Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 241

Chapter 241: A Daughter and a Son

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The goatee laughed. "Sure, we should agree just from what Mr. Mo said. This is not just a once a time auction, so if Mr Mo has more pills, I think.."

"Theres no problem with collaboration, if you need pills, I can provide it all." Ye Mo was impatient, if they kept talking, the auction would be over.

"Great, its wonderful talking with Mr. Mo, I agree. After the auction, you can come check out altogether, then, we can discuss further collaboration," the goatee saw Ye Mos impatience and said immediately.

Ye Mo sneered, discuss my ass, after the auction, he would play missing immediately. He still had 100 million in the auction holders hands, but he wouldnt be dumb enough to take that 100 million. If he got the Blue Flowered Blue Leafed Grass, he would immediately escape. He could tell that this goatee wasnt a good person.

"1.1 billion" The price had skyrocketed.

Xi Wushan suddenly said, "Calm down, everyone. Due to the owner of the pills request, he wish to be in this auction himself. Now, we will hand it over to the owner of the pill."

The scene calmed down but was soon boisterous again. Although there had never been such a rule, no one wanted to offend the owner of the Face Preserving Pill. If he could take out two Face Preserving Pills, who knew if he could take out more? Plus, if they annoyed the owner, then the owner just wouldnt sell it to them, then what can they do?

Although Ye Mo really wanted the Blue Flowered Blue Leafed Grass, he didnt dare to be too confident. He wore black clothes and pants, covering himself tightly and even wore shades. He was afraid people would recognize him; if they did, he would be a goner.

"Now, the last Face Preserving Pill will be sold by me, the current price is 1.1 billion, is there any higher price?" Although Ye Mo changed his voice, some people immediately realized something.

The black-clothed woman in room 32 immediately frowned and said to herself, "This guy is so similar to that Da Hu, but how can that be?"

If she took off her mask, Ye Mo would immediately recognise her to be Jing Xi.

"I bid 1.3 billion." As soon as this voice sounded, Ye Mo was excited.

He was waiting for this man to bid; since he bid, Ye Mo didnt wait for other bids and said, "If its Mr. Xia, I have a suggestion, if Mr. Xia can take out your Liu Blue Carrot, this Face Preserving Pill is yours. The reason I came to do the auction myself is because Im interested in your Liu Blue Carrot, Mr. Xia."

Ye Mo told the truth because even if he didnt, other people would know, so he might as well say it. But as soon as he said this, the scene erupted. This was because Ye Mo ended peoples hopes of buying the Face Preserving Pill.

However, Ye Mo wasnt worried at all and immediately said, "Everyone please calm down. If anyone makes a hustle, our sect will blacklist you, never to be allowed to buy more Face Preserving Pills and other pills."

"What, theres more?" someone asked immediately.

"Of course, our sect is a large set, since we had pushed out two, there would definitely be more. These two are just a test for the market," Ye Mo blatantly lied.

No one knew if the Face Preserving Pill could grant eternal youth, but it was sure able to make someone prettier. Just due to this, it was worth that much.

"Whens the next time?" people coulndt wait and asked.

Ye Mo slowly said, "When our next batch comes out, we will send out invitations to the world asking everyone to gather again."

The Xia Family man was a bit hesitant. If there wasnt the next batch, perhaps he would agree. However, if this Face Preserving Pill was mass produced, then this trade would be not worth for him.

Due to Ye Mos words, the auction place calmed down again. No one wanted to offend a big sect who could produce the Face Preserving Pill. If they really pissed Ye Mo off, then they would be blacklisted. Plus, they had more than just one type of pill.

After a while, the Xia old man said, "A trade is possible, but I need two flowers on the Liu Blue Carrot. If thats not possible, then I would have to reject."

The scene rumbled again; the most valuable part of the carrot was the 3 flowers. This guy took two, then, it wouldnt even worth that much.

However, Ye Mo had a fit of excitement, to him, the flower was not bad, but in his hands, he could make it grow 3 more flowers. Even if he couldnt, the root and leaves were good ingredients too.

"Thats fine." Ye Mo suppressed his excitement and agreed.

The crowd was shocked, but Ye Mo quickly exchanged items with the Xia man and retreated.

