Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Competition in Auction

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Although he bid a price, Ye Mo looked down on the auctioneer old man, thinking why was it so hard for you to get a prettier girl to do the talking. If there was a pretty lady wearing exposing clothes, then the atmosphere would go up. It was so unsatisfying having an old man. No one wanted to even bid.

However, Ye Mo forgot what this place was. It was a temple. Only he could have such a ridiculous idea.

"1.1 million." One voice broke Ye Mos bid, making him feel relieved. He looked back and discovered that it was actually the pretty nun of the Lian Hang Jin Mosque. He thought that this nun enjoyed beauty too, but he was grateful to this nun for helping him out. It seemed the rich people nowadays werent the big commercial tycoons but monks and nuns.

"1.5 million." It was another female voice. Ye Mo didnt look again this time, but it was all women who bid. It seemed everyone loved beauty, especially women.

"1.7 million."

"2 million"

Ye Mo rejoiced; the price suddenly grew dramatically as more and more people were bidding, while less and less people were suspicious. Soon, the price has skyrocketed to 8 million.

These hidden sect people were really rich. Although Ye Mo didnt know how they got their money, it could be seen that a lot of people were bidding although they werent too sure about the Face Preserving Pill. Ye Mo was grateful that Xi Wushang didnt say they werent responsible for the pills being genuine. After all, this pill was too absurd; if the auctioneer really said that, the price would be really hard to say.

Thinking about this, suddenly, someone stood up. "Mr. Xi, will the auction holder be responsible for the pill being genuine? If they do, then I will bid 50 million immediately."

Ye Mo cursed. This son of a b*tch was looking for trouble. Xi Wushan didnt say they were responsible to avoid the question, but this guy asked, making them unable to pretend they didnt know.

As soon as the person asked, Xi Wushans face sunk as he hummed for a while before saying, "This pill is sent here by someone else, and this person will be completely responsible for the pill. If its fake, we can hand over this person immediately. We wont be responsible for the pill being fake."

Although Xi Wushan was modest with his wording, no one bid for the pill anymore, and it stopped at 9 million. Although everyone had money, this was the first item, and no one knew if it was real.

Once this was bought, it would affect the auction if one were to try it on the spot. If they tried it afterwards, who knew if the seller would run away with the money?

Most importantly, no one wanted to get into conflict with the auction holder. Otherwise, they wouldnt let them in on the next auction.

Ye Mo was annoyed; this Xi Wushan was an idiot. He should have just said that if the buyer realized the pill was fake, then they could give immediate refund. Ye Mo was very annoyed, but he couldnt stand up and say that.

"May I ask Qian Bei Xi, if the pill I buy is fake, can I get refund?" a voice asked the words Ye Mo wanted to say. Ye Mo almost wanted to hug the person and kiss her.

Xi Wushan immediately replied, "We can refund 95%."

"Okay, in that case, I bid 10 million." It was a woman wearing a green skirt. She had a black silk scarf covering her face, but there were still many spots to be seen on her forehead. It was obvious her face was corroded by something.

Ye Mo was very happy. However, he was soon disappointed. No one after that bid, nut he immediately understood why. After all, an auction that was once in 5 years was hard to come by. No one wanted to waste time on trying a pill and missing the item they want. Plus, most people werent buying the pill for themselves.

Plus, if it was fake, not only would they annoy the auction holder, but they would also become a laughingstock.

Xi Wushan saw the woman bid and immediately said, "No. 46 bid 10 million, going once"

It seemed Xi Wushan was also very disappointed in the price, but he didnt want to waste time on it anymore.

No one else bid and Ye Mo was very annoyed. Although he believed it wouldnt be surprising if the pill was sold at 100 million, no one was bidding.

"10 million twice"

"10 million third time... Gone." There wasnt even 1 second between twice and third, but Ye Mo couldnt do anything about it.

The woman stood up and wanted to speak, but Xi Wushan said, "Lady, you do not need to get up. We will send the pill there."

The woman shook her head. "I came here for beauty pills, I will try it immediately."

Xi Wuhan was dazed for a moment. He didnt think someone would try it immediately. After all, to the people who came to this auction, 10 million really wasnt anything. But soon, he reacted, "Okay, in that case, we will have someone to take you and do the transaction and pill testing."

As the woman left, the auction place returned to being calm as though nothing happened before.

"The next item is still a pill, its called Body Refining Pill. This pill can make ancient martial arts cultivators have a 40% chance of entering Yellow Level elementary stage. Starting at 400k, each bid must be no lower than 50k..." Xi Wushan took out a porcelain bottle, and Ye Mo almost spat out blood. This was the pill he sold to that Wu Guang Monk at the artefact social night.

This old monk was really black-hearted. His pill was sold here so quick, and he told the monk before not to spread it out.

Almost immediately, the price had risen to 6 million almost reaching his Face Preserving Pill. Ye Mo was extremely depressed and didnt want to watch. He knew that although there were a lot of masters in the hidden sects, there were very little people who could really enter Yellow Level.

Eventually, this pill was bought by a man for 6.5 million. Ye Mo knew that this Body Refining Pill wasnt even worth 1 ten thousandths of the price of the Face Preserving Pill but it was almost sold for the same.

Xi Wushan was obviously happy with the price. Then, he took another ore from the plate beside him and said, "This is an ore that contains an unknown energy. So far, no one knows how to utilize the energy inside. The starting price is 100k, each bid must be no less than 10k higher."

When Ye Mo saw this, he immediately knew it was the right decision to come. This was an Essence Chi Stone. In the cultivation realm, those relatively poor cultivators used Essence Chi Stones to cultivate because it was too hard to get spirit stones. Although Essence Chi Stones werent as good as spirit stones, it could still be used to cultivate. It was just that the energy wasnt as pure and easy to digest.

"100k." Ye Mo didnt expect someone to bid before him. he waited a while and no one else bidded. It seemed not much people liked it.

"110k." Ye Mo was determined to buy this stone. With this, although he couldnt reach Stage 4, it was enough for him to reach the peak of Stage 3.

"150k." the other person bid again. His voice was louder and sharper than before.

"160k." Ye Mo followed without hesitation.

"300k." it seemed the other bidder was angry. His tone was also more threatening.

He was angry, but Ye Mo was angrier. He looked at this person who fought with him and discovered it was actually an Earth Level master. He couldnt tell the persons age, but his face was really bleak; it was obvious that he wasnt to be messed with easily, but Ye Mo didnt care. Other than a cultivator like him, no one else could utilize it.

"310k," Ye Mo added.

This bleak faced man suddenly sneered, "500k, I, Lone Wolf, will take this ore," Ye Mo added by 10k each time, making him think Ye Mo wanted to annoy him.

Ye Mo heard this guys tone and thought, how dare he be like that? I should be the one angry. Threaten me? In your dreams. But he still called out calmly, "I bid 510k, I will have this ore."

"It seems you want to start sh*t with me, friend." The man glared ravenously at Ye Mo. If glances could kill, Ye Mo would have long been died.

Ye Mo didnt even bother to look at him and just said to Xi Wushan, "Qian Bei Xi, if no one is going to bid, can you bring down the hammer?"
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