Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 249

Chapter 249: Meeting

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Luo Ying face blushed a little after being carried up by Ye Mo. She quickly said, "Put me down, theyre all watching."

Ye Mos heart was about to explode with joy seeing his master again. The recent discomfort had all dissipated. He even put aside his hatred for Jing Xi. Although he was excited, he listened to Luo Ying and put her down.

Luo Ying looked up and saw Ye Mo just look at her. Her pale face grew more lively. Ye Mo had already grabbed Luo Yings wrist and passed chi in to treat her.

"Hmph, being so intimate already, Luo Ying, a few months ago, you were still arguing, what about now?" Jing Xis cold voice sounded.

Hearing this voice, the rudiness of Luo Yings face disappeared.

Ye Mo turned around and coldly looked at Jing Xi. "Jing XI, dont think I would let this go, what you did to Luo Ying, I will get back from you many times."

"How dare you be so arrogant in Serenity, who do you think are? You think youre so great for walking the sword mountain? If you dare to offend our Serenity, we will make you remain here forever," the black faced nun immediately yelled, then she looked at Jing Xi. If Jing Xi gave the order, perhaps she would immediately go up and attack Ye Mo.

Luo Ying quickly covered Ye Mos face and bowed. "Jing Wen Shi Shu, Ye Mo just came here and dont know a lot of things, please forgive him."

The black-faced nun didnt even look at Luo Ying and just waited for Jing Xis order.

Ye Mo was alert. If Jing Xi was going to attack him and Susu, he would immediately use tens of fireball charms and then take Susu to run.

What everyone didnt expect was how Jing Xis face kept changing before eventually smiling and saying, "Since Susu begged for forgiveness, I wont care about it this time. Theres still the sea of fire. If you can pass that, you can even take Susu away, much less see her. But its late today, Susu, take Ye Mo to rest, continue tomorrow."

Then, Jing Xi turned and left.

Not only was Ye Mo stunned, but so was everyone else. This wasnt like Jing Xi, how could she be so easy to talk to?

After a while, Susu reacted and quickly said, "Thank you Jing Xi Shi Shu."

Watching Jing Xi walk away, Jing Xian frowned and wanted to say something but eventually didnt.

Soon, there was only Ye Mo and Luo Ying at the big training ground.

Ye Mo was becoming more and more confused. This wasnt like Jing Xi at all, but as long as Luo Ying was by his side, it was fine. Regardless of what tricks Jing Xi tried to play, he wouldnt be afraid.

"Why did you come here? Didnt I tell you not to come" After everyone had left, Luo Ying then remembered why Ye Mo was here and became worried.

Ye Mo smiled. "Susu, I came to find you, but I feel theres something wrong with your Jing Xi Shi Shu. She has no reason to let us go, she said not to go the sea of flames today, I suspect"

"Oh, by the way, let me see your feet" Ye Mos words reminded her. Ye Mos feet was still hurt; she quickly bent over and looked at Ye Mos feet.

Ye Mo pulled Luo Ying up again. "My feet are fine, lets go to the place you live, where were you before? How come I couldnt find you?"

Luo Ying pointed at a peak more than 100 meters away. "Ive been living in the frost room there. Jing Xi Shi Shu made me stay 3 years in there for punishment."

"Tell me why." 3 years in a frost room? Ye Mo was immediately furious. Only a few months had passed, yet Luo Ying was tortured like this. If it was 3 years, that would surely take her life. Jing Xi, you old nun. No wonder he wasnt able to find Susu. The place Luo Ying pointed at was just out of his spirit sense range.

Feeling Ye Mos anger, Luo Ying quickly pulled Ye Mo and said, "Ye Mo, Im fine now, let the past go, Im very happy that you can come to see me."

"Susu, tell me, why is Jing Xi targeting you?" Ye Mo was very unhappy. Although he was determined to take Luo Ying away, he couldnt stay calm about Jing XI torturing Luo Ying like this.

Luo Ying felt warm. This was the first time she felt such warmness after her master died. She looked up at Ye Mo and said, "Because my heart isnt calm and I cant cultivate, so"

"Your heart isnt calm and you cant cultivate?" Ye Mo repeated. Although he didnt know what it meant, he said, "Since you cant then dont, I will give you the way to cultivate, its much better than the garbage of Serenity."

"The things my master taught me isnt garbage, I dont like you talking about my master like that." Then, Luo Ying turned and left.

Ye Mo helplessly smiled. He knew his words were a bit over the top, so he chased and awkwardly said, "Okay, my bad, but I have a way for you to cultivate."

