Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Face Preserving Pill

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Another thing was, regardless if the temple would betray him after he sold the pill, he had to be ready. Luckily. he covered his face before coming in and changed his name.

"Okay, if your pill is really as you say, it will be a heavenly priced pill. But because it is the first time, I dont think it can be sold for a good price. After all, this is too unbelievable." Ye Mo knew the goatee was saying the truth.

Ye Mo took out another pill and gave it to the goatee. "I have two of these, save one for the middle of the auction. I think the second one will sell for a good price."

The goatee was dumbfounded by the second pill. It was already impossible to have one, but this youth took out two. But if he was a fraud, did he not want to live? That would be suicide in this place.

The middle-aged womans gaze was fixed on the pill. If she didnt have concerns, she wouldve rushed up and robbed it. However, she also knew that even if she sold everything she owned, she wouldnt necessarily be able to afford this pill.

The goatee took out the second pill and sighed. These two pils will be the most precious thing on the entire auction.

Suddenly, the middle-aged woman seemed to have thought of something and said, "May I ask if this pill is made from Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit?"

Ye Mo had a fright and thought of another huge problem. It wasnt just a few people who knew about the Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit on Wuliang Mountain. Many people did, and the main effect of it was for beauty. It wasnt hard to guess, and his pill even had the scent of the Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit. This couldnt be concealed.

If people knew he got the Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit, then perhaps they would know that he killed Bian Po and Yu Lian. Last time, it wasnt just Bian Po and Yu Lian who died, there was also the baldy and many other Black Level masters.

Seeing the goatee and the woman look at him like this, he thought f*ck it; since they already know, it couldnt be hidden anymore. He might as well admit it and make the pill earn more. Then, he would go exterminate the Song Family as soon as the auction ended, and then cultivate in seclusion.

If a cultivator were to be concerned about this and that, how the f*ck can they even cultivate? Thinking about this, Ye Mo calmly said, "I heard the Qian Bei [1] who made the pill say there was indeed a ingredient called the Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit. You can say it at the auction."

Even the goatee knew this Face Preserving Pill was 90% real, much less the woman.


An hour or so later, Ye Mo and the goatee did the procedures and Ye Mo came out to find Xu Ping. The first thing he asked was, "Brother Xu, what are you trying to buy at the auction?"

Xu Ping shyly said, "My finance is limited. I just want to buy a good sword. I use sword, but I still havent been able to find a good sword."

Ye Mo thought about the eagle-nosed man he killed. The sword he used was not bad, but he didnt take it. It could be said the killing was unprovoked, but if he were to take someones thing, then there would be doubts about his actions.

Although Bian Pos sword was very good, Ye Mo didnt even dare to take it out for auction. If he gave it to Xu Ping now, it would harm him. Thinking after a while, Ye Mo said, "Brother Xu, If you trust me, you should leave here immediately and go as far as possible. A year later, you can come and find me in Beijing. I promise I will get you a good sword."

Ye Mo originally wanted Xu Ping to go to Ning Hai next year to teach the tae kwon do guy a lesson, but he thought if he were to tell Xu Ping he was Shi Ying, then his identity would be exposed. He should wait till he was stronger before telling Xu Ping who he was.

"Whats the matter, Brother Mo?" Xu Ping nervously asked. He knew Ye Mo was much stronger than him, but even Ye Mo was worried. This meant that the problem wasnt small.

Ye Mo didnt hide it from him and said, "I believe there will be a hunt for me after the auction. I have faith in escaping, but if they dont catch me, you might be in danger, Brother Xu."

Hearing Ye Mos words, Xu Ping immediately said, "Okay, I will leave immediately. Brother Mo, be careful. If the Broken Fist Hall people dare to do anything to you, I will bring someone down even if I die."

Ye Mo felt touched. They just met after all. Although they quite liked each other, he helped Xu Ping partially due to ulterior motives, but now, Xu Ping listened to him without a second thought, making Ye Mo feel Xu Ping was someone worth becoming friends with.

When Xu Ping left, the auction had started. Many people started going in. Although YE Mo had a black cover on his face, he wasnt outstanding as he wasnt the only one.

