Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Jing Xis Killing Blow

Translator: Tim Editor: Chrissy
After a long while, Ye Mo exhaled and parted with Luo Yings lips. Luo Ying didnt dare to look at Ye Mo, so she just buried her head in his chest as though those clumsy acts were irrelevant to her.

However, her body was still warm and soft and her breathing became faster. Ye Mo looked at the incense in the corner of the room that had ceased burning. At the same time, he used his chi to remove the effects of the incense in Luo Yings body. Luo Yings breathing calmed down, but she held Ye Mo tighter.

Ye Mo moved her away from his own body too before he smiled, then said, "Susu, I feel the incense you lit up is problematic. It seems to be a type of aphrodisiac."

Luo Ying looked up and smiled sweetly, "Mhm, I realized that after. The smell seemed different than the serene incense I used before. I dont know who changed it."

She also realized that there was something wrong with the incense after she felt the sudden flare in her desires. Although she longed to see Ye Mo, she wouldnt be like this as soon as they met.

Ye Mo felt dazed, but he soon struggled and said, "Well, luckily I smelled it before and knew how to remove it, otherwise"

Luo Ying lay in Ye Mos arms. Her soft voice seemed to be coming from the heavens.

"It should likely be Jing Xi shi shu who changed it. She wants to catch me for not obeying the rules of the sect and kick me out. But Ive been wanting to go with you for a long time, so it doesnt matter if she kicks me out."

"But" Before Ye Mo could speak, Luo Yings pearly white hands touched his lips to stop him from talking, "Dont talk. I was willing. If I didnt want to, even this incense cant change my thinking"

"Susu, I will leave that for the night we marry" Ye Mo had this excitement of being accepted and couldnt seem to be himself.

"Mhm" Luo Ying agreed softly and after a while, she said, "Dumby, you always call me master and its too late to change now. I always dream of you, it is as though I knew you from my last life. Are you always like this, too?"

Ye Mo became dazed for a moment. He didnt expect Luo Ying to not only remember his name but also his figure.

"Why arent you talking?" Luo Yings voice was like the soft clouds.

"Mhm, I also remembered you too, you were my master, called Luo Ying. A long time ago, I called you master and you called me Mo Er. Afterwards" Ye Mo seemed to be lost in thought and when he woke up, he found that Luo Ying was asleep.

Ye Mo caressed Luo Yings hair and murmured, "Master, youve protected me for a lifetime. Now let me protect you in this life."

Ye Mo carefully took off the little bit of the remaining jade of her necklace and looked at it for a while. He didnt expect the magic artifact he made to be in Luo Ying's possession and was protecting her.

He took it away and used that black jade from last time to make another necklace for her before carefully putting it on for her. Then, he embraced her and slowly fell asleep.


The ray of dawn shone through the mist into the room. Luo Ying opened her eyes. She looked at Ye Mo as she embraced him. Her heart was calm. If she couldnt cultivate, then let it be.

"Youre awake?" Ye Mo saw Luo Ying wake up. He thought he was dreaming. The Luo Ying hed been thinking of for countless days and nights was finally in his arms. He really was afraid that this was a dream. However, the morning sunlight told him it wasn't. It was real. He had missed the opportunity once and he wouldnt miss it the second time.

"Mhm, go out for a moment. I need to take a shower and change clothes." Luo Ying stood up.

Ye Mo was still stunned. Last night he didnt notice, but now he knew how stunningly beautiful Luo Ying was.

Luo Ying looked at Ye Mos dumbfounded face and smiled. Just when she wanted to talk, Jing Xis cold voice sounded at the door, "What, did you not have enough sex last night? Ye Mo, come out. I need to talk to Susu."

Ye Mo opened the door and looked coldly at Jing Xi. "Piss off. Susu doesnt like talking to you. You dont have the right."

Jing Xis face went green and glanced coldly at Ye Mo, but she said to Luo Ying, "Susu, I need to talk to you."

Luo Ying stood up calmly and walked beside Ye Mo saying, "Let her in and wait for me outside. Dont worry, I will listen to you. After today, I will go with you."

However, Ye Mo didnt really trust Jing Xi. But since Luo Ying said that, he could only let Jing Xi come in while he stood outside the yard restlessly. He felt that Jing Xis purpose wasnt so simple, but he really couldnt understand what she wanted to say to Luo Ying.

Jing Xi closed the door and subconsciously looked at the incense cauldron. The incense was burnt. She had a smirk on her mouth.

"He actually gave you a face preserving pill?" Jing Xi came in and immediately saw the difference on Luo Ying. The jealousy in her heart was raging like fire. Luo Ying subconsciously asked, "That was a face preserving pill?"