Luo Ying didnt say anything and just walked into one room at the furthest.

Ye Mo awkwardly stood at the door, not knowing whether he should go in or not.

"What are you standing at the door for, why arent you coming in?" Luo Yings voice sounded.

Ye Mo rejoiced and quickly went in closing the door on the way. The moment Ye Mo closed the door, Luo Yings body shook. Ye Mo saw it and immediately remembered that Jing Xi didnt seem to arrange a place for him to stay, but he didnt mind it. As long as he was with his master, it was fine.

Luo Ying walked to the corner of the room and lit an incense. Ye Mo looked and quickly said, "Susu, you cant light that incense."

Luo Ying looked strangely at Ye Mo. "This is Serene Incense, it can calm you down. We disciples of serenity would all use this incense to clear our mind, why cant I light it?"

Ye Mo awkwardly opened his mouth. He didnt expect the aphrodisiac incense to look the same as the serene incense. He couldnt help but look down on himself; how could Luo Ying be the same type of person as Jing Xi?

Because it was a bit awkward, he could only say, "Master, your state is very bad, let me treat you."

Luo Ying looked at Ye Mo in bewilderment. "Why do you call me master, you called me that just then, why did you say it again?"

"Huh" Ye Mo looked hesitantly at Luo Ying. He realized that Luo Ying didnt remember anything except for her name or perhaps there was a hazy image of him in her brain, thats why she treated him differently. But, how was he going to explain this to her? This explanation would be too bizarre.

"How about I treat you first then Ill tell you later." Ye Mo played it off.

Luo Ying nodded, but for some reason, her face blushed a little. Ye Mo looked at the incense; it smelt very similar to the aphrodisiac incense, but it didnt seem to be too similar. He was confused.

Luo Ying sat on the mat and didnt say anything. She knew Ye Mos medical skills were great; that time, he had even saved her in the desert.

Ye Mo nodded and took out a Face Preserving Pill and passed it to Luo Ying. "Eat this first, then Ill do acupuncture for you."

Ye Mo didnt doubt the Face Preserving Pill at all and ate it. Soon, she closed her eyes while waiting for Ye Mos acupuncture.

Luo Ying was just a little weak, and the situation wasnt too serious. Ye Mo helped her recover the meridians that was damaged by the frost qi soon, and then he used a few Clear Water Shu to clean away the impurities brought out by the Face Preserving Pill.

In less than an hour, Luo Ying looked at her hands and skin. She couldnt even believe her change. Her skin was white on the surface but red underneath, her whole body seemed lighter.

"This was like last time in the desert, but I seem to feel a lot lighter," Luo Ying casually said.

Ye Mo helped her cleanse her impurities in the desert, and this time with the help of the pill, it was more complete.

Luo Yings face suddenly became more red making Ye Mos heart palpitate fast. A burning sensation rose from the bottom of his heart. He also felt something wasnt right and subconsciously looked at that incense. It was about to be burnt out. Obviously, it was different than the one Jing Xi used, but it seemed a little similar. Ye Mo felt his desires become stronger and stronger. Was it because he saw Luo Ying?

He subconsciously looked at Luo Ying; her snow white neck seemed a little red. The faint fresh aroma of a virgin emitting from her shirt made it difficult for him to breathe.

His eyes moved to Luo Yings face and found Luo Ying staring right at him. Her face was more vibrant than ever. There was a softness in her eyes that was about to melt him, but her out of this world beauty made Ye Mo have the thought of not daring to desecrate her.

"Susu" Ye Mo called out with difficulty. He felt his throat was very dry.

Seeing Ye Mo like this, Luo Ying shyly smiled. This smile made all the flowers in the world lose their color and made the world brighten up. Luo Ying slowly moved closer and rested on his chest.

That faint aroma made Ye Mo unbearable to resist, and he subconsciously looked at Luo Ying and kissed her lips.

Seeing Ye Mo try to kiss her, Luo Yings already shy face became even more vibrant. She wanted to move her head away, but there was a desire in her heart as she clumsily kissed Ye Mos lips.

When Ye Mo felt that soft and wet sensation, his head buzzed and couldnt control himself anymore. He desperately demanded more while Luo Ying followed up clumsily.

The curved moon rose up as a harmonious moonlight shone through the wooden window falling on Ye Mo and Luo Ying. It made things extraordinarily calm and placid, as though depicting this love couldnt be stopped even by space and time.
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