Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 242

Chapter 242: Ambush

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
"Whats your name?" the black clothed woman suddenly stopped laughing and looked at the nun and her disciple coldly.

"Wanbei [1] is Hui Yan, this is my disciple, Zu Xu." There was despair in the gorgeous nuns eyes. She knew this woman probably wouldnt let them go.

"A mi tuo fo" suddenly, a deep and long chant sounded.

The black-clothed womans face changed. She sneered. "Since the old monk came, Ill let you guys go this time. If someone else gets word of this, you guys wont need to exist." Then, the black-clothed woman turned and left.

Seeing this, the nun bowed and thanked towards the direction the sound came from and then dragged her disciple away.


Xi Shuang Temple.

The room Ye Mo just left now had 5 people inside: the goatee, Xi Wushan, the woman Ye Mo when he handed the items in for auction, a man about the same age as Xi Wushan, and a grey-clothed person sitting in the back whose age couldnt be discerened.

"Shixiong Yu, are we just going to let him go like that?" Xi Wushan said to that man who was about his same age.

The man smiled. "Go? Where will he go? Although I dont know how he got out of the room, but he probably used something to trick the eye. Huang Wen hadnt cultivated ancient martial arts, so its natural that he was tricked. However, he underestimates our Space Association too much if he thinks he can just leave like this."

Goatee felt a little awkward. After all, Ye Mo escaped, and he didnt even know. He asked, "Brother Yu, you mean"

Shixiong Yu plainly said, "Lone Wolf is waiting for him on the road at the cliff. Well make a move after hes been taught a lesson. By then, he has to listen to us."

The woman who hadnt talked frowned and said, "Shixiong Yu, although your idea is good, this Mo Ying had killed Zheng Chengze as well as the Gu brothers. Hes not so simple."

Xi Wushan continued, "Lady Fang, dont worry, Ive seen both of his fights. Hes at most the peak of Black Level. Compared to Lone Wolf who is Earth Level, hes far weaker."

Shixiong Yu nodded. "Shidi Wu Shan is right, he should be no match for Lone Wolf. Plus, even if he kills Lone Wolf, theres still a Zhang Zhihui. We just need to wait to be the good guys, no need to worry he wont subdue him himself."

"In that case, why dont we just capture him, this would save so much trouble." Lady Fang still felt it wasnt safe.

Shixiong Yu shook his head. "Its not that we dont want to do this, but its because if we save his life, he would cherish our collaboration more. Plus, Wu Dao that old monk came. If we do things overboard, he would definitely intervene."

"A mi tuo fo" a buddhist chant interrupted their discussion. Other than the person at the back, the rest of the four all stood up in surprise.

An hour later, Ye Mo estimated that everyone probably left and he also stood up. He wondered how the Xi Shuang Temple people would feel if he left without a trace.

Ye Mo walked onto the cliff path and didnt hide himself. With his current state, invisibility would be discerned by others if there was any chi released.

However, when Ye Mo just walked half way, he stopped. His spirit sense had scanned Lone Wolf who was not far. This guy was really persistent, waiting for him here. It was impossible for Ye Mo to turn and leave. Xi Shuang Temple had much more sinister plans for him.

"You really know how to hide, but even so, dont think you can hide from me. Hand me everything you have and sever one arm yourself. Ill let you live today." Lone Wolf was very arrogant.

Ye Mo sneered. He knew that a lot of people knew Lone Wolf would be blocking here, but Ye Mo was sure no one was peering on. It was hard since the road was built into the cliff face, and outside was a bottomless ravine.

In that case, Ye Mo had no concerns. This Lone Wolf was at most the same with Bian Po, perhaps a little stronger. But he was much stronger than before. Although he knew there was a fundamental difference between Black Level and Earth Level, he wasnt afraid of this Lone Wolf.

"You really want it?" Ye Mo walked forward a few steps, not showing even a trace of emotion on his face.

Lone Wolf stared closely at Ye Mo. Ye Mo was still 3 or 4 meters from here. If Ye Mo dared to take another step, he would attack immediately. He only had to make sure that the body didnt fall off the cliff.

He observed that there was no weapon in this young mans hands, and he didnt seem that strong.

