Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Turmoil

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Screech~ A sharp sound interrupted Dongfang Xis reply, and there was struggle in his eyes. He actually woke up and looked at Ye Mo in terror. He started rubbing his teeth against each other as fast as he could.

A gush of black blood spilled out from Dongfang Xis mouth. Ye Mo immediately knew it wasnt good. Dongfang Xi actually woke up at the last minute. This wasnt it, he had poison in his mouth. Just when Ye Mo wanted to save him, Dongfang Xi already died. Even his skin color changed blacked.

Such potent poison, Ye Mo sighed. He had never seen such a poison and with his current power, and there was no way he could save Dongfang Xi, unless he made Lotus Life Pill.

"Brother, he killed himself?" Tang Beiwei also saw that Dongfang Xi had died.

Ye Mo nodded and burnt Dongfang Xi with a fireball before saying, "Its too easy for him to die like this, but a nocturnal bird interrupted us. If it wasnt for that bird, I wouldve known everything else but that doesnt matter."

"Brother, you really gave me Dao Magic Charms? There really are fireballs, and my necklace was broken," Tang Beiwei said.

"Mhm, everything is fine as long as youre okay. Ill help you refine your necklace later, lets go first. We might come back here tomorrow." Ye Mo thought tomorrow was the auction.

Tang Beiwei felt warm at heart, thinking it was really good to have a big brother. She gave the remaining Fireball Charms to Ye Mo and said, "I still have a few left."

"Keep it for self defense. Ill still need to make some other things tonight." Ye Mo pushed it back and thought before saying, "Dont tell anyone about this, okay?"

Tang Beiwei affirmatively said, "I know, dont worry, brother, I wont tell anyone. Brother, I want to go back and see my mom, are we coming here again tomorrow?"

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Tomorrows thing is very important to me, I have to come. I will treat your mum dont worry. Lets find a place to stay first. You walk too slow, Ill carry you."

Despite Ye Mo carrying Tang Beiwei, it was almost 12am by the time they walked to the nearest hotel. Ye Mo told Tang Beiwei to sleep early since he needed to make something.


Beijing Song Family.

The most worried person was Song Qiming. Song Hai and Dongfang Xi had no news ever since they went. And, Dongfang Xi said they brought the plan forward. It was already daylight now, but they didnt receive any news. He couldnt contact anyone on Wuliang Mountain.

Song Qiming, with bloodshot eyes, had a bad feeling. He felt that something mustve happened to Song Hai. His heart skipped thinking about this.

If something happened to Song Hai, it meant Ye Mo was fine. If Ye Mo was fine, it meant that he would come to Beijing tomorrow and exact revenge on the Song Family. If it was a normal person, the Song Family wouldnt be scared at all, but Ye Mo was a mad man. He wouldnt even care about the laws of the country. Plus, even if the government could intervene, Ye Mo would still go on a carnage and the Song Family people wouldnt even be enough for him to kill.

If Ye Mo was coming back, there was an 8 am flight to Beijing. What to do? Song Qiming had now regretted challenging Ye Mos bottom line again and again.

Just when Song QIming was being restless in his office, Song Yuanyi walked in.

"Dad." Song QIming stood up nervously.

Song Yuanyi sighed. "Since you did it, dont be scared. He doesnt have 3 heads and 6 arms. Our Song Family have been passed down for nearly a century. It isnt something a mere Ye Mo can destroy unless he disregards the law."

Song QImings worried looks regressed a little but still worriedly asked, "What do we do now? Should we report immediately?"

Song Yunayi shook his head. "Its useless. Ye Mo is the head instructor of the special forces. Even if he isnt, the old guy from the Ye Family would use tricks. As such, we still need to rely on ourselves. Ye Mo hasnt attacked us yet, if he does, we would suffer heavily even if get support from above.

"With his power to kill Ou Familys tiger and Li Mingqiang, it wouldnt be hard for him to kill all of us before reinforcement comes."

Song Qimings face was full of regret. "I am to blame, if I didnt let Shaowen so loose, this wouldnt happen."

