Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Mountains of Swords and Seas of Flames

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
Ye Mo calmed down and casually grabbed Jing Xi and dumped her on the bamboo mat on the side.

"Dont try this with me, tell me where Susu is. I will give you what I need to pay you. Im not interested in you." Ye Mos voice was cold.

Jing Xis joy and excitement were suddenly sent to the abyss. Although her skin was still red and the innate desires were still in her heart, that step on her ego made her unable to control herself. Even though the incense affected her, Ye Mos unhesitant rejection and coarse actions made her unable to accept it. She almost spat out blood due to anger.

"Good, youre very good" Jing Xi walked to the corner of the room and stood before the incense. Then, she turned and coldly looked at Ye Mo as she said, "You will regret it, you want to see Susu, in your f*cking dreams."

Jing Xi was about to go crazy. Although she didnt expect things to develop up to this point, she was no longer rejecting it since it had already unfolded. However, Ye Mo dumped her like wild grass; if she could take that, she wouldnt be Jing Xi.

Ye Mo couldnt even bother to look at this psychopath; he ran his spirit chi and removed all the effects of the incense. He pushed the door and went out. Even if Jing Xi didnt tell him, he could still asked Jing Xian. He felt that Jing Xian was so much easier to talk to than Jing Xi.

Seeing Ye Mo turn and leave, Jing Xi was so furious she was shaking and her face was green. Her anger had completely suppressed her lust. She originally just wanted to push Ye Mo away half way, but it was now her turn to lose face. Other than her shi jie stealing her man all those years ago, she had never been so furious. This family didnt have a single good thing. Revenge, I want revenge!


Jing Xian sat at one room and seemed to know Ye Mo had come. She said to Ye Mo at the door, "Since you came, come in then."

Ye Mo pushed the door open and entered; he bowed to Jing Xian and said, "Jing Xian Qian Bei, I know youre the leader of Serenity, but I have to take away Susu today. No matter what I have to take her away, please allow me so."

"You really like her?" Jing Xian didnt look up but sighed and said.

Ye Mo very firmly said, "Yes, I like her a lot, please let me. I can bring out something Qian Bei will be happy with. Im not treating Susu as a thing, but its just my gratitude for your sect bringing her up."

"Sigh" After a long silence, Jing Xian sighed again and continued, "Luo Ying Susu this child. you were able to pull out from that situation, it could be seen youre no ordinary person In that case, I will make the decision, let...."

"Hold up" Suddenly, a voice broke Jing Xians words. Jing Xi had dressed up now, and there were three middle-aged nuns behind her.

Ye Mo glanced at these few people; these 4 nuns were actually all earth level. Other than Jing Xian, Serenity had so much power. However, since Jing Xian knew Jing Xi was a bad egg and tried to seduce him, why didnt she do anything about it? Was she just a puppet leader?

"Jing Xi Shi Mei, what else do you want to say." Although Jing Xians tone was calm, Ye Mo heard the shakiness in her tone; it was an anger that couldnt be let out.

Jing Xi calmly said, "Leader Shi Jie, this man is from the mortal world. If he comes and takes away a disciple of our sect, isnt that against the sect rules? If each person comes to take away a disciple of ours, then our sect would be long gone."

Jing Xi frowned and slowly said, "Shi Mei, youre the one who brought him in, and you also said he wants to see Luo Ying, why are you saying this now?"

Jing Xi suddenly angrily said, "It was only now that I knew he was a covetous bastard, he tried to harass me. I also saw he was so desperate to see Susu that I let him in to see her. but I didnt know he was like this. Ive went against the sect rules, Im willing to be punished."

After Jing Xis words, the three nuns behind her started to look at Ye Mo with disgusted looks. Obviously, they believed Jing Xis words.

Ye Mo sneered but didnt talk. He looked down on these nuns, thinking they were dumber than idiots. Jing Xis words were full of holes, but they still believed her. However, he knew that Jing Xian probably knew he wasnt like that. so he didnt bother to explain.

"Then, what do you think we should do?" Jing Xian sighed. She knew Jing Xi was bullsh*tting, but she had no way to help Ye Mo.

"Shi Jie, I think we can let this person see Susu once and kick him away immediately," Jing Xi unexpectedly said.

