Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Auction by Request

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Of course, Ye Mo didnt know he was labelled as malicious by the two nuns. His first objective was to gather enough funding. He didnt have much money on him, and he only had the magic artefacts and the pills he made last night.

The Xi Shuang Temple was very spacious. Ye Mo looked around casually and there was 50 acres of land and the scene was good. There were small pavilions everywhere for people to rest. Ye Mo thought no wonder the auction was held here.

Ye Mo confirmed the exact location of the auction and made Xu Ping wait for him. He wanted to ask how much his things could be sold for.

Seeing Ye Mo walk into the main place, the girl called Zi Xu immediately told the nun next to her, "Master, I recognize him, he"

"Shut up," the pretty nun reproached the little girl and looked around carefully.

Zi Xu was frightened and didnt continue talking. She resented Ye Mo, but feared him at the same time. She resented him for cutting off her arm, but feared his ferocity. He already killed 3 just coming here, and any of these 3 were much stronger than her master.


Ye Mo walked to the entrance to the main stadium and was immediately stopped by a monk in his 30s. "Friend, theres still two hours before the start of the auction, you need to wait a little longer."

Ye Mo almost spat out, didnt monks call people patron? How did the monk call him friend. But luckily, he had seen quite some monks who drank and ate meat, so he immediately said, "I have some items that I wish to ask the organizer to auction for me, is that possible?"

"Of course, come with me." The monk wasnt surprised since there were a lot of people who also did that.

Ye Mo was taken to a room on the third floor.

Ye Mo looked around. There were two people in the room, one was a skinny old man with a glasses and a goatee. He actually looked quite like Dongfang Xi. The other was a middle-aged woman. Her looks were average but had a royal temperament. It could be easily seen she was no ordinary woman.

"You have something you wish to auction? The tone of the old man with a goatee was very slow. When he spoke, there was a small frown, and this was caught by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo immediately knew that the goatee saw he was too young and didnt think much of him. Ye Mo didnt care and took out five artefacts he made and said, "Indeed, these are some magic artefacts, each can defend primary stage Yellow Stage warriors full powered attacks 3 times."

"Oh." The goatee was quite surprised to hear Ye Mo speak about such a defensive artefact and took it over for perusal. Then, he said, "If it really is so, it could be sold for a lot in the mortal world, but it cant be sold for much here. If you agree, I can try it. If its real, then I can buy it, but the price wont be over 1 million."

Ye Mo knew this goatee was right. This wasnt worth much in the hidden sects indeed. 1 million was decent. If he took it to the outside world, perhaps each would be worth 10 million. Although this price was so much higher than before, Ye Mo still felt there was no need to sell it again.

Because last time, although he sold them for 200k each, that money was enough for him to use. Now, although he could sell for a million, a million wasnt even anything in this auction. In that case, he might as well leave it to sell outside. Thinking about this, Ye Mo took the 5 magic artefacts back.

The goatee didnt say anything upon seeing this. He also knew the price difference was too huge, but he felt his beard and said, "If you could auction the method to make such things, I think it would be a heavenly price."

Ye Mo sneered. He wouldnt sell the method; even if he did, the ancient martial arts cultivators here wouldnt be able to make it at all. Spirit sense was not something that could be attained through ancient martial arts. This old man was really calculative. If they could mass produce it and then sell it outside, they could become billionaires easily.

Although he was sneering, Ye Mo calmly said, "This isnt mine, Im just helping."

Then, Ye Mo took out another vase and said, "Inside is a Lotus Life Pill, see how much its worth?"

Then, Ye Mo gave the vase to the goatee. The goatee opened it and tipped out a round, extremely aromatic purple pill. It was the size of a longan. It could be seen from the appearance that this pill was not ordinary. But even the goatee had never heard of the Lotus Life Pill.

Ye Mo saw the shock on the goatees face and knew this goatee didnt know about the Lotus Life Pill. As such, he said, "This Lotus Life Pill is made from the Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed with 81 other precious herbs. Although it cant save the dead, it could cure any injure as long as theres still a last breath left in the body."

Ye Mo abused the goatee for not knowing about the pill. Ye Mo increased the materials used to make the pill by more than 10 times. He only used 5 to 6 herbs to make this pill, but he said it was 81. Plus, the Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed couldnt cure all disease. It focused on extremely heavy external and internal injury. It was also useful for cultivation errors. It was impractical to say that it could cure all disease. Many neurological disease or mental problems couldnt be cured by it. But even so, its effects were exceedingly powerful.

"The Thousand Year Snow Lotus Seed can really be used in pill? You actually made it, theres such a pill master in the world now?" The goatee was shocked. Even the middle-aged woman was shocked. The effects Ye Mo said was too potent.

Ye Mo smiled and put the pill in the bottle and said, "What I said is all true, can this pill be auctioned?"

The goatee immediately replied, "Yes it can, it can, but you have to promise your pill is real, if its fake"

Ye Mo sneered, of course, he knew what the goatee wanted to say, so he immediately repliedm "If you dont trust me, then you can say a guest said so, and you wont be responsible."

The reason Ye Mo said that was if the goatee didnt know if the pill was real or fake and opposed its auction, then he would lose a lot. He didnt believe that with so many masters here, not one could recognize whether the pill was genuine.

"Okay, we will auction your Lotus Life Pill, but we will take 5% of the earnings," the goatee immediately said.

"Sure," Ye Mo immediately agreed. 5% commission was much better than all those taxes outside.

"Do you have anything else?" The goatee saw that all that Ye Mo took out was good stuff, and thus, he had more expectations.

Ye Mo took out another bottle and gave it to the goatee. "Take a look at this."

The goatee opened the bottle. It was another pill, which was crystal clear and had a pleasant aroma. It was easily seen that it was no ordinary pill. However, the goatee felt embarrassed because he didnt know it again. He was an appraiser, but he couldnt appraise the items many times in a row.

Ye Mo looked and knew this old man was clueless again so he had to explain, "This is a Face Preserving Pill. No matter who eats it, they will gain eternal youth."

"What" This time, not only the goatee was shocked, but so was that middle-aged woman.

Face Preserving Pill was only in the legends, who knew if there was such a thing in the world?

Seeing the goatees hand shake, Ye Mo quickly put the pill back in the bottle. This hillbilly, if he shook his hands too much, he might drop the pill on the ground.

Half a beat later, the goatee woke up and looked at Ye Mo. "Brother, you cant bullsh*t, if this is real, do you know how much implications it will cause? This will be an uproar because this pill is invaluable."

The middle-aged woman also stared anxiously at Ye Mo because she wasnt sure if Ye Mo was being genuine.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Of course this is real, I will be at the auction. You can sell this first, and the buyer can test it on the spot. If its fake, you can sell me out."

Although he said that, Ye Mo became wary. It seemed it was an impulsive move to sell this pill. If everyone knew he was the seller, perhaps all the masters in the world would come chasing after him.

Power, as long as he had enough power, he wouldnt fear other people, but he was too weak now. Ye Mo desperately wanted to get stronger again.

If he was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator now, who dared to oppose him? He could casually turn an entire sect to dust, but the reality was that he wasnt. Perhaps at this place, he would never be able to reach Foundation Establishment.

This was why he had to come to this auction. If he found some precious spirit herbs or ores, those would be the things that would help him breakthrough.
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