Song Yuanyi waved his hand. "You are not to blame, why would a direct grandson of our Song Family need to worry if he wants a woman. We just didnt expect Ye Mo to be an ancient martial arts cultivator and was so strong. Song Hai still has no news, you dont need to wait for him. Something mustve happened already."

"This Dongfang Xi doesnt live up to his name, we overestimated him." Song Qiming sneered. He regretted completely listening to Dongfang Xis words.

Song Yuanyi shook his head. "There shouldnt have been a problem with his plan, something just happened in between. There must be another reason. Its not the time to be fussing over this. We need to face Ye Mos wrath when he comes back."

Song Yuanyi frowned. His eldest son did quite well being the leader of the family all these years, but faced with the life and death of the family, he was indecisive.

He thought for a while before saying, "Ill go back and find my bro for help. If he can come talk to Ye Mo, it should be enough for Ye Mo to let us go once. But this isnt a fail proof plan. Im not sure if Ye Mo will listen to old bros words. So you need to act, if Im not wrong, the problem should be on Tang Beiwei."

Song Qiming also thought Dongfang Xi choosing Tang Beiwei was very strange.

Then, his father continued, "Ive seen Tang Beiweis picture, shes indeed pretty, but I dont believe we cant find someone prettier in Beijing. And I know shes your daughter, whats the meaning of using your daughter as a spy when hes cooperating with you? Is there some other reason in here?"

"Dad" Song Qiming looked down in guilt. Although he knew his dad knew about this, he didnt bring it up. He didnt expect his dad to bring it up.

Song Yuanyi sighed. "Im not blaming you. However, when you do things in the future, you need to clean up the trails. How could an outsider know about this. You need to investigate Tang Jin, and you need to go visit her personally. If Tang Beiwei really managed to have something with Ye Mo, then she would be a breakthrough point. If we want Tang Beiweis help, you need to do work on Tang Jing. Since that Tang Beiwei could accept this deal for her mother, this means her mother is very important for her."

"I understand." Song Qiming admired his fathers eyes, finding the key point immediately.

Song Yuanyi nodded. "Most importantly, immediately hold a family meeting. Tell them to disperse. Those who can leave the country, leave tomorrow morning. Those who cant go to the ends of the country. Leave the main members. And, I need to go see Ye Beirong and Ning Fuzhen. Even if we pay a heavy price, we need to overcome this disaster."

Song Qiming looked at his father in surprise; he didnt expect the family had to be dispersed in order to overcome this.

"Hurry up, the other things are outside things. As long as the family doesnt fall, we will get it back," Seeing Song Qiming was still hesitating, Song Yuanyi immediately reproached.

"Yes, father." Song Qiming knew that as Ye Mo was getting stronger and stronger, the Song Family no longer had the power to fight with him.

After a busy night, Ye Mo finally made 6 Face Preserving Pills and 3 Lotus Life Pills by 9am in the morning.

Ye Mo sighed; his power was too low, and he wasted too much material. This was even with the help of Shen Nong Cauldron. If he didnt have this cauldron, he would waste more.

"Brother" Seeing Ye Mo stand up, Tang Beiwei rushed over. Although she knew Ye Mo had great metaphysical power, she saw with her own eyes that her brother hadnt slept for a few nights, so she was very worried.

Ye Mo smiled and waved his hand. "Im fine, eat this pill. Ive refined your necklace. Wear it."

Then, Ye Mo gave her the Face Preserving Pill and the necklace.

"What pill is this?" Tang Beiwei took the pill and it smelled very refreshening.

"Its called Face Preserving Pill, you wont age after eating it, eat it." Ye Mo knew appearance was very important to women. Since he had 6 Face Preserving Pills, he wouldnt be stingy.

"Huh" Tang Beiwei took the pill with shaky hands. She would never believe this before, but now, she trusted Ye Mo wholeheartedly. A pill that could preserve her looks? The price... she didnt dare to think.

Ye Mo knew what Tang Beiwei was thinking and casually said, "Eat it, I still have a lot more."

Tang Beiwei suddenly felt a warm feeling flow in her heart. Although she wasnt sure Ye Mo was her brother, but seeing he could give something as valuable as this to her meant that he really treated her as a little sister.
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