she raised the rock in her hand. "Tell me what happened to Ye Mo?"

"Haha" Dongfang Xi laughed hysterically. "You filthy sl*t, youre so evil that you wont even let your own brother go. Do you know who Ye Mo is, hes your brother. Are you very happy now, you seduced your brother, hahaha, its satisfying even if I die, haha"

Dongfang Xis laugh suddenly stopped. Tang Beiwei looked at him in pity, but there was no despair and desolation in her eyes. There was only irony and contempt.

Tang Beiwei originally couldnt bear beating him up like this, but after hearing his words, she knew how easy she went on him. She should have been harder. This wasnt a person anymore, it was an animal.

"You dont believe me?" Dongfang Xi saw there was nothing on Tang Beiweis face. He even forgot his painas a bad feeling came over him.

Tang Beiwei looked at him in pity. "You want to say I went in bed with my brother and youre happy? Unfortunately, you will be disappointed. My brother knew I was his sister as soon as he saw me. You scum, I really dont know what youre parents are like, creating such an anomaly."

Dongfang Xi was so angry that he actually spat out blood. Before he said anything, Tang Beiwei smashed the stone on his head.

Before Dongfang Xi lost his consciousness, he heard, "Idiot, if it wasnt because you let me find my brother, I will burn you to dust immediately."

Seeing Dongfang Xi was knocked out, Tang Beiwei finally felt relieved. This guy was too evil. So he was the one who thought of this evil plan. She originally thought it was a coincidence that she met with her brother, but it was actually this animals idea. Luckily, her brother recognized her, otherwise, Tang Beiwei shivered. She didnt dare to keep thinking.

It was the first time she was so cruel to someone, but she didnt feel bad at all.

Ye Mo burned Song Hai to dust with a fireball as well as the other bodies. Then, he looked at the end of the canyon. According to Song Hai, there should be a metal chain bridge. Dongfang Xis plan was to trick him in and let him fight with the hidden sect people.

"Song Qiming, Dongfang Xi" Ye Mo muttered these two names. There was full of killing intent in his eyes. Since they wanted to ambush him, then dont blame him for total annihilation. If Ye Mo was still Stage 2, he would still have some concerns, but now, he didnt need to at all.

However, Dongfang Xi wouldve never thought that even if he changed the person, he still wouldnt be able to ambush Ye Mo. As long as Ye Mo walked into this canyon, his spirit sense would be able to scan what was on the two sides of the canyon. Dongfang Xi underestimated him too much.

Whatever sinister plan it was, it was worthless in the wake of absolute power. Ye Mo once again felt that he should increase his power.

Improve his power? Ye Mo looked at the end of the canyon; since there was a auction, should he go in and see? Who knows if there will be something he needs in the hidden sect auction?

Last time, he just went to a social night and got a Space Abyss Rock. This auction would definitely be more fruitful. But how was he going to enter? According to Song Hai, the guards were two half way Earth Level masters. Then, wouldnt there be people stronger than Earth Level there? This wasnt it, since he was going to buy, he needed money, but he only had tens of thousands left. This wasnt enough for anything.

Regardless, he needed to go. Ever since he found the Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed and Face Preserving Fruit, he no longer underestimated earth. Perhaps there was really things he needed.

Worst comes to worst, he would go back and make some artefacts and a few Face Preserving Pills.

Todays slaughter was satisfying, but Dongfang Xi ran away. Ye Mo was very uncomfortable. Dongfang Xi was like a venomous snake. If Dongfang Xi knew Tang Beiwei was his sister and still let her seduce him, then he was too malevolent.

He would go back and take away Tang Beiwei first. Ye Mo didnt choose to go into the canyon. He just walked a few steps and his phone started vibrating. It was Tang Beiwei; Ye Mo quickly picked up.

"Brother, I caught Dongfang Xi, Im not far from the exit of the road, what do I do?" Tang Beiweis voice sounded.

What? She actually caught Dongfang XI, Ye Mo yelled out in joy, "Dont go, stay there and wait for me, this Dongfang Xi is very useful to me."

Hearing this, Tang Beiwei felt as though she ate honey. She could finally help her brother.

When Ye Mo arrived, Dongfang Xi just woke up. He saw Ye Mo come over and his eyes were faint. He knew he was a goner.

"Brother" Tang Beiwei looked at Dongfang Xi nervously. She was scared that with the slightest carelessness, this guy would ran way, and because of that, she kept all her attention to him.

Ye Mo walked over, took another mini pistol from Dongfang Xis leg, and then said, "Beiwei, why did you come here?"

"Huh, he still has a gun, I was almost tricked by him." Tang Beiwei looked in shock while Ye Mo took another gun. She also gave the pistol in her pocket to Ye Mo.

"This guy is very cunning, luckily, you werent tricked by him." Ye Mo then looked at the necklace on Tang Beiweis chest which seemed faint. He frowned and said, "He attacked you?

Tang Beiwei nodded and told everything that had happened from the hotel till now.

Ye Mo then turned to look at Dongfang Xi with even colder eyes. This guy was like a snake. Luckily, he fell in his hands today, otherwise, he really wouldnt be able to sleep.

"Mr. Ye, as long as you let me go, Im willing to be your servant. You also know that I only tried to fight because we were on different sides. As long as I serve you, I will live by your words." Dongfang Xi was completely full of despair after Ye Mo took away his gun.

Before Ye Mo spoke, Tang Beiwei quickly said, "Brother dont trust him. Hes purely evil. He opened fire on me as soon as he saw me, and he knew we were siblings but still used such an evil plan."

Ye Mos eyes grew bleaker. His guess was right. This Dongfang Xi really knew Tang Beiwei was his sister. This man was scary like a snake. Ye Mo walked over and kicked Dongfang Xis other hand broken. Then, he said to Dongfang Xi, "I will make you die slowly. Im not interested in having a wild dog that lost its humanity to serve me."

Dongfang Xis eyes hardened and immediately said, "Ye Mo, if you have guts, then give me a quick one. I know a lot of things, if you give me a quick one, I will tell you everything."

Ye Mo raised his hand and patted on Dongfang Xis head. He then pointed at the center of his eyebrows and coldly said, "No need, I have ways to make you talk."

Dongfang Xi struggled a little but soon turned doll like.

Ye Mo looked at him and asked, "Tell me, why are you ambushing me? How many of North Sands base do you know, where are they? What other purpose do you have this time?"

Dongfang Xi numbly spoke, "I only know the Asian base, its in Vietnam, White Tail Groove, I dont know anything else. This time, I came to get back the Space Sunflower Design Map."

Space Sunflower Design Map? Ye Mo immediately remembered the model Wen Dong gave him. Thinking about Wen Dong, he wondered if she had recovered. He wanted to get the map, and now he learned that North Sand hid very deep. Even Dongfang Xi didnt know a lot of things. It seemed they were just using each other, but Ye Mo didnt care. He only needed Dongfang Xi to know the location and he would kill them all.

Ye Mo continued asking, "How did you know I was siblings with Tang Beiwei?"
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