"Mr. Mo please sit for a while, after I finish dealing with the other customers, we can discuss our collaboration." The goatee was more and more polite to Ye Mo, but the glare in his eyes couldnt escape Ye Mos spirit sense.

This guy was interested in his recipe. It seemed that he didnt just want a collaboration, but instead wanted to devour him whole. As expected, under adequate interest, anyone could be betrayed. However, he was confident that he had never taken off his mask in front of the goatee, so it would be hard for the goatee to recognize him.

Seeing Ye Mo nod, the goatee walked out and Ye Mo stuffed the Blue Flowered Blue leafed Grass in his ring, then he followed with an Invisibility Technique.

The goatee walked out, closed the door, and locked it from the outside. Then, he made a gesture to the two guards. It was obvious that he wanted to lock Ye Mo in. When Ye Mo walked out of the auction site, many people left continuously. He knew that as soon as he appeared, at least two people would follow him, one was the Lone Wolf, and another was that Zhang Zhihui.

Ye Mo took off the black clothes and continued to walk out of the Xi Shuang Temple door while invisible. Amongst so many masters, he didnt dare to use chi, but he could still power walk.

What Ye Mo felt surprised was that after he left, he didnt find Lone Wolf and Zhang Zhihu to stop him. In fact, he didnt see these two guys at all. However, he didnt care. He walked a bit and started to hide; he would wait for all these people to leave before leaving, because his invisibility technique couldnt last for too long. If he was seen on the road, he would be dead.

And, facing so many masters and top Earth Level masters, he wasnt sure if his invisibility could trick these people.

"Master" When Zi Xu walked out with her master, the shock was still on her face. She was flabbergasted by the Face Preserving Pill Ye Mo took out. It was quite hard for their semi hidden sect to come to this auction, but Ye Mo could do something so astonishing, and she dared to find retribution on him.

The nun beside Zi Xu said, "Well talk when we get back."

Before Zi Xu could reply, a woman in black veil stopped them. "Two friends, please."

Zi Xu shook but the pretty nun saluted a nod and calmly said, "Dao friend, please."

The black woman laughed and said, "I want to ask you guys about someone, its that young man with the black veil, you guys probably know him."

Zi Xus face went pale, she couldnt understand how this woman knew they knew Ye Mo?

The gorgeous nuns face was also pale; she didnt want to mess with Ye Mo, but someone came to ask who Ye Mo was. The first moment Zi Xu said she had an impression of this person, she knew this person was quite possibly Ye Mo who killed Qian Longtou by himself. She didnt even want to mess with such a person.

"It seems you know, then please tell me," the black clothed woman slowly said but casually raised her leg and kicked a huge boulder beside her to pieces.

The gorgeous nuns face grew worse. With such an ability, this woman was at least Earth Level. She was only Black Level tertiary stage, so she could be easily killed by this black-clothed woman.

"I heard this little girl say in Xi Shuang Temple she knows who that person is, I dont believe I heard wrong." The black clothed womans voice grew cold.

At this moment, the gorgeous nun calmed herself down, looked at Zi Xu and sighed. "I can tell Qianbei but this is only our guess. If we tell Qianbei, please have mercy on us."

"Dont worry, hurry up and say it." The black-clothed woman seemed to be impatient.

"Zi Xu, tell her," the gorgeous nun helplessly said to her disciple.

Zi Xu also knew she caused this trouble and said, "Hes Ye Mo."

Ye Mo?" the woman obviously didnt know who Ye Mo was.

Since she already said it, Zi Xu had no more concerns and explained, "Hes from the Ye family in Beijing, his father is Ye Wentian, hes Ye Beirongs grandson. He killed Qian Longtou."

Ye Wentians son? How was a mere member of a big family this strong? Did he go into some hidden sect?" The black-clothed woman frowned. The way she looked at Zi Xu grew cold.

The gorgeous nun quickly said, "No, Zi Xu suffered in his hand. I investigated Ye Mo, he isnt Ye Wentians real son. He was picked up by Ye Wentian near Luo Hong Temple 22 years ago."

The black-clothed woman dazed for a moment and started to laugh at the sky. "Hahahaha, 22 years ago, another child was found at Luo Hong temple. The heavens are helping me, Shi Jie, Shi Jie, I didnt expect both of your children to be found by me, hahahaha I was thinking where the other bastard child of yours went."
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