Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Ferocity

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Ye Mo was furious. Out of so many people, they had to stop him. They were bullying him because he had no background but had a card within 50.

The people from behind saw Ye Mo have conflict again with the guards. Those who knew Ye Mo all knew he was quite strong and thought there was going to be another show.

"I never heard that you needed to ask where the card came from? There shouldnt be such rule," Xu Ping immediately intervened.

The shorter man on the right side heard Xu Pings words and immediately slapped Xu Ping many meters out onto the ground with blood flowing from his mouth.

"If I say its needed, then its needed, what? Do you have a problem?" The shorter man looked at Xu Ping contemptuously and scanned Ye Mo coldly.

Ye Mos eyes went cold and looked at the shorter man.

"What? You have a problem? If you do, then Ill beat you up as well, piss off." The shorter man saw Ye Mo look at him and immediately snapped

Ye Mo turned his head back slowly. The shorter man saw Ye Mo p*ssy out under his yell and spat on the ground sneering. "What kind of thing are you? Why dont you look where this is?"

Everyone saw that Ye Mo eventually didnt act impulsively and felt relieved for him, but also looked down on him.

"Piss off, dont waste other peoples time." Seeing Ye Mo turn around to face him, the eagle-nosed man said contemptuously.

Ye Mo smiled and nodded, and before the other party could react, Ye Mo suddenly turned around again and with an extremely fast speed then punched the shorter mans dantian.

Ye Mo used all his power in this punch.

Pschhh. The shorter man spat blood all over the sky and was sent flying ten meters away. He landed on the ground and didnt move. No one knew if he was dead,t but everyone knew there was no difference since that fist had completely shattered his dantian.

Ye Mos sneak attack succeeded, so he immediately took many steps back to calm his breathing before staring coldly at the eagle-nosed man.

Everyone was shocked. This masked youth was so ferocious and so decisive. His sneak attack worked on a half a step Earth Level master.

No one expected Ye Mo to dare to sneak attack a half a step Earth Level master; even that short man himself didnt expect it, but Ye Mo still did it and succeeded. Was he really some impulsive man that didnt care about anything?

Of course, Ye Mo did, he had already looked at the geology. The road back was built on the cliff face. Other people couldnt escape, but it didnt mean he couldnt. If they really fought, he could jump off with Xu Ping. He had Wind Controlling Technique, so he wasnt afraid at all.

To Ye Mo, if he was going to fight anyways, he might as well eliminate one first and reduce the threat. He wouldnt wait to be ganged up on by two peak Black Level master. That wasnt who he was. Since he was going to sneak attack, of course, Ye Mo chose the one who was slightly stronger. Plus, he killed the shorter guy first and if he was to argue later, he would have the advantage as the short guy attacked first.

Half a beat later, the eagle-nosed man reacted and screamed, "Bastard, you dare to kill my brother." Then he pulled out a long sword and hacked towards Ye Mos head.

In his eyes, Ye Mo only killed his brother because he sneak attacked. If they really fought, he only needed one sword to kill Ye Mo.

Ye Mo knew that the eagle-nosed man was weaker than the shorty but still stronger than Zheng Chengze, so he didnt dare to take him lightly and locked onto the mans sword with his spirit sense.

Although the eagle-nosed mans sword was strong, it posed no threat to Ye Mo. Not only did Ye Mo keep his spirit sense on the mans sword but also on the surrounding. He was scared people would come and gang up on him. If more people came, he had to run immediately, and he wouldnt be able to participate in the auction.

Seeing there was more fighting here, people came out again to look. At this moment, even those without a card could go in, but since all the people here had cards, no one tried to sneak in.

In that brief moment, the eagle-nosed man struck out 12 times; sword followed by sword, it almost joined to form a veil of swords. Ye Mo sneered. If he could also pull out the sword, he could kill this man on his 7th sword, but he didnt dare to take out Bian Pos sword and had to fight with his bare fists.

Bang! Bang! Bang! After a 12 successive bangs, Ye Mo and the man separated again. That veil of sword didnt even scratch Ye Mos clothes.