Ye Mo also dazed. He didnt expect Jing Xi to let him see Luo Ying. As long as he saw Luo Ying, he would take her away for sure. Did she remember his deal with her?

Jing Xian was also surprised. She was prepared to persuade Ye Mo to leave, but she didnt expect Jing Xi to agree. What was she thinking? Suddenly, Jing Xians face changed as though knowing what Jing Xi wanted to do.

As expected, Jing Xi slowly said, "Of course, someone who isnt from the hidden sects wont be able to see our disciples so easily. According to the rules, he needs to go on the blade mountain and sea of fire."

Jing Xian immediately frowned. Before Ye Mo could speak, she said, "Luo Ying is still in solitary training, I think you should leave first and come back after two years."

Two years? Ye Mo dazed.

Jing Xi had a cold smile. "Of course, if you dont want to see Luo Ying, please leave." She knew Ye Mo wouldnt reject it.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Jing Xi. Of course, he knew what this woman was thinking, so he said, "in that case, take me there. But I forgot to tell you, Jing Xi, for a woman like you, even if you use aphrodisiacs, I wouldnt be interested in you. I wouldnt waste my virginity on you."

Since he already offended her, he might as well do more. If this wasnt Serenity with numerous Earth level masters surrounding him, he wouldve started a carnage already. Jing Xi was a complete psychopath.

Hearing this, Jing Xis face immediately became green.


Luo Ying saw Ye Mo and Jing Xi and slowly turned around. She really didnt want to see Ye Mo with another woman like that, especially if that woman was Jing Xi. Her master died indirectly in her hands.

However, Luo Ying still couldnt resist her urge to see Ye Mo. Even though she turned around, she still couldnt resist her desperation and hope. She wanted to see if Ye Mo was the same person in her dreams, and she also wanted to see if Ye Mo would come to take her away. However, he had already done that, would she let him take her away?

She finally couldnt resist it and turned around again.

The room was now empty, so where did Ye Mo go? Luo Ying suddenly started to worry; she suddenly felt it was better for Ye Mo to hug Jing Xi than suddenly disappear in front of her eyes.

She rushed to the window and looked around. There was no sign of Ye Mo. She began to worry more and more. She knew Ye Mo was quite strong, but perhaps Jing Xi Shi Shu only needed one hand to kill him. Did Ye Mo reject Jing Xi Shi Shu, making her angry and to the point where she killed Ye Mo?

Luo Ying suddenly started to blame herself. She even hoped Ye Mo didnt reject Jing Xi and didnt make Jing Xi angry. Ye Mo mustve been forced in that situation. How could he be a match for Jing Xi? She really shouldnt have been sad for that. Since he came, he mustve been here for her. If he didnt listen to Jing Xi Shi Shu, how was he going to find her?

The more Luo Ying thought, the more she was worried.

"Sword mountain?" Luo Ying finally saw the 70-meter tall sword mountain erected on the training ground. Her face immediately became bloodless.

She knew about the sect rules. If the people from the mortal world could find the sect and have some affairs with a disciple, then that person must go up the stone mountain and down the sea of fire. When she saw the sword mountain, she had completely understood that it was prepared for Ye Mo. Other than the stone mountain, there was a scarier sea of fire.

"Dont.." Luo Ying screamed. but her voice screeched. It just echoed in the stone room.

However, no matter how she yelled, her voice just echoed around. After being locked in the frost room for a few months, she found she had become very feeble. If Ye Mo didnt do something for her before and made that jade necklace, perhaps she wouldnt even be able to scream.

From the founding of the sect till now, this happened 3 times in total. However, none of the 3 survived. She also heard the last time was related to her master, but it involved her masters privacy, so she didnt dare to ask specifically. No matter what, she couldnt let Ye Mo go there.

She held to the rim of the window helplessly and remembered when she asked her master, "Master, what is the sword mountain and sea of fire?"

That was the third year she came to Serenity and heard the conversation of her two Shi Jie and then she came to ask her master.

Luo Ying remembered clearly that her masters eyes were red as she patted her head. "Susu, thats the promise and persistence of a man. If one day a man is willing to go there for you, hes the person youre waiting for. Remember your masters words, you must not let that person really go there for you. If he really did it, he would only be able to do it once for you. There wont be anything after. You must stop him no matter what, remember this. Youre still young, you dont understand now"

She clearly remembered that her master started crying after that.
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