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense; the highest level people were Earth Level, but most people were Yellow Level and Black Level.

Suddenly, Ye Mo noticed someone familiar. It was Li Qiuyang. He saw him once at Beijing, and knew he was from the Li Family. However, Ye Mo knew that Li Qiuyang wasnt exactly an outstanding member of the younger generation of the Li Family.

How could he come in? Ye Mo looked carefully again and found that although he looked very like Li Qiuyang, they werent the same person. It should be someone related to Li Qiuyang. He didnt expect the background support of the Li Family to be so huge. They were even related to the hidden sects. Ye Mo was astonished.

There werent much people at the auction, only about 500. Xu Ping was able to get a number in the 100s, meaning his luck was quite good. The top 50 each had a small room. Ye Mo was 37 and also got a room.

The auctioneer was an old man in his 50s. Ye Mo looked at this old man and knew that the latter was much stronger than all the people he had fought.

The old man walked onto the stage, then he paused before saying in a loud voice, "Im Xi Wushan, Ive been invited to be the auctioneer for this hidden sect auction. Everyone knows that although we have an auction every 5 years, there are treasures coming out each time. I would like to represent the Xi Shuang Temple and the sellers to thank the many guests for coming as well as the friends from the mortal world. Okay, lets begin the auction."

Ye Mo heard the words and thought, were there people from the mortal world? What power factions were they? Even the Ye Family and Song Family couldnt come. Those who could be here definitely had power. Did that Li Qiuyang looking man represent the Li family? But the Li Family wasnt the number one family. It seemed there were people from other families here, but perhaps tget covered their face like him.

Xi Wushans interrupted Ye Mos thoughts. "The first item is definitely something that will shock your mind. I dont dare to say there wont be something more precious than this in the future, but it is, for sure, the most precious thing weve ever had."

Then, he took out a jade vase and said, "This is a Face Preserving Pill, after consumption, it will grant eternal youth. It can even extend life by a decade. This is made with Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit as the main ingredient with tens of other precious herbs. The starting price is 1 million, each time, the increment must be no lower than 100k."

Ye Mo thought they actually changed his porcelain vase into a jade vase. It seemed these people really know how to do business haha.

Despite so, there was immediately rustling below. After all, this effect was too potent, no one dared to imagine such a thing even existed. After the boisterous rant, there was silence. No one called a price.

Ye Mos heart sunk, did no one believe it?

Xi Wushan coughed. "Calm down everyone, if people dont believe it after buying it, you may consume it now. We have someone here who will be responsible."

"Brother Xi, according to you, you say this pill is made from Red Leaf Pumpkin Fruit and many people have heard about it being in the Wuliang Mountain not longer ago. However, an elder of our Dian Cang has gone missing in Wuliang Mountain, Xi brother, please tell me who sent this for auction. We Dian Cang will be very grateful." A man in his 40s stood up.

Ye Mo immediately looked at this guy and thought, "So they came." This person was Black Level middle stage and looked like he was from Dian Cang. However, he didnt know what Xi Wushan would say. Although he was sure the temple wouldnt disclose his information, he was still concerned.

Xi Wushan laughed. "We are just responsible for auction, we dont ask about anything else. If someone asks such questions again, we will view it as a challenge to our auction. Okay, now people can start calling prices."

Then, Xi Wushans strong qi burst out. It could be seen that his power was so much stronger than that man from Dian Cang. That Dian Cang mans face was green with anger, but he eventually didnt say anything and sat down.

Ye Mo felt very satisfied. The Dian Cang people were so arrogant. If he was Stage 5 or 6 Chi Gathering, perhaps he would stand up and say: its me, so what.

After a while, no one called a price. Ye Mo felt annoyed. Were these people short of even 1 million? Thinking about this, he couldnt resist and raised his card: "1 million."

Since these cowards didnt bid, he would bid for himself first.

[1] TL Note: Qian Bei: predecessor, what people refer to people a generation older than them as. Same meaning as senpai in Japanese. Predecessor is not a very precise translation for that so Ive decided to just use the ping yin.
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