At this moment, the man realized that Ye Mo wasnt an easy opponent as he seemed. Although he really wanted to kill Ye Mo, he knew it couldnt be rushed.

The man casually sent out a rocket like signal and started to attack Ye Mo again.

Ye Mo saw this signal and knew that it was a call for support. He must finish the battle quickly. Regardless if the people who came would be impartial, he had to kill this man no matter what.

Although Ye Mo was worried, this man wasnt so easily killed. Ye Mos fists clashed with the mans swords for another round. He was pushed back by Ye Mo, and he immediately knew Ye Mo was stronger than him.

Although the man was pushed back, Ye Mo had no joy. His fists were hurting a little too. He knew if he used wind blade, he wouldve finished this guy ages ago, but he didnt dare to use it. At this moment, his spirit sense scanned that 100 meters away, two men were closing in quick. Their power was obviously stronger than the eagle-nosed man.

No, he couldnt wait and talk when they were here. The moment Ye Mo pushed back the man, he jumped up and slammed down on the man.

"Youre asking to die." The man saw Ye Mo being so cocky, leaving himself wide open towards him. He had a smirk at the corner of his mouth as his sword sliced towards Ye Mos chest.

Ye Mo used his body to block everyones vision as his fists struck on the back of the sword. Meanwhile, a wind blade sliced across the mans neck.

The mans sword stopped immediately. He touched his neck in disbelief, until at last, his hand powerlessly fell down. Before he died, he still couldnt believe that Ye Mo used a projectile to kill him.

Everyone was stunned. Just then, Ye Mo was wide open, and this was obviously a no brainer in martial arts. However, how did this eagle-nosed man die immediately? This youth was too eerie. Many people were warning their younger members to avoid this man if they see him in the future.

At this moment, Ye Mo landed while the two grey-clothed men came by Ye Mo. Ye Mos heart skipped, any of them was much stronger than the eagle-nosed man. He was no match for them. Thinking about this, Ye Mo subconsciously took a few steps back and moved close to Xu Ping. As soon as things werent right, he would grab Xu Ping and run.

"How dare you kill the guards of our Xi Shuang Temple Auction, who are you? What do you want here?" The man speaking was in his 50s with snow white hair.

Ye Mo told everything that had happened without worry and said at last, "If you two predecessors dont believe me, you can ask everyone else. And, I saw the two harass the two sisters from Lian Hang Jing Mosque. It could be seen these two arent good people."

The white-haired man looked at the crowd and casually asked. Although no one came out to give evidence, when the man asked, the crowd decided to speak the truth.

"Shi Xiong, it seems this young mans right. The Gu Brothers are being rude and causing trouble, stopping the guests. This is not tolerated. I felt it wasnt good when we chose these two for the guards," the other middle-aged man immediately said.

The white-haired man sighed and said, "This isnt something we can decide, we will drop it for now."

Then, the white haired man said to Ye Mo, "You two go in first, you must not cause any more trouble. We cant decide on this, you may choose to leave, I wont stop you."

Ye Mo knew these two brothers had background support, but he didnt mind. Since he came, he would go in. Thinking about this, he saluted with his fists and said, "Thank you, two predecessors."

Then, Ye Mo pulled Xu Ping in.

Everyone saw Ye Mo come over and all made way. In their eyes, this masked young man was an extremely bad tempered person who killed without a second thought.

The younger nun of the Lian Hang Jing Mosque looked at Ye Mos back, pulled the other nuns hand and said, "This guy is really ferocious, he killed Broken Fist Halls person in the canyon, and now he killed the Gu Brothers. But even so, he helped you get revenge, should we go thank him later?"

The other nun immediately said, "Shi Mei Yu Er, you are too nave. Do you think he was killing for us? Didnt you see he only killed after the shorty hit his friend? And, he used us. When he spoke, it was as though he couldnt resist seeing us being bullied, but hes actually using as an excuse to justify his killing. We mustnt talk to him."

"Oh, I understand, shi jie, why are the people outside all so bad," Yu Er nun said with a pouted mouth.
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