Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The First Dance

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
I can teach you, Su Jingwen responded. She also knew this was an excuse, but she would find it hard to reject if someone else offered to dance with her first. Of course, as soon as Su Jingwen said those words, the surrounding people looked at her. Teach him to dance? Could this be learned in such a short moment?

Jingwen, how about this. The first dance is about to begin. Ill dance with you first, and Ill call a few professional dancers to teach Ye Mo how to dance later. The one speaking was Wang Peng. When did he come? Ye Mo thought as he looked at Wang Peng whose eyes were watching him back coldly. The warning was obvious in his eyes.

However, Ye Mo became vigilant. It was not because Wang Pang showed animosity towards him, but because Wang Pengs hands were healed. Ye Mo knew his technique. He left a sliver of Chii inside Wang Pengs bones and, with the modern medical standards, there was no method to remove it.

If he wanted to have his wrist completely cured, he needed a master who had already cultivated Qi or a Cultivator that cultivated Chi. There were masters like this? It looked like he needed to be careful in the future. He didnt know what the masters here were capable of, so he had to stay vigilant. Although there didnt seem to be any cultivators here, who could be sure? He was a cultivator hidden in the city himself. And even normal cultivators were no match for some people who cultivate mortal martial arts to the absolute limit. Although Ye Mo cultivated both, he still didnt dare to be careless. After all, his powers were still relatively low.

No need, Ye Mo, let me teach you, Su Jingwen immediately refused Wang Pengs suggestion and did not take her eyes off Ye Mo who smiled faintly. If Wang Peng hadnt arrived, he would have probably said that he was not able to learn it in such a short time, but since Wang Peng came and targeted him, Ye Mo wouldnt back down.

Okay, you dont need to teach me, just tell me once! Hearing Ye Mos words, Wang Peng was even more annoyed at Ye Mo. He can learn it just by being told once? No one would believe that! Even Su Jingwen didnt believe him, but she only needed Ye Mo to complete the dance with her.

She didnt really think that Ye Mo only needed to be told once to learn it without any practice. However, since Ye Mo had already said that, Su Jingwen explained to him the moves of the waltz and even showed him a few moves.

Thats enough, seeing Su Jingwen had finished, Ye Mo smiled and stopped her. At this time, the first dance music was already beginning. Everyone looked at Ye Mo and Su Jingwen walking into the dance pit. They wanted to see how Ye Mo would perform, and some people were waiting to see Ye Mo be embarrassed.

Ning Qingxue looked at Ye Mo. She had a feeling that Ye Mos smile meant that he was confident on the matter. Ye Mo grabbed Su Jingwens hand, and a faint aroma wafted to his nose, engulfing him in a complex indescribable feeling. Other than the moment he fled with his master, he had never been so close to any woman. His heart started to beat faster. Although Luo Ying carried him to escape in his last life, that moment was too short and didnt even have the chance to react before he fell unconscious. Today, it was different, for he was grabbing Su Jingwens hand and even moving with the music.

Ye Mo, you cheated me. You said you didnt know how to dance, but your dance moves are perfectly fine. I wont believe that you could dance so well with me just telling you once! When Su Jingwen started to dance with Ye Mo, she immediately felt that Ye Mos was not someone dancing for the first time. His moves were agiler and more in sync with the music than hers.

Ye Mo didnt explain why he would know just by being told once. It was useless to even if he did anyway. Could he tell Su Jingwen that he had spirit sense? These moves were way too simplistic compared to what he cultivated. Instead, he just asked: Do you often dance?

Ye Mo held onto Su Jingwens hand and passed on his body temperature. Occasionally she would brush against Ye Mos body; Su Jinwen felt like she was playing with fire. The masculine charisma from Ye Mos body made her feel lost, yet his light breath on her made her feel great calmness. Was he really a student?

Everyone around saw Ye Mo and Su Jingwen dancing moves charged with chemistry, and everyone came to the realization that this Ye Mo was only pretending not to know how to dance. In this era, which young master didnt know how to dance?

Wang Pengs face was pale with fury as he felt played and cheated. This made him very annoyed, and soon, he put Ye Mo in the same position in his heart as the person who sold the charms, a gruesome fate would await him. Ning Qingxue looked quietly at Ye Mo and Su Jingwens synchronized dance moves as she listened to the soft music. It was unknown what she was thinking, but her face seemed calm. After the tune was over, Su Jingwen appeared to linger in the mood, but after hearing the claps around her, she realized the song was over yet couldnt help but reminisce.

The music started playing again, and everyone began to look for a dance partner as they entered the dance pit. Just when Wang Peng wanted to invite Su Jingwen again to dance, he suddenly saw Ning Qingxue, and his eyes immediately brightened up. He hurriedly walked over and asked: Hello, my name is Wang Peng, may I have the honor to dance with you?

Ning Qingxue looked coldly at Wang Peng and didnt even reply. Instead, she walked in front of Ye Mo and said: Ye Mo, I didnt have the chance to finish what I was saying before. Could we continue this conversation? Wang Peng became even angrier, and his face grew paler. Su Jingwen already knew that Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo had broken their marriage pact, but she didnt know why Ning Qingxue kept asking for Ye Mo. Was there something else?

Just when Su Jingwen wanted to say something, Li Mumei walked over and pulled Su Jingwen: Jingwen, I have some things I need to talk to you about, lets go! Seeing Su Jingwen who was already far away, Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue and said: Okay, well sit for a while on the side, Ye Mo was originally planning to leave after finishing this dance, but could only stay due to Ning Qingxue.

Wang Peng looked at the beautiful goddess-like Ning Qingxue being taken away by Ye Mo. Although he was livid, there was nothing he could do. All he could think about was when he would teach this guy a harsh lesson.

After finding a far off corner to sit, Ye Mo spoke straightforwardly: Im no longer a member of the Ye Family in Beijing; we are now two people from two worlds. What do you need me to do?

Ning Qingxue stayed quiet for quite a while before saying: Ye Mo, I dont want to say it here. Could we go to where you live tonight? Im sorry, but I really need your help

What?! Ye Mo thought he heard wrong. A girl like Ning Qingxue would take the initiative to ask to go to his place at night? No matter what it was, this didnt seem to be right.
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