Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 240

Chapter 240: This Is Wealthy People

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Thinking about this, Ye Mo finally knew why Xi Wushan didnt introduce the properties of the Blue Flowered Blue leafed Grass. It was hugely useful to even dao cultivators, much less ancient martial arts cultivators.

"I heard the Liu Blue Carrot is very useful for ascending to Earth Level, there are 3 flowers here, I wonder how useful it would be?" someone said.

Soon, another person said, "The last time this appeared, it was more than 50 years ago. I heard there was 5 flowers, but it was eventually bought by an Earth Level tertiary stage master, but he still didnt progress. It could be seen that although its famous, its just so so in terms of effects."

Ye Mo was very shocked. Five Blue Flowered Blue Leafed Grass was very near maturity. A fully matured one had 7 flowers.

But Ye Mo snorted at their words. There was no way a 5 flowered one couldnt let people progress. These people only knew that it could be eaten straight away but didnt know how to concoct it into pills. Although direct consumption wasnt bad, its effects were far inferior when made into a pill.

If he got his hands on the herb, he could make it into a pill immediately. Its effects were more than 100 times stronger than eating it straight away. These people were too ignorant, but Ye Mo thought ignorance was good. If these people really knew how precious this herb was, they probably wouldnt be selling it.

"20 million." People already started bidding.

"30 million."

"50 mil"


The price skyrocketed. Although they didnt know the herb could be made into a pill that could allow someone to breakthrough Earth Level or a higher level, the flower could still allow a Black Level to break through into Earth Level, and perhaps even let an Earth Level get a little stronger. This was enough for everyone to bid on it.

When Ye Mo had reacted, the price has skyrocketed to 200 million. This was completely over his bottom line. His assets combined was only 100 million.

"300 million" one old man just added 100 million. Ye Mo thought, all the wealthy people were here indeed.

"500 million." The price rose again, but by 200 million this time.

Till now, Ye Mo finally realized how rich people could be. His Lotus Life Pill only sold for 100 million, but this auction was only half way; the most precious item hasnt even come out yet, and an items price had already risen to 500 million. Ye Mo didnt know where these people got their money from, but he knew this was far from their bottom line.

The price paused for a little at 500 million. Ye Mo was calculating his assets. He had 100 million now, and later on, that Lotus Life Pill should sell for at least 200 million. This already amounted to 300 million, and he still had 5. So even if it was sold for 100 million each, that would be 500 million.

"800 million." Ye Mo calculated and bidded.

"800 first time." Xi Wushan knew the herb was very precious. 800 million was not a low price, but this was far from the final price.

"Hmph" A sneer sounded. Ye Mo immediately knew this was directed to him. this person was so strong, but he really didnt want to give up like this. However, if he was to offend this person as well, he would be offending too much people at this auction. One Lone Wolf, he wasnt afraid; however, if there was someone stronger than Lone Wolf as well, he would really be in danger.

"1 billion." This old man sneered but didnt stop bidding.

Ye Mo felt depressed. These bastards stayed in the hidden sects all day long, where did they get all this money from? 1 billion, who in China could just casually take out 1 billion cash now? Even if it was Bill Gates, his wealth were in stocks. Although 1 billion was nothing for Bill Gates, how many Bill Gates were there in this world, much less in China.

"1.2 billion." Someone bid and Ye Mo completely gave up on bidding. This was too much for him.

"1.5 billion." The old mans tone was very uncomfortable and added 300 million.

"2 billion." The other bidder was relentless too.

"Old Bastard Xia, youre really going to fight with me over this." This price had exceeded the worth of the flower itself.

The other bidder heard someone call out his name. He sneered and pulled down his face cover. "Zhang Zhihui, I, Xia Jiazhi, must have this Liu Blue Carrot, please give me some face."

Zhang Zhihui seemed to know it was implausible to fight over this with the Xia Family just with his power. Although he felt depressed, he had no choice but to sit down. Eventually, this was bought away by the Xia Family for 2 billion. Ye Mo wasnt satisfied, but he had no choice either.

He was thinking if this Old Bastard Xia was from the Xia Family Mo Kang talked about. If he was, then he would find them and steal the herb if he had to.

The next item made Ye Mo understand what precious really meant. It was an Earth Level cultivation method, and it was sold for 5 billion. Another Tai Yi God Sword, which was said to be used by an ancient deity Lu Dongbing, was sold for 4 billion. There were even luminous pearls sold here, also more than 2 billion.

At this moment, Ye Mo sighed. His 100 million wasnt enough for spare change for these guys. Ye Mo finally understood what wealthy people were like.

He sighed, perhaps he was one of the poorest here. Even those few nuns were richer than him. Ye Mo didnt know that these billions were the years worth of savings for these sects. Money really wasnt anything for these hidden sects. Even if they had to take out all the money, it would be fine as long as they bought something useful. It was really easy to earn money for these hidden sects, but these precious herbs and items depended on fortune and luck.

"Hahahaha, my internal injuries are gone, magnificent pill, magnificent pill" Miao Quan suddenly stood up and said in excitement.

The people sunk into silence again. A lot of people knew about Miao Quans injuries, but they didnt really expect a Lotus Life Pill to be able to cure him. People started to regret again. They thought it was bad luck missing the first pill, but they missed the second pill too. Both of the buyers used it on the spot and proved its worth.

"The next item is the most precious item, this item has been auctioned before. You might have guessed it already. Indeed, it is the Face Preserving Pill. This is the second one in the auction. Starting bid is 100 mil, each increment" before Xi Wushan finished, the stadium was already in pandemonium.

After seeing the unbelievable effects of the first and second pill, everyone was excited for this. No one wanted to miss this last chance. At the end of the auction, the climax had come.

However, many peoples pockets were empty since they had used all their money. Although they knew this pill was unequalled, they had no money to compete for it.

However, Ye Mo was uninterested; even if this pill was sold for a heavenly price, he didnt care that much. He didnt want money, but the Blue Flowered Blue Leafed Grass."

"200 million." The first to bid was that Old Bastard Xia. Hearing him bid, Ye Mo had an idea and stood up immediately.

Everyone saw Ye Mo stand up and was confused. Ye Mo walked out of his room and wanted to go in, but people stopped Ye Mo immediately. "Sir, you are not allowed inside during the auction, you may go out if you want."

"Let him come in," Ye Mo wanted to say he wanted to find the goatee old man, but goatee old man saw him and let him come in.

When Ye Mo walked in, the goatee tipped some tea for Ye Mo with a face full of smile and said very politely, "Mr. Mo, please have some tea."

Ye Mo knew why goatee was so polite to him; he probably was interested in his pills. The goatee wasnt in a rush, but Ye Mo was. He didnt have time to waste with him and said straightforwardly, "Mr. Huang, I want to auction my Face Preserving Pill myself, tell me your conditions."

Ye Mo thought, at most, he would take out another pill.

However, the goatee calmly said, "Mr. Mo came for the Liu Blue Carrot?"

Ye Mo knew this goatee mustve been observing him this whole time, so Ye Mo was straightforward. "Indeed, I came for it. Tell me if thats possible, I still have large amounts of pill we can deal. If you dont allow it, never mind."
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