"Stop wasting time, if you dont hand it over, I will attack." Lone Wolf sneered and then raised his fist slowly. He didnt need to use a sword against someone like Ye Mo.

"Then go die." Ye Mo suddenly had a long sword in his hands and hacked towards Lone Wolfs head. The frosty wind aroused by the sword seemed to materialize. As soon as Ye Mo hacked, the wind had crossed a few meters and came above Lone Wolfs head.

Lone Wolf was shocked. He didnt have time to think where Ye Mos sword came from. He jumped off the road and attacked with his fist at the same time.

Lone Wolfs eyes were rather good. Thud, the back of Ye Mos sword clashed with Lone Wolfs fist. Ye Mo took a few steps back as the blood in his heart ruptured. He complimented Lone Wolfs reaction and eyes. Even when his fist was rushed, Ye Mo still took some damage from it. If they were fighting on flat surface, he would have no advantage at all.

However, this sudden sword attack still made a large wound on Lone Wolfs chest. However, it wasnt any real injury to Lone Wolf.

The only advantage Ye Mo created was forcing Lone Wolf off the cliff road. At this moment, Lone Wolf flipped in the air and wanted to come back onto the road. Ye Mos main purpose was to force Lone Wolf off the road. If Lone Wolf came back, he would lose all the advantage he had. Perhaps he would really have to jump off to escape. Since he achieved his goal, he wasnt going to let Lone Wolf come back.

At this moment, Ye Mo knew his difference with the Earth Level was really huge. Before reaching Stage 4, he wouldnt be able to fight them properly at all.

"Bastard, you want to die." Lone Wolf was inexplicably angry. He was ambushed by an insect he could kill at any time. He flipped in the air and was about to land back on the road.

However, Ye Mo didnt hold back at all. He sliced multiple wind blades at Lone Wolf. It was as though Lone Wolf was coming back for him to kill. Ye Mo used this move against Bian Po and felt it was quite handy against martial art cultivators stronger than him.

Just when Lone Wolf was about to land, he felt a frosty wind come at his face. He took quite a fright from Ye Mo suddenly brought out a sword from nowhere and immediately knew this frosty wind wasnt that simple. He didnt dare to block and quickly flipped to avoid it.

He did two flips in the air, causing all the qi in his lung to be used up. Even he would die for sure if he fell off such a high cliff. He really didnt expect his small negligence would result in him being forced to this state by an insect.

If it was on flat ground, no way would he be afraid of a mere 20 years old ant.

Ye Mos plan succeeded. He didnt even think and rushed up attacking again with the sword.

At this moment, Lone Wolf also pulled out a short leaf like sword, clashing with Ye Mos sword.

Clank, under the fire sparks, Lone Wolf was smashed down a few more meters, sticking closely to the surface of the steep cliff wall. He didnt dare to move anymore.

Ye Mo gasped at the qi reserve of Earth Level. This guy still didnt fall off the cliff.

At this moment, Lone Wolf also regretted. He was at a complete disadvantage. He didnt expect this young guy to be so hard to deal with. What was that invisible projectile? And how did his sword suddenly appear? And, this long sword seemed like the one Bian Po used, did he kill Bian Po?

Thinking about this, Lone Wolf couldnt calm down anymore. This guy could even kill Bian Po; if that was true, then he could kill him.

But would he even let him go after knowing he killed Bian Po?

For the first time, Lone Wolf sweated in front of someone whom he thought was an ant.

Seeing Lone Wolf stick to the cliff wall 7 meters below like a bat, Ye Mo sneered and took back the sword. Although it was a casual movement to Ye Mo, Lone Wolfs eyes was full of terror. He could think of it as Ye Mo was good at hiding weapons before, but now, he clearly saw with his own eyes that Ye Mo put the sword away into thin air.

Lone Wolf had experienced countless life and death situation. Although he underestimated Ye Mo at the start and chose the wrong ambush point, he had woken up to the situation he was in now.

"Friend, its my fault, Im willing to give everything I have and swear not to disclose what happened today nor trouble you." Lone Wolf quickly begged for mercy.

Ye Mo sneered. "Youre too nave, since I attacked, I dont have the habit of showing mercy."

[1] TL note: wan bei: the opposite to qian bei, its what the younger generation refer to themselves as.
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