"Susu, last night mustve been very good. You had a face preserving pill and a man to accompany you. Of course, it would be much better than obeying the rules of the sect." Jing Xi set aside her burning jealousy and tried her best to ridicule her.

Susu smiled plainly. "Yes, Jing Xi shi shu. Although I dont know why youre targeting my master and me, Im no longer the Susu before. You dont need to waste your time. I will leave with Ye Mo, so say what you want."

Jing Xis eyes showed a ray of jealousy, "Didnt you see what Ye Mo was like to me yesterday?"

"I trust him. If shi shu is going to talk about this, theres no need for it. If you dont have anything else to say, I will go find Ye Mo." Luo Ying was calm like a windless lake.

Jing Xi felt very annoyed. She wanted to make Luo Ying and Ye Mo sad but everything she did made her look like a clown. Luo Ying didnt seem to feel bad at all.

"Did you know that Ye Mo is going down the sea of fire today? Do you think he can come out?" There was an increasing mockery in Jing Xis tone. She wanted to see Susu once again beg to her like yesterday to let Ye Mo go. Then, she would humiliate her.

However, Luo Ying still replied calmly, "I know. If he cant come out, I will go with him. Shi shu, if you dont have anything else to say, please leave."

"You" Jing Xi was shaking in anger. She didnt expect Luo Ying to not be begging her. Although she still wouldnt let the two go even if Luo Ying begged her, she wanted to see Luo Yings despair after her begging.

Luo Ying looked calmly at Jing Xi and didnt say anything. She knew this shi shu was trying to mentally break her and make her feel bad. Then, Jing Xi would gain satisfaction. After talking with Ye Mo last night, she no longer wanted to stay here anymore.

"But did you know that you and Ye Mo are siblings?" Jing Xis voice seemed to come from hell. It was eerily frightening.

Luo Ying wobbled and her face immediately became pale. "What are you talking about"

Jing Xi seemed very happy with Luo Yings change of expression and laughed before saying coldly, "You must think that Im tricking you. More than 20 years ago, your mother dumped you and your brother at Luo Hong temple. Then, you were chosen by Ning Zhongfei and Lan Yu, but Ye Mo was taken in by Yen Wentian and his wife. Five years later, your mother tried to get you to come to Serenity. She thought I didnt know, but I saw everything in my eyes. It was because she stole my man that I hate her to the end of time. You are just like your mother, a filthy bitch. You wont even let your brother go. Hahahaha"

Luo Ying immediately spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the mat shakily.

Ye Mo heard Jing Xis hysterical laughter, so he charged in without thinking. Seeing Luo Yings state, he was so scared his soul nearly left him. He quickly helped Luo Ying up. "Susu, what happened to you?" At the same time, he sent in his chi to calm Luo Yings chaotic chi.

"Jing Xi you bitch, what did you do to Susu?" Ye Mo couldnt care about anything else. He gathered all his chi and punched Jing Xi.

Jing Xi didnt expect that Ye Mo would attack so suddenly. She hurried to defend but this fist was fully powered with anger and in such a hurry, Jing Xi wasnt able to completely negate the force of the punch.

Thud! Jing Xi was smashed into the wall, causing her to cough out blood. She looked coldly at Ye Mo but actually didnt attack. She turned to leave.

Ye Mo even wanted to chase up but was pulled by Susu, "Dont chase her. Youre no match for her right now. Remember, if one day you can beat her, help me kill her."

Ye Mo stilled. Of course, he was going to kill Jing Xi, but he had never heard Susu say she wanted to kill someone before. It could be seen how infuriated she was at Jing Xi.

"Mo Er, Ill still call you that." Although Luo Ying calmed down her chi with Ye Mos treatment, her face was still pale.

"I want to ask you something. Is your father Ye Wentian?" Luo Yings eyes became hopeful.

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Yea, but Im probably not from the Ye family. Although my surname is Ye, Im not from the Ye family of Beijing."

Ye Mo said this because his last name was Ye in his past life.

Hearing Ye Mos words, Luo Yings face grew worse. She gasped, "Do you know where you came from?"

Ye Mo looked curiously at Luo Ying and shook his head. "I dont know. I just know I was picked up from the streets."

"From where?" Luo Ying looked worried.

"From Luo Hong temple. I still have a sister. Whats wrong, Susu" Before Ye Mo finished his words, Luo Ying spat out blood again.

Ye Mo quickly fed her a lotus life pill while using his chi to calm